Disaster Waiting to Happen || Aiden & Sophia

There was something different with Sophia Blake, and Aiden knew it the moment they had their first encounter. He watched her carefully, the way she walked, the way she talked, how cynical and sometimes cryptic the petite brunette was. Aiden had his suspicions about her, but there was still something about her that made him question whether or not he was right to assume that the girl was, in fact, a vampire. No amount of research or reading could help him solve this problem. He quickly found out that vampires, along with the rest of the supernatural world, blended in quite well with humans. They were good at fitting in, and perhaps Sophia Blake had just been through a lot, which made her the way she was. At first glance she was doll-like, too innocent to be a creature of the night. But as soon as she uttered her first words to the boy, he knew she was anything but innocent, or even sweet.

It was their second or third encounter, their conversations always seemed to lead to some sort of confrontation. They were hesitant and never too revealing, and banter was always present. Aiden had never been good with talking to girls, unless he had grown up with them. The girls at his high school couldn’t keep up with him, and hardly even noticed when he was giving them a backhanded compliment, or was being sarcastic. They claimed him as weird, and usually avoided talking to him. Sophia was smart enough to keep up with him and even countered his remarks, no holding back. Or perhaps she was holding back, in a different way. It was her cryptic words telling him to watch what he said around her is what got his mind reeling. He was always over-analyzing everything, but he had a feeling he wasn’t this time. The blonde watched the girl walk away from him, caught up in his thoughts, as usual. He shook his head, maybe he was taking a risk but he simply wanted to know. Curiosity always got the best of him, especially when it came to the supernatural. He pursed his lips, watching her retreating figure before quickly following after her. It wasn’t hard, considering how short she was and how long his strides were. “Hey, Hey wait up!” He called when he was only a few feet away from her. Aiden hesitated for a few moments before he tentatively reached his hand out, about to put his hand on her shoulder to get her to stop.


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Exploring || Blake & Edward

The past couple of days has been rather uneventful for Ed, he decided not to take part in the polo championship this time around only because he met this girl of his dream and he wanted to spend more time with her even if it meant putting a halt to the sport he loves most dearly. Rotten luck he’s got, Ed hasn’t talked to Jane in a day and he had been skipping classes to stay in his dorm, the thoughts filled up his head, he was head over heels, his step sister has arrived at Wishing Well. Ed knew for a moment that everything was going to change now that Narcissa is here. Everything. But that didn’t stop him from going out and socializing with people.

Boredom has taken over Wishing Well as it seems, Ed had met this amazing girl who seem to be much older than him by age but that didn’t matter. She offered to go exploring with him, something to pretty much kill time and their boredom. He was in no position to say no to anyone, Ed was grateful someone was willing to spend their spare time with him. Without hesitation, he quickly changed from his old t-shirt to a collared shirt, at least to look good on their first meeting. Not bothering to change out of his sweats, he quickly ran in the bathroom and splashed cold water onto his face, he shuddered. It was his favorite way of waking himself up. 

Grabbing his phone, he texted Blake “I’ll be there in 5, sorry if I kept you waiting”. Ed had no idea whether she was already or not but he was not the person who would keep anyone waiting for too long. Ed left his dorm and headed straight to the cafe, smirking as he got there. The first place him and Jane met. The thought of it made him smile. Scanning his eyes around, he realized Blake wasn’t there yet but he didn’t want to pressure her. Ed walked straight in the cafe and took a seat in the corner of the coffee shop. 

freedom to be

expansion of ”revolution in eight easy steps”, bffnet’s april flashfic winner

1.4k words

revolution in eight easy steps

– authored by Bellamy Blake

1. Every revolution needs a good goal and a good leader. Make the goal clear; “Freedom!” is vague; “freedom to vote!” is better! The leader helps elucidate the goal further.

2. The masses need to hear your ideas clearly through your actions.

3. A certain blonde co-leader might seem like a great idea at first, because she has a certain legitimacy you lack, but it’s a bad idea. She’s bull-headed, smart, doesn’t accept easy answers. Retreat if necessary. (It will be necessary.)

4. Dangerous situations involving your co-leader to avoid: sharing a bedroom with one bed, getting wet together, in general spending time together beyond the revolutions. Dates are especially a no-no. Learn from my mistakes.

5. Your little sister should not be around when spending time with your blonde co-leader, because she knows what you look like when flirting, and you’re definitely flirting.

6. Falling in love with your co-leader is a bad idea. I know it’s hard not to, because she looks at you and says she sees a better world in your eyes, and you see the stars in hers, unfathomable and unreachable, but don’t. It’s a terrible idea. It’s not going to go anywhere. She should want better.

7. I know I said don’t fall in love, but do it anyways. Revolution doesn’t have rules, there’s no such thing as an easy way to do this, it’s unpredictable, harsh, and sometimes wonderful; love is the same. Love makes life better, adds a more optimistic tint that was destroyed with your mother.

8. It’s okay to be happy. It’s okay to be happy with her. Revolutions and ideals are important, necessary, but so is individual happiness. She said she loves you; tell her the honest truth: you love her too.

