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Bumbleby for the ship thing 😊

Who said “I love you” first?

I assume Blake, since she already said she loved Yang (and her team) to Sun. She may have a difficult time communicating emotions, but she at least knows what she’s feeling and acknowledges it, whereas Yang is more likely to bottle it up and not even realize that what she’s feeling.

That said, I could totally see it slipping out as a joke while they’re talking:

Yang: That’s why I love you! ;D
Blake: …
Yang: … (o.o)
Blake: …
Yang: As a partner!….. A team partner! A team… mate…. (>.<)
Blake: *smile* I love you, too, Yang.

Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background?

Yang has one of Blake from the Beacon dance.

Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror?

Yang, usually jokes or riddles or puns for Blake to find when she goes to shower. Blake rolls her eyes and wipes them off as soon as she sees them.

Who buys the other cheesy gifts?

Yang used to, but she stopped when Blake only used the boxes they came in. Now, she just buys her food, and they go back and forth paying for dates.

Who initiated the first kiss?

Yang. Blake won’t cross physical boundaries, so it would have to be Yang, after she confronts and acknowledges her feelings for Blake. 

Who kisses the other awake in the morning?

Yang. She’s more of a morning person and Blake is a sleepy kitty who also naps throughout the day. But it’s not smothering kisses. It’s a forehead kiss, and she runs her hand through Blake’s hair until she opens her eyes.

Who starts tickle fights?


Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower?

Blake, especially if she’s having a bad day. She likes the ability to have quiet together time and may get a little clingy once under the water. For her, it’s a good time for hugs and reflection, and to get some much desired emotional support from her partner.

Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch?

Blake. She brings sushi for both of them, because she knows Yang will probably be too busy working to stop and focus on food. And a hungry Yang is a hangry Yang, and no one wants that.

Who was nervous and shy on the first date?

Both. But no one could tell because Blake acted smug about finally getting to go out with her hot blonde partner on an official date, and Yang faked confidence.

Who kills/takes out the spiders?

Blake hunts them down. Yang generally doesn’t really mind them (as long as their not poisonous) and lets them stay where they are.

Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk?

They both do. Blake gets sloppy drunk and whines about it, apologizing for her indiscretions and confessing her feelings. Yang makes grand gestures of love by standing on bars or singing songs at Blake and embarrassing her in front of everyone.

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Monochrome headcanon incoming; Blake's singing in the shower is actually really really good. In the time before Weiss and Blake got together, Weiss would wait outside just to listen to it, sometimes quietly singing along with her. When the two got together, Blake was still shy, but eventually Weiss convinced her to harmonise with her.

