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Me, immediately after the end of Episode 6: “Oh, the reunion at the end of this episode was super sweet. I can’t wait till Blake gets reunited with the rest of her team!”

Me, remembering what’s probably gonna happen to the Belladonnas in Episode 7: 

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Can you imagine like bellamy up in space after about a week or so and having the shock wear off and it finally sinking in that clarke is “gone” and Bell having a full-blown panic attack… like literally being inconsolable, pacing alone somewhere and monty finds him and just sits there until he can breathe again… And bellamy rambling about how ‘this isn’t using his head’ and punching a wall cuz this scenario is fucking me up inside plz send halp


Crisis - S2 E21


Part 2 of 2. The other Hyperions but nevertheless still important peeps. Honestly speaking, everyone was hella fun to draw but tricky to detail. Especially Gladstone…. //lies on ground

Part 1 / 2 is here.

AFD!Weiss, yawning in the kitchen as she places various greens and vegetables in a blender before work, speaking to herself: Hmm, I’m glad Ruby’s been drinking what’s left over of this. It’s good for her!

AFD!Blake, who’s passed out on the couch, her eyes split open when the blender turns on and slowly crawls up off the couch and onto her feet: Uuurggh…

AFD!Weiss, jumps a bit out of fright when Blake shambles into the kitchen: Blake! Oh my goodness you scared the life out of m-

AFD!Blake, shambling right up next to Weiss, sleepily glaring eye to eye, and tears the blender’s plug out of the wall without dropping eye contact: Mmmmm…..

AFD!Weiss, her jaw dropped, watches as Blake leaves the kitchen and stumbles into her and Yang’s room, after a moment passes she plugs the blender back in again: Rude!


AFD!Ruby, opening the fridge about an hour later: Yeah I’m sorry Blake, but in her defense she had no idea you were on the couch.

AFD!Blake, sleepily leaning on her hand, a little embarrassed by her actions: I know…I know…

AFD!Ruby, pulling a little mason jar filled with a green smoothie out of the fridge, looking at it in disgust: I mean, why were you even on the couch?

AFD!Blake: Accidentally locked the door, and my key was inside. Yang didn’t come home until later I guess.

AFD!Yang, at the stove making breakfast, a flustered grin: I thought you were in bed already…sorry.

AFD!Ruby, pouring the green smoothie into the sink: Honestly you two should keep better track of each other.


So, they’re putting the tree up, the divorce hearing is scheduled for ‘next month’. Given my thoughts generally about the characters of Lucien, Jean, and this being a ‘period’ drama, it must therefore now be December. Especially as the nativity was out on display in the church. On the assumption that next week’s episode takes place at Christmas (???), Lucien isn’t going to be divorced until ‘the new year’. *When* is the TV Movie set? *Is* it possible that the second wedding is Lucien and Jean or are they going to drag this out into season 6? (SEASON 6!!!!! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!)

That scene in the church with ‘we’ve all been married in this church, haven’t we?’ - I was honestly hoping Jean was going to suddenly recall that actually, her and Christopher had a registry office wedding or something, and therefore that marriage ‘wouldn’t count’ for the church’s purposes. No such luck, I suspect…

It feels like there was a *lot* of plot in this episode - the ‘new Australian’ Italian immigrants. The sale of the paddock. Edward Tyneman and the office-based sexual harassment that someone needs to ‘have a word’ with him about. Rose gets sacked. Again. Is she leaving at the end of next week’s episode? A job in Melbourne, perhaps? The stuff with the stray dog - and how utterly unconcerned was Mrs Fitzpatrick about that? The city v country with Lionel. The ‘you ain’t my father…’ plot. The two methods of shooting. The sump oil - and I love how Jean just knows random stuff. Lucien unwisely getting trollied with some afternoon drinking at *exactly* the wrong point in time. Is Edward allowed to mis-use Rose’s by-line like that? She needs to get whatever the Australian version of the NUJ is onto that. Her chapel leader would not be happy…

Another letter from Mei-Lin - and Jean opened this one. Nice call back to a few episodes ago. Also, you could almost hear the axe going into Lucien’s head as he said ‘I should have waited’. Yes mate, you should. Also, and I have said this before - GET THEE TO A SOLICITOR. You can’t tell me this is the one profession Ballarat doesn’t have? There surely must be one for him to have sworn the affidavit in front of? Please, please. Pay for legal advice. And get a TARDIS to go back in time and not make this mistake again. 

Anyway - as we have so far only had moderate fuck ups (to my mind), we must presumably be due ‘Lucien Blake fucks up par excellence’ next week?

Also - was that all they’re using Cec for? I want more Cec. I like him. 

Today I drew Mafia!Blake from theivorytowercrumbles ‘In The Blood’ fanfic series - a series that will continue to destroy me even when I am dead. I have tried to draw Mafia!Blake so many times and failed SO MANY TIMES but not today. Not today.

Other than the fact this entire picture is #outfitgoals, please check out that sweet kitty skull. I have never been so proud to draw something in five minutes before in my life.

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I imagine grumpy preg Raven getting cuddles and kisses from Tai

Remember tat rwby chibi scene with Blake and Zwei cuddling up next to her? Raven is Blake and Tai is Zwei.

Raven: This is unwanted cuddling. *Raven muttered as Tai cuddles up next to her.* I don’t condone. *Tai then starts to rub her belly and kiss her cheek repeatedly.* This is an invasion of my personal space. *Tai pouts slightly anf starts to get up only for Raven to pull him back down and cuddle him.* I didn’t tell you to stop.

cassie blake .

“You know, it’s strange,” he said, coming up behind her casually, his tone just the same. But Jughead Jones never needed the dramatics to back up the dark look in his eye, that suspicion that he wore so well. Even here in Chance Harbour, thousands of miles from the place he called home, he always felt like he had some kind of extra footing on those around him, It was that outsider loner status, that ability to watch from the inside. And he’d seen a lot since his arrival in this sleepy port town. Things he couldn’t always explain, things that left him with more questions than the ones he’d started with.

“One week, you and Faye and them are the worst of friends – the next, you’re the best of pals. Were your and Nick close?”

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