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Part 2 of 2. The other Hyperions but nevertheless still important peeps. Honestly speaking, everyone was hella fun to draw but tricky to detail. Especially Gladstone…. //lies on ground

Part 1 / 2 is here.

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I imagine grumpy preg Raven getting cuddles and kisses from Tai

Remember tat rwby chibi scene with Blake and Zwei cuddling up next to her? Raven is Blake and Tai is Zwei.

Raven: This is unwanted cuddling. *Raven muttered as Tai cuddles up next to her.* I don’t condone. *Tai then starts to rub her belly and kiss her cheek repeatedly.* This is an invasion of my personal space. *Tai pouts slightly anf starts to get up only for Raven to pull him back down and cuddle him.* I didn’t tell you to stop.

RWBY Volume 4 Episode 7 Wishlist

I’ve been doing these with Defenestrator for the past couple of episodes, and thought I’d share so we can all cheer if any of this stuff happens! (Please note: I’m a terrible person.)

Anyway, without further ado…

10 points to RT for each of the following, if they occur:

- Ruby and Qrow have a heart-to-heart over a campfire after dealing with the whole Tyrian thing. 

- Ruby asks about Yang

-Ruby  breaks down and/or cries

- Ruby doesn’t cry, or show anything but her usual chipper-ness, but Qrow gives her a look so we can acknowledge that she’s not dealing with any of these events in an emotionally healthy way.

- Minus 10 if Jaune gives her the look

- Plus 10 if Ren and Nora exchange glances over it

- 10 points if Tyrian, seeing he can’t get Ruby through Qrow, cuts his losses and nabs Jaune instead. (He’s so interesting, right?)

- 10 points if Qrow encourages Ruby to forget him

-10 more if Ruby uses her speed to go after him instead

- plus 20 if we get a Ruby vs. Tyrian fight where Ruby actually uses her speed

- plus 10 if Ruby gets injured

- plus 20 if she takes a shot to the eye, and we cut immediately to a shot of Weiss putting a hand to her head, or anything that draws attention to the scar over her eye

- Alternately, plus 20 if she takes a hit and we cut to Yang having a panic attack

- Minus 10 if Qrow dies

- Minus 10 if Tyrian dies

- Plus 10 if Tyrian finally does something freaking terrifying. So far all he’s got going for him is that laugh– other than that, he’s kind of cardboard. 

- Minus 10 if the rest of RNJR just sits there through the battle

- Minus another 10 for anyone who closes their eyes instead of straight up throwing stuff at Tyrian. Seriously, did Nora run out of grenades or something?

- Minus 10 if we go to Atlas and STILL don’t see Weiss’s mom/don’t get any explanation for not seeing Weiss’s mom

- Plus 10 if they explain what on earth Weiss has been doing for the past six months. (Training? Reading? Deep depression? Locked in her room by Jaques? Please tell us.)

Hm… this got long. I guess that’s all for now, but I’ll probably do more as the season progresses.

After Hours - Blake’s Nightmares

I’ve decided to start posting random little one-shots here on tumblr of various ideas/headcanons/nonsense that floats around in my head regarding Team RWBY’s time together at Beacon. 

This series is sort of a tumblr exclusive thing I’ve come up with called “After Hours”. There’s no posting schedule, no real consistent plot. Some things will certainly carry over and there may even be some shippy stuff as it goes along. 

For the most part though, this is just about the girls and some of the things they get up to when they’re not saving the world. 

Enough rambling from me - here’s part 1 :)


Ruby wished she could appreciate the comfortable silence that came shortly after lights out. It was peaceful to sit in the dark and know that she had no responsibilities for at least the next few hours. Yet, the trouble was that she couldn’t shut out those responsibilities and worries no matter how hard she tried. It wasn’t bad, just…restless. She would sleep eventually – it simply took time.

Reaching under her pillow, Ruby pulled out her big, red headphones and slipped them on. Making sure to keep one ear uncovered in case someone woke up and needed something from her.

Beyond the soft sounds of Yang’s snores, she turned on her favorite playlist of weapon’s maintenance videos. These were a bit different simply because there was no one talking over them – just the sounds of the work. It was comforting and familiar, the best medicine right before sleep.

Two videos came and went and Ruby felt her eyes becoming heavier. She stretched her arms upward, still holding her scroll to keep watching as another gun chamber was cleaned. Just as she was about to crack her back, a gasp came from her left and Ruby immediately knew what it was.

She laid her scroll down, screen covered to hide the light, and watched through the glow of the school lights outside her window as Blake sat up and put her head in her hands. Blake’s chest was rising and falling rapidly. Eventually, she sighed and ran a hand through her hair and those adorable ears that she let free in the cover of their bedroom.

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bellamy blake fanmixmy walls are closing in

i. morgan taylor reid where do i even start ii. kodaline what it is ♦ iii. kris allen i need to know ♦ iv. mumford and sons broken crown ♦ v. bright eyes no one would riot for lessvi. mikky ekko feels like the end ♦ vii. the neighbourhood afraid ♦ viii. uprise everything is broken ♦ gavin mikhail iridescent


Cause it’s a Harvest Moon AU! :D 
Ruby is a blacksmith in training, Weiss is the new farm girl in town! \OVO/ 

The thought came to mind for an au X3 when I started tinkering around with re-making one of my fanimations of the Harvest Moon GBA series oUo I really loved the Harvest Moon series, the GBA versions specially oUo Blake and Yang coming up next ^u^b

Now imagine Weiss trying to run a farm on her own OUOb

Thoughts on RWBY V4 E2

-Weiss’ house is nice. Although it looks cold as hell. Not welcoming at all.

