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RWBY Volume 4 Episode 7 Wishlist

I’ve been doing these with Defenestrator for the past couple of episodes, and thought I’d share so we can all cheer if any of this stuff happens! (Please note: I’m a terrible person.)

Anyway, without further ado…

10 points to RT for each of the following, if they occur:

- Ruby and Qrow have a heart-to-heart over a campfire after dealing with the whole Tyrian thing. 

- Ruby asks about Yang

-Ruby  breaks down and/or cries

- Ruby doesn’t cry, or show anything but her usual chipper-ness, but Qrow gives her a look so we can acknowledge that she’s not dealing with any of these events in an emotionally healthy way.

- Minus 10 if Jaune gives her the look

- Plus 10 if Ren and Nora exchange glances over it

- 10 points if Tyrian, seeing he can’t get Ruby through Qrow, cuts his losses and nabs Jaune instead. (He’s so interesting, right?)

- 10 points if Qrow encourages Ruby to forget him

-10 more if Ruby uses her speed to go after him instead

- plus 20 if we get a Ruby vs. Tyrian fight where Ruby actually uses her speed

- plus 10 if Ruby gets injured

- plus 20 if she takes a shot to the eye, and we cut immediately to a shot of Weiss putting a hand to her head, or anything that draws attention to the scar over her eye

- Alternately, plus 20 if she takes a hit and we cut to Yang having a panic attack

- Minus 10 if Qrow dies

- Minus 10 if Tyrian dies

- Plus 10 if Tyrian finally does something freaking terrifying. So far all he’s got going for him is that laugh– other than that, he’s kind of cardboard. 

- Minus 10 if the rest of RNJR just sits there through the battle

- Minus another 10 for anyone who closes their eyes instead of straight up throwing stuff at Tyrian. Seriously, did Nora run out of grenades or something?

- Minus 10 if we go to Atlas and STILL don’t see Weiss’s mom/don’t get any explanation for not seeing Weiss’s mom

- Plus 10 if they explain what on earth Weiss has been doing for the past six months. (Training? Reading? Deep depression? Locked in her room by Jaques? Please tell us.)

Hm… this got long. I guess that’s all for now, but I’ll probably do more as the season progresses.


Part 2 of 2. The other Hyperions but nevertheless still important peeps. Honestly speaking, everyone was hella fun to draw but tricky to detail. Especially Gladstone…. //lies on ground

Part 1 / 2 is here.

Cause it’s a Harvest Moon AU! :D 
Ruby is a blacksmith in training, Weiss is the new farm girl in town! \OVO/ 

The thought came to mind for an au X3 when I started tinkering around with re-making one of my fanimations of the Harvest Moon GBA series oUo I really loved the Harvest Moon series, the GBA versions specially oUo Blake and Yang coming up next ^u^b

Now imagine Weiss trying to run a farm on her own OUOb

ok bear with me i just need to talk about marcus kane. because he is amazing and his character development is so beautiful and he deserves all the good things in this world.

kane, who was so dedicated to keeping the human race alive that he locked all sentimentality away, almost at the cost of his soul.

kane, who cried in his mother’s arms after learning that he’d sent 320 people to their deaths for nothing. he felt like he was the one whose stomach was pierced by shrapnel when he lost her to a bomb blast only a few days later.

kane, who would not accept that the people left behind on the ark should just lay down and die.

kane, who found all the survivors he could, and crawled through burning hot maintenance shafts, at the risk of being sucked into space, just to get to a small group of people he wasn’t even sure were alive - because no one else could die because of him.

kane, who felt that when he realized abby was still alive, that she hadn’t burned up in the Exodus ship, that she was here, alive, in his arms, that maybe hope wasn’t something false and intangible after all.

kane, who was ready at the drop of a hat to stay behind on the ark so that all the survivors could make it to Earth, because salvation comes at a price, abby.

kane, who was struck breathless at the sight of snow-capped mountains and clear water and blue sky.

kane, who had abby shocklashed even though giving the command almost broke him, who never considered that she would forgive him, that they both knew it was necessary to keep their people in line.

kane, who gave abby the chancellor’s pin because he knew their people needed her leadership more than his. kane, who saw and understood how much pain abby was in and took it upon himself to lead a mission to bring back the missing kids of the 100.

kane, who brought his mom’s treasured eden tree to the ground and planted it in the forest because he knew that’s all she had ever wanted.

kane, who would do anything, anything to stop a war between his people and the grounders, who tried to get jaha to kill him and when jaha refused, tried to kill himself to save them because after all, what was his life worth compared to all the innocent ones he’d taken? maybe if he cut his arm deep enough his blood would wash his soul clean of theirs.

kane, who was so full of guilt and grief and self-loathing that he didn’t care if he lived or died, who refused to see the good that others saw in him.

kane, who tried to make abby leave him to die so that she could find her daughter; who was utterly at a loss as to why she would want to stay and save his life, because obviously it wasn’t worth saving, was it? surely he, of all people, deserved to die in the ruins of that train depot. if he died, he could answer for his sins. but she wouldn’t let him die.

kane, who was sure he wouldn’t make it out of the rubble, either because his lacerated artery would bleed out or his chest would be crushed under a concrete slab, but who used what little breath he had to convince abby to forgive her daughter for not stopping the tragedy at tonDC.

kane, who was losing his mind at the sight of abby dying in front of him, strapped to a table with the life being sucked out of her bones when he was only feet away but it might as well have been a million miles because he couldn’t get to her, and it was all his fault, he could save her if that soulless man with the scar twisting his lip into a sneer would just listen to him.

kane, who ran to abby the moment he was freed and had no thought except to help her, to hold her close and make sure she was alright, to get her out of that nightmare of a mountain.

kane, who walked beside abby’s stretcher for that entire eight-hour walk back to camp, holding her hand because he was afraid that if he let go he would lose her, that escaping that radioactive hell was a wishful dream and sooner or later he would wake up with her screams ringing in his ears and she would be dead.

kane, who took the blake siblings under his wing; who respected clarke and recognized her independence and ability to lead before abby accepted it. kane, who was awestruck at the sight of the city of polis, who was the one to make abby smile for the first time in months, who eased her worries about clarke; kane, who helped clarke and octavia in and out of arkadia at the risk of his arrest and possible execution.

kane, who has done a complete 180 since the first season, who started out as the pale, clean-shaven, ruthless, law-abiding head of Ark security, and who is now a scruffy, merciful, kind soldier and leader who just wants his people to have peace and who is currently leading a group of teenagers in a clandestine rebellion against the current Chancellor, because he believes that peace is still achievable after all that’s happened.

marcus kane, man. marcus kane.

He who raises (chapter 2)

THIS GOT WAY OUT OF HAND! this is actually the scene that inspired the entire fic and i enjoyed writing it so so so much! i hope you kids like it!

chapters: 1 2 3 4

summary: the story of how Bellamy finds out his partner has a child, and of how he ends up falling for said child (and also falling for the girl).

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