dies softly

  • Blake: *During a trip to Vacuo Team Rwby have decided to spread one night exploring one of Vacuo's most famous cities Los Sega during which the four girls split up, Weiss and Ruby visiting the arcades while Blake and Yang went to multiple clubs and bar. However, the next day Blake woken with a aching pain as she slowly sat up in bed.* Mrrrrr, Ow my head. *The cat faunus groan as she rubbed the sleep from her eyes before opening and instantly becoming aware that she was not at the small hotel to which She and her friend were staying but instead a rather expensive penthouse sweet.* What the? Where?... Where am I?... And Why am I coooOOOH MY-!?! *Blake started to think to her as she looked around and became aware of three things that caused she to begin to shout her thoughts before smacking her mouth shut with her hands. First, aside from her sheet she was naked. Second, She was not the only one naked as her girlfriend laid also naked sleep beside her. And the third and most surprising to the huntress was the blonde cat ears upon Yang's head and, to Blake secret desire, a fluffy cat tail coming from her lovers butt.* Oh my god! Oh My God! What happened last night!? Why does Yang have a tail!? although it does complements her butt and hips very nicely-FORCE BELLADONNA! *Blake shouted to herself inside her mind, blushing as she ran herhands through her hair, only to pause for a moment as her cat ear felt something odd on one of her fingers.* Huh? What's this?.... Oh My god. *Blake quietly said as she stared at her hand, more specifically the golden ring with her girlfriend crest engraved on it around her ring finger.* Is this? It can't be... Can it? *Blake rambled to herself before quickly searching for Yang's hand to find another ring except with her crest engraved upon it.* OH god it is... Yang... YANG! WAKE UP!
  • Yang: Mah!? Huh? Wha? *Yang mumbled, rising up then rolling to her side and tiredly smiling at the site of Blake.* Hey Good morning Blakey. Did you sleep... Uh, Why does my ass hurt?
  • Blake: Yeah Morning to you too love. Yang do you remember ANYTHING from last night Because I think we may have gotten MARRIED? Also, Your butt hurts because you have a tail. *Blake questioned in a panic, taking a moment after to calmly answer her lover.*
  • Yang: *For a moment Yang stared at her panicking girlfriend, blinking twice, before looking at Blake's ring and raising her hand to look at her own, and lastly reaching behind her to take hold of her "tail" and giving it a tug.* Mph. Heh, I guess it wasn't a dream afterall.
  • Yang: Well you see. *Yang started as she moved to sit up, moaning slightly as she removed the tail from her behind causing Blake to blush.* Ah.~ That is going to be sore later. You see after the I think fifth bar we went to we got pretty smashed and you wanted going to this Faunus only club, to which I picked out that I wouldn't be allowed in. However, You got the great idea of making me look like a faunus and we proceed to go to the only store open that had Cat ear which happen to be a sex fetish shop where we got the cat ears. *Yang paused for a moment to feel the top of her head and removed said ears.* These. Anyway, Before we buy them I saw the tail and told you I wanted the tail so you could play with my ass since you love to do that. So we did. We then found a quiet private place, had a quickie which ended with the tail in my butt for the rest of the night as we went to the club you wanted. We drank, had fun, got into a bar fight, started a riot, ran from the cops, hide in a church, Possible dragged race a couple of midgets, I proposed to you, you said yes, bummed into I thought Sun's uncle who happened to be able to marry us, hit the tables at a casino, won like millions, got the honeymoon sweet, and made sweet passionate drunk love til we fell asleep. Aaaand that's about sums it up. Give or take a few times I passed out in between. *Yang said as a matter of fact with a smile. Blake Meanwhile stared at her Wife dumbfounded.*
  • Blake: ... And you remember ALL of that?
  • Yang: Blakey, My Last name may be Xiao-Long Belladonna but I'm still a Branwen. We may do stupid shit while drunk but we remember it all.
  • Blake: ... You... You took my last name?
  • Yang: Yep. *Yang nod with a pop to the "p".* You kinda did the same.
  • Blake: *Blake ran her hand over her face trying to process everything she just heard, muttering to herself how her parents were going to kill her before looking at the wedding ring on her finger once more.* Okay then. So where did we get the rings? Winnings from the money we won?
  • Yang: Actually... No. *Yang stated with pink cheeks.*
  • Blake: No? Yang, from just looking at this I can tell that this are pure gold rings with I think dust in the engraves.
  • Yang: Purple dust in mine. Orange red in yours. *Yang added trying to hide her blush.*
  • Blake: *It only took Blake a second before she realized with a soft gasp how Yang knew the exact details of before rings.* How... How long were you planning on asking me?
  • Yang: For as long as we have been dating. Though honestly, I was going to when and propose to you When we got back to Vale and went to Forever falls. *Yang admitted, unable to look at her wife out of embarrassment until her cheeks were cupped by Blake who lifted her face u to give her a gentle soft yet passionate kiss.*
  • Blake: *After a few minutes as the need for air became to great the two broke apart and Blake smile.* Well we can always have a proper wedding their AFTER you ask my parents for their blessing when explaining how you married their daughter.
  • Yang: *Yang Smiled brightly as she gave Blake another kiss and hugged her.* I am perfectly okay with that and having a blackeye from your dad during our wedding.
  • Blake: Hehehe, We'll wait till it heals but first I need a shower. *Blake said as she hopped out of bed and made her way to the bath room.
  • Yang: *yang meanwhile watch with glee as her naked wife exited the room and flopped back down of the bed as she heard the shower start.* Sigh, I finally married the girl of my dreams. Hehe, I wonder how Weiss and Ruby will react? Eh? *she ponder until she noticed her robotic hand was missing a finger.* What the? I don't remember losing a finger. Sigh< Maybe its around here somewhere. Go thing I got Ruby to put in those homing trackers on my arm. *Yang thought as she pressed a tiny button at the end of her arm when suddenly from the shower.*
  • Yang: SORRY KITTEN!!
  • ~Else where~
  • Ruby: I THINK I'M CLOSE THEN! TELL ME IF YOU SEE ANY PUMKIN PETES! *Ruby shout as she swam through the stuff anaimal she has drunkenly won the night before.*
  • Weiss: I SWEAR THIS IS THE LAST TIME I AM TAKING YOU TO AN ARCADE!... Aw~ a cute plushie Zwei.

