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Well that’s it, my guitar is FINALLY finished and operational once again!

On closer inspection there are several things wrong with it, but I kinda like it that way. This was my first go at painting a guitar and I wanted it to look that way. I’ve tried to be a perfectionist all my life and with this I just said “f*** it!” and I’m happy with the result!

The guitar is a ‘cheap rip-off brand’ of a Fender Strat, meaning it doesn’t sound great to begin with, so I thought what is the point in doing a perfect painting on it?

I like it.

Year 12 Body Of Work 2: Guitar by Blake Thornley, 2011.

Painting on my electric guitar done in the style of Native American artworks from the north-west coast. Eagle on the left and a sun sort-of thing in the center.

If you thinks this looks unfinished, you are correct, I only planned on doing the front for art class and then doing the back and sides at home, so then I can do whatever I want, instead of following a specific theme.


This is me mucking around in a Chinese scale on the guitar part 2.
Once again don’t expect much, just enjoy, maybe.
Please let me know: what you think of it; what I should do next; or whether to give up entirely.
P.S. That isn’t the camera playing tricks, I am actually playing sideways.


This is me mucking around in a Chinese Scale on the guitar.

My wonderful friend Denie uploaded it onto YouTube cause tumblr wouldn’t let me upload it.

Don’t expect greatness, this is only improvisation on the spot and the quality isn’t great, hell, you can’t even see me. See what you think anyway!
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