“a revolution in eight easy steps” a memo response, written by Clarke

  1. ok
  2. ok? not your strength but ok
  3. ??
  4. good times. I got to see you shirtless.
  5. wait,what the fuck is this list exactly? only the first two have anything to DO with revolution
  6. no comment
  7. no comment?
  8. why do you have such a need for dramatics, Bellamy, why can’t you just say these things to me? why is it that I only ever find out the important things from notes you publish? I had— I’m so mad at you right now. I confess and you avoid me for a week, and then I read this, and I have no idea how I’m supposed to react. is this my response? is this a yes, or a no, a maybe, what is this? you go from saying it’s no good to love me to saying that it’s okay, and it’s no secret you hated my guts at the beginning, and the feeling was mutual, but I thought we were past that. we need to talk.

tacked to the bulletin board:

(in Miller’s handwriting) mom and dad are fighting

(Jasper) !!!!!!!

(Jasper, again, on a post it stuck onto the original paper) you call them mom and dad too? thought it was just Monty and I

(a frowning face, courtesy of Clarke, then) we’re not fighting

(Jasper) rejoice!!

(the papers are later pulled down by Bellamy)

(Raven’s handwriting) has anyone caught them making out yet

(Bellamy) if there’s a bet going on, winner has to watch Spartacus with me

(Jasper) !!!!!!!!!

(a cat shaped post-it, also by Jasper) aka torture!!!! don’t make us

(Bellamy, on the post-it) then quit the betting pool

(Jasper) :(

(Clarke) technically, Bellamy, we’re the ones who’ve won. watch Spartacus with me?

(Miller) this is gross. I’m burning this.

(Jasper, new post-it) Miller’s a party-pooper, pass it on

(on a memo, written by Raven, placed in Bellamy’s mailbox)

the notes on the board are getting out of hand. rein the kids in.

(same paper, Clarke’s response on the other side, tucked into Raven’s purse)

you’re jealous

(a series of texts between the two)

R: i’m not jealous

C: ur texting me abt it nbd

C: [attached: pic of Bellamy’s ass in jeans]

C: how could u not b jealous tbh

C: im jealous of myself

R: [attached: pic of Raven’s dog, a Spitz named Stripes]

R: i have a dog. i don’t need a “””man”””

C: take that back did u not read his list

R: my dog licks me so

C: raven raven r u srs this is 2 easy

R: oh shit wait no

C: well bellamy licks me too so

R: i HATE you


(texts between Bellamy and Raven)

R: rein your girlfriend in

B: Stop, we’re not dating

R: yah you are

B: No, we’re not. We haven’t agreed on it yet.

R: you literally wrote her a love letter. accidental, but still.

R: are you ignoring me now

R: ok but still, your girlfriend’s a problem

R: stop ignoring me

B: Just asked her if we were dating and she gave me a weird look

B: What does that mean??

B: Raven!

B: Raven, please!!

R: how does it feel

R: and don’t worry you’re fine she loves you so

R: JESUS CHRIST stop fucking IGNORING me

R: I’m telling Clarke to break up with you

(texts between Raven and Clarke)

R: bellamy’s the worst. break up with him.

C: no he licks me 2 good

R: i fucking hate you

(left in the open: some words scratched out, small doodles scattered throughout, on a yellow legal pad)

How-To: Fall in Love

1. Falling in love hard— falling in love isn’t hard. People say different things, but, ultimately, it’s different for everyone. For me, it was slow, but easy. It was seeing him, always ready, in the morning, watching lines deepen in his forehead, seeing a sardonic grin crawl across his face, and the spark in his eyes, never extinguished. How could I not? It was easy, it was right.

2. The idea that there is a right and wrong way to have a relationship is absurd. No two people are the same, so every relationship you have is different. You can fall in love more than once and each time is valid because each person is valid.

3. Sometimes it’s about logic, sometimes it’s about heart. Sometimes you fall asleep, making a list of all the qualities you want in a partner: inspired, capable, calm, a soft smile, thick hair. Sometimes you fall asleep and the list is all about him: inspired, capable, calm, soft smiles just for you, thick curls.

4. Your mom might not approve, but she never approved of your enviro minor, wanted you to do Doctors Without Borders; other people might not approve, but fuck them.

5. His sister doesn’t like you, and that’s okay, because she might glare with flinty eyes, he’s happy and that’s what matters to both of you. That you both agree on this point helps your case.

6.There’s nothing wrong with a workplace romance. Colleagues might annoy the shit out of you, but it’s well-intentioned.

7.This is important, so it bears repeating: there is no wrong or right way to be in love. He hated you at first, and the feeling was mutual. His ideas are grandiose, impractical, and it bothered you that he thinks they’re worthwhile. Time passes— your opinion improves, his ideas mutate as your relationship turns friendly. You’re both leaders; he’s better with his words, and you’re better with execution. You share space constantly. You know what he looks like just woken up, curls mussed. You know what the lines on his face mean, the laughter lines, the worry lines, crow’s feet, furrows, dips— you know the freckles scattered across his face. You know him and the knowledge makes it impossible not to love him. There is no wrong way to love him, and there is no wrong way to love him; you just love him.

8. He might write a list, supposedly about revolution, and everyone reads it. Your first response is embarrassment, because it’s grossly embarrassing, but then it’s pride. A copy is tucked into your wallet, next to your ID, next to an faded, worn note from your deceased dad saying “freedom does not come cheap” because it makes you blush. Next time you saw him, you told him, blurted it out— I love you— and he smiled, easy, a small duck of his head— I know— it’s stupid, cliche, but he means I love you, and so you know you gotta write your own list. 

9. It’s better than his. It also happens to be longer.

    (Monty, written large, on the bulletin) when’s the wedding?

    (Miller) I’m gonna get cavities