Here’s some pieces I finished for my first art show in Philly! I just recently moved up here from Birmingham, Alabama and I didn’t really know a lot of ppl. I didn’t think I’d be able to make good enough work to get noticed in such a big city. But i worked super hard and it finally paid off. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 I’m so happy now that I know I can make it here. Never give up on something you really want.

I’m not usually one for speeches, but I have to say how lucky I am to have Blair Waldorf as my best friend. I maybe the maid of honor, but the true honor is just knowing you, B. There is simply no one like her, no matter how hard some of your try. Congratulations to the beautiful bride. You have become the strong, confident princess I always knew you would. I love you so much and wish you and your prince nothing but happiness. 

-Serena van der Woodsen

what the 100 characters remind me of:

monty green: clean laundry, the sky early in the morning, roasting marshmallows, the sound of typing on a keyboard, laughing until your stomach is sore and the smell of plants after its been raining.

bellamy blake: freckled skin, cold showers, the smell of leather, the sound of metal scraping against stone, sand from the beach, strong warm hands, the feeling of being at home and the smell of old books.

octavia blake: bright smiles, neon lights, carving your initials into an old tree, sunsets, soft lips, the smell of soil and pine trees, steel toed boots, hard liquor in old bottles, clear water in a lake, butterfly kisses, sparks from a fire and the feeling of being free.

john murphy: the smell of petrol at a gas station, the sound of a crackling fire, cloudy night skies, second hand cigarette smoke, the taste of blood in your mouth, soft hair, callus hands, the sound of ripping paper, sweaty skin and soft touches.

clarke griffin: books arranged in alphabetical order, the smell of graphite, kissing in the dark, the feeling of paint on your skin, the sky on a clear day, the smell of smoke from the fire in your clothes and the sound of rain beating against a window.

jasper jordan: healed wounds, growing out of your clothes, the feeling of not getting enough sleep, cold mornings, dewdrops on spiderwebs, the smell of freshly baked pie and the sound of ice clinking in a glass.

raven reyes: engine oil, the sound of a drill, soft clothes, the stars in the sky at night, the sound shoes make on a hardwood floor, warm skin after a hot shower, feminist literature, empty carriages on the subway and the smell of coffee in the morning.

lexa the commander: black eyeliner, the full moon, walking through the forest at night, the sound of a knife scraping tree bark, candlelight, hot baths, chipped nail polish, wooden cabins and the sound of wolves howling.

Another bumbleby before work

Imagine Yang becoming all sweaty and greased up after working on bumblebee all day long. Being a troll/loving to annoy Blake sometimes, she attempts to give Blake a hug. Blake, being all nice a clean after a shower gives Yang a small hit on the head with her book and says ‘not until you shower’

Yang of course does then they cuddle.