Using mainly illustration and sculpture, Drew Bickford touches on the subjects of crime, horror and deformity. The Sydney based artist presents his unique topic and style in a way that somehow finds beauty amongst the shocking and sometimes distressing subject. You can see more examples of Drew’s work on his website until his piece hangs at Back & Forth later this month.


Shida recently painted a two story wall in our building for the opening of the new Blake House Gallery later this month. Known for his sizable murals, Shida took to our two story wall and hallway over two nights with ease. You really can’t see the entire piece from any one position so if you’re ever in Brisbane; come and pay us a visit and check it out in person. Until then, click play on the video to see how it went down.

Follow Blake House Gallery on Tumblr. Art by Shida. Video by Sam Stewart. Music by yours truly.

Back And Forth Exhibition (Semi Permanent Sideshow) 30.8.12

Amy Longworth is next in our artist features leading up to Back & Forth; with her beautifully structured works bringing to mind a certain graphic design influence with the unique nuances that only something hand made can truly possess. Although her career is in its infancy, Amy has established her unique style and continues to create fantastic work. You can see more of her pieces via her website or keep up to date through tumblr.