-Whitley has extremely long legs. He reminds me of Waluigi. I trust him about as much as him too..

-Weiss’ mom (whom i’ve seen been nicknamed Willow Schnee) is a wine mom. That’s sad

-The mother, Weiss and Winter look super unhappy in that family photo. Only Whitley and Jacques look happy.

-Ironwood’s arms look shorter. Maybe Whitley stole them to use for his legs?

-Rich guy uses his daughter to make money and look good in the public eye. Surprises no one.

-If every Schnee is born with white hair, then that means that Jacques married into his wealth, then pulled the rug out from underneath them. Add another scumbag to the list.

-Weiss dont worry Ruby’ll come to save you soon. I mean after she deals with her angst.

-Speaking off angst, our RNJR kids get the pleasure of watching the last survivor of a village die. Oh and Jaune came here as a kid. Oh and also Ren and Nora recognize a symbol.

-Klein is the MVP of the episode. Yet i still dont trust him fully. He’s got shifty eyes. Heh. Heh. Heh.

-Poor Ruby is plagued by nightmares of Pyrrha. I hope thats a sign that Ruby’s problems will surface in this volume. We havent seen much from her yet.

-The visuals in the scene where Ruby walks through the forest are stunning. So calm and beautiful.

-Ah yes, the playing a video of fallen loved one over and over again. Somehow it always hits me. Poor Jaune. Good to hear from Pyrrha again. And that we haven’t moved on that quickly.

A solid episode. Im a little worried that we’ll see too much of Team RNJR, and that they’ll eclipse the other girls. At the very least we’ll probably see what Blake is up to next episode. Ideally, Blake and Yang. Im the most interested in what those two are up to. Should be interesting!

The 100: S2E3 Reapercussion Recap
  • (the best friend's gang falls down a trash chute)
  • Clarke: ANYA
  • Anya: WHAT
  • ANYA: NO
  • (opening sequence)
  • Abby: Wow where are the kids how'd they get out this is such a shocker
  • Kane: Ur not being an MVP
  • Abby: lol like ur in charge
  • (meanwhile)
  • Murphy: Can I keep redeeming myself yet
  • Bellamy: No
  • Finn: Yes
  • Bellamy: *looks displeased and gorgeously rugged at the same time*
  • (yeah)
  • Octavia: Hey guys can I join your gang
  • Lincoln's people: Ha no
  • (best friend bonding time)
  • Clarke: Time to GET THE HELL OUT
  • Anya: Same
  • Clarke: Are we best friends yet
  • Anya: Still a hard no
  • (back at mount hellfire)
  • Maya: Look Jasper art
  • Jasper: We are dating
  • Maya: Cool
  • Monty: NOT COOL
  • (at camp)
  • Finn: Oh my god Clarke's watch
  • Bellamy: MY PRINCESS I mean we have to kill him obviously
  • Murphy: *sasses*
  • (adult camping)
  • Major: Can we kill Abby yet
  • Kane: No she has great hair
  • (at the international underground bunker of pancakes)
  • Monty: Where's Clarke
  • Jasper: Did you know I have a girlfriend
  • Monty: Dude
  • (adventure squad)
  • Anya: Let's split up
  • Clarke: I thought this bonding time was working
  • Anya: peace out loser
  • (grounder party)
  • Lincoln's tribe: Octiavia is bait
  • Octavia: How about Octavia is NO
  • Octavia: I mean
  • Octavia: Octavia is YES
  • Octavia: I don't know what I mean anymore
  • (reaper hall or horrors)
  • Clarke: Yoooo I am so not into this kind of party
  • (the ark funcamp)
  • Abby: Hey what's up guys
  • Kane: Ten lashes
  • Abby: Wow okay I came out to have a good time and I am honestly feeling so attacked right now
  • (in art school)
  • Finn: Dark Finn is a GO
  • Bellamy: Finn no
  • Finn: Finn YES
  • (grounder battle)
  • A battle chant, probably: *the grounders and the reapers are about to fight*
  • Octavia: *kicks ass*
  • Grounders: YAS
  • Octavia: Okay but wHERE IS LINCOLN
  • (best friend squad)
  • Clarke: I'm NOT going to my room???
  • Mountain Men: Oh yes you are
  • Anya: *pops outta nowhere*
  • (back at Kane's hellcamp)
  • Kane: Hey sorry I had to shock you a bunch
  • Abby: Aint' nothing but a thang
  • Kane: Now let's go find the kiddos those darn rascals
  • Abby: Frickin' finally
  • Kane: Also you're chancellor now congrats
  • (bfs (they have an acronym now))
  • Clarke: Wow that was cool thanks bud
  • Anya: You thought WRONG
  • (art camp)
  • Murphy: Let's straight up murder him
  • Bellamy: Let's not straight up murder him
  • Finn: Oops I just straight up murdered him
  • (mount weather aka death camp)
  • MM: Let's catch us some grounders shall we
  • Lincoln: Swiggity swo how about no