blake laughs at adam


• Adam and Blake started out with a handshake when introduced

• As soon as they sat down Blake started teasing Adam about an argument they got in yesterday (and still seemed annoyed about)

• Adam yelled at Blake “Sit down, Sasquatch”

• Adam and Blake were bickering and Adam blew him a kiss

• Blake went over to Adam’s chair multiple times and Adam went to his a couple times

• Adam called Blake dumb multiple times (mostly interrupting other commentaries and making it about Blake)

• Adam and Blake bickered… a lot

• Adam was fighting for a contestant but ended it by talking about how no matter what Blake would be by his side always

• Adam also talked about how Blake was his best friend no matter what

• Kelly told Adam we all knew about their love

• Kelly is a gift that must be cherished

• Adam singing and making Blake wheeze-laugh

• Adam talked about how Blake was a good coach

• Blake ran like a child backstage, calling Adam an idiot along the way

• Adam got political a little bit

• Adam seemed a little stressed out

All in all looking forward to season fourteen

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Every time I see a post about Sun being a major role in the Blake/Adam/Yang drama I laugh so much. He's already in ilia thing stop pushing lol

Sun is the comedic side kick. Like Mushu and Olaf.

Long time, no see..

• “And Blake’s already drinking.. all is right in the world.” - Carson
• “Learn to read, kids and you too can make it in Hollywood.” - Carson
• “Why do I have to call them MY coaches? I don’t own them.. they’re america’s coaches.. that they over pay..” - Carson
• Carson doing read offs like storage wars
• Making faces at the camera - Carson
• “Ok, I’m going back to bed.” - Carson
• Blake flipped off Adam on his way out, Adam pouted, Blake hugged him and kissed his cheek, Adam pretended to be grossed out
• Adam stomped on Blake’s foot
• Adam stroked Blake’s face
• Jealous!Adam
• Blake and Adam standing together laughing and bumping shoulders
• Blake = 😍
• Blake sneezing, Adam said “Aw.. you’ve never done that on the show before..” Blake said he sneezed cause he was allergic to dancing
• Blake and Adam bickering pretty much every contestant
• Staring quite a bit
• JHud saying that throwing her notebook at a contestant was her complimenting them and showing her love so Blake threw his notebook at Adam and accidentally hit Miley instead, Miley threw her notebook back at him and then went and punched him when she missed.. Adam couldn’t breathe he was laughing so hard
• Blake telling grandpa jokes, Adam tells Dad jokes
• Adam and Blake hanging out backstage
• Blake and Adam hanging out in front of the girls chairs
• Adam pretending to hit Blake in the crotch… many times

Pun of the day: Mistakes will be made.

Blake: I’m going to kill you Adam!

Adam: *laughs mockingly* You have to be KITTEN me! You’re weak, Blake!

Blake: That’s BULL and you know it!

Adam: Is it? Really? Because from where I’m standing, your as hARMLESS as your girlfriend!

Blake: Talk about her again, and you better HOOF it, because I will castrate you.

Adam: Oh yeah? You and what army?

*Suddenly a group of Blake clones materialise around the Faunus*

Adam: Oh shhhii-

[because I don’t consider V3 canon]

I always love ships for their comedy potential and I have to say that CrimSun is A-FUCKING-PLUS BECAUSE

can u imagine poor Blake trying to introduce her brother-like friend to her boyfriend and Sun is just like “Is- is he single?” because Sun is a tactless loser and Blake is just “OH. MY GOD.” in the most incredulous way you will ever hear like she never says it but U KNO she’s thinking “SUN YOU USELESS BISEXUAL”

and Blake is okay with it because she knows her brother from another mother is a huge grump and he probably needs the interaction from Sun and is like “to be fair… this will be good for you” and Adam’s like “WHAT IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN” and Sun is just “*gasp* are you… giving me your blessing?”

and it’s really ironic because Adam was supposed to be all over-protective brother mode for Blake and intimidate Sun into treating Blake well, but Blake’s the one who’s like “play nice” to them, and she tells Adam “don’t worry about him, he’s a huge dork” and Sun is like “yea, but I’m your dork” and she laughs