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*Teams RWBY, JNR, and Oscar are in a hiding from Salem’s forces in her domain*

Ruby: Backup isn’t coming. It will be just the eight of us. We’ll be outmanned and outgunned, but Ozpin always said that a person can accomplish anything when he realizes he’s a part of something bigger. A team of Huntsman and Huntress that share that conviction can change the world. So what do you say? You ready to change the world?

Yang: No. I’m ready to kick some ass.

I don’t even have just one “son” anymore. Now it’s more like “a medium sized army of jilted, underappreciated grown ass men that I need to wrap in blankets and shield from the world.”

During season 1
  • Clarke: Have you seen Jasper?
  • Bellamy: Not since weapons training.
  • Clarke: Jasper stopped saying "bang" when he pulls the trigger?
  • Bellamy: Mostly. Now if he can just learn the difference between the safety release and the magazine release, we'll be making real progress.
A Ring On Your Finger | Charles Vane

→ Fandom: Black Sails

→ Character: Charles Vane / Reader

→ Wordcount: 1692

 Tagged: @angelaiswriting@saibh29​ 

→ Requestateliefloresdaprimavera said: Can i make a Charles Vane request?him proposing to YN.I’m just a sucker for romantic Charles ;)

→ A/N: I’m a sucker for romantic Charles too, I think that even if I write angst with him, I make his ass romantic because that’s how I see him. BECAUSE I LOVE HIM SO MUCH; KILL ME.

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If I were to cast a live-action RWBY movie...

I don’t normally post these but I was writing something unrelated and the idea simply took root and wouldn’t leave. Who would I cast in a live-action RWBY movie? Here’s what I came up. What do you think?

Ruby Rose - Willow Shields

Weiss Schnee - Chloë Grace Moretz

Blake Belladonna - Kara Hayward

Yang Xiao Long - Sophie Turner

Jaune Arc - Jacob Lofland

Penny - Morgan Lily

Sun Wukong - Jacob Latimore

Roman Torchwick - Tom Felton

Ozpin - Steven Yeun

Bartholomew Oobleck - Matt Smith

Junior - Brian Tee

Fanfiction Life

When you can’t find a story that fits what you need

When you can’t remember if something was canon or just too much fanfiction

When someone tries to tell you fanfiction isn’t as good or not real

When you finish reading a work in progress

When you find the fic that you lost

When the fic your reading takes an unexpected turn

When you realise how much time you’ve spent on fanfiction 

When someone tells you to stop reading fanfiction and do something productive

When the fic you’’re reading portrays the character you love 100% how you imagine them

Trying to explain something that happened in the fic you read to someone who doesn’t read fanfiction

When you come across an abbreviation that you don’t know

Ruby - I got to the top of the tower, saw Pyrrha get shot, freaked out, and then Cinder was gone

Blake- Gone ?

Ruby - Gone…

Blake- Like…you KILLED her ?

Ruby - I don’t know Blake, I didn’t exactly see ‘tears up a little bit’ Why are you asking me all these questions ? I’m very traumatized

Blake- 'backing off’ Fine, fine. That’s fair

Weiss - So…..was it the eyes that did it ?

'Blake’s head slowly starts turning towards Weiss’

Ruby - I guess so ? Why ?

Weiss - Well…….what else can they do ?

'Blake’s head finishes turning, snapping to the side with annoyance’

Ruby - 'voice full of childlike wonder’ I don’t know =O

Weiss- 'frantically looks back and forth between Blake and Yang’  Quick ! Somebody say something to hurt her !

Blake- Uhhh……thousands of people are dead ?

Ruby - 'blinks twice’

Blake- Ozpin’s missing ?

Ruby - Wait ! 'holds up finger for a second before putting it on her lap’ …No, that was just gas

Yang- 'scowls towards the window’ 'sighs as she pulls out her scroll’

'Yang plays….’

Ruby -'head snaps back, powerful beams of silver light pouring from her eyes’ 'ethereal voice’ PYRRHA !

'Blake, Weiss and Yang shield their eyes, until they hear a happy gasp, soon finding a very confused Pyrrha on Ruby’s lap’

Pyrrha- Hi everyone ^^

Blake- ’ stands up’ Don’t “Hi everyone” like nothing happened.  You died !

Pyrrha - You learn to not take things too seriously in the void

Weiss- Are you saying that …..

Pyrrha- Do we even have organized religion in Vale ?

'Team RWBY all look upward, deep in thought as they struggle to think up an example to disprove Pyrrha’s assertion’

Weiss- I……I guess we don’t ?

Blake- Should….should we call Jaune’ takes scroll out of pocket’ ?

Ruby - 'eyes emit silver light’ NO !

'Blake’s scroll disappears’

'Penny poofs into existence on Blake’s lap’

Blake- 'writhing in pain’ Get………my


'Penny leaps off of Blake’s lap, into Ruby’s waiting embrace’

'Ruby’s eyes return to normal’

Ruby - 'hugs Penny and Pyrrha tightly’ YAY ! =D

Weiss-  Ruby, you just brought two of your dead friends back to life, don’t you want to…..

Ruby - 'hugs Penny and Pyrrha tighter’ 'warning voice’ I… said… Yay

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