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This is So Important

Aaron Ginsburg is both a writer and the supervising producer of The 100. At this point I am 1000% sure that all of the cast and crew are done with this fandom. They are tired of everyone watching the show and missing the point. 

No one in this world is innocent. No one in this world is a good guy. This show is all about what humanity will do to survive. Survival is not pretty. Survival requires sacrifice and loss. Every single last person on this show has done horrible things for the sake of survival. It is OK to have a favorite character, it is not OK to pretend like your favorite character (on this show) is a perfect cinnamon roll. In fact, their nuances should be a part of the reason you love them. 

Every single one of our favorite characters has done some truly screwed up things to survive. Humans will do anything to survive. Look at the list below and tell me that any of our character deserve to be treated as less than another. One life has the same value as another, even if that person is threatening yours or the people you’ve loved. This show is not supposed to be a “Who’s Worse” competition and I hate that it’s turned in to that. 

Clarke Griffin: has killed a man (in Season 1) to ensure her own survival. She has allowed the torture of another (Lincoln-Season 1) to help another (Finn)survive. She had the idea for the “Ring of Fire” that torched 300 Grounders (to save herself and the other 100). She left TonD.C. with a bomb dropping on it (to protect Bellamy and 46 other children, small beans compared to how many died in the bombing). Shot a Mt. Weather Guard (to save Lincoln), sent a Mt. Weather guard on an 8 hr walk with 6 hrs of oxygen (to send a message). She has shot a man (Dante) while his son (Cage) listened  (to get him to release her people). She irradiated a mountain full of men, women and children (to save her people). She abandoned her people (for her mental health). She almost put Emerson to death but decided on a fate even worse for him (for revenge).

Bellamy Blake: has shot the Chancellor (to join his sister and protect her). Was a general power hungry ass for like three episodes (to protect himself). Threw away Raven’s radio making him indirectly responsible for the deaths of 300 Ark Citizens (to save himself)Killed Dax (to save himself and Clarke). Shot the Grounders at the bridge (to defend himself, Clarke, Jasper and Lincoln). 2 Reapers in the underground parking garage where they found Lincoln (to protect himself and Octavia). Choked Sergeant Lovejoy (to save himself and the Delinquents). Shot 2 Mount Weather Guards (to save Fox). Killed the  Mount Weather Guards indirectly in the Acid Fod explosion (to allow Clarke and Lexa’s army safe passage to save their people.) Irradiated a mountain full of men, women and children (to save his people). Shot an  Ice Nation bounty hunter (to save Niylah). 299 Grounders (because he thought he was doing what was best for his people). 

Octavia Blake: has punched Lincoln (to help him recover from his addiction). Punched Indra (to get her to join the fight to save her people), beat up Bellamy (for revenge). Killed two Mount Weather Guards (to save her people in the Mountain). Killed one Ice Nation warrior (to save Jasper) and Shawn Gillmer (Pike’s guard for revenge).

Jasper Jordan: has killed at least two Grounders in trees during the Unity Day alliance at the bridge (to save Clarke, Bellamy, Finn, Octavia and Lincoln), Several Grounders on the bridge via bomb explosion (to save himself and the other Delinquents), Helped rewire the dropship to make the Ring of Fire killing 300 Grounders (to save himself and the other Delinquents), killed Lorelei Tsing by blocking the lift door open to allow the radiation in (to save himself and the other Delinquents). 

Monty Green: has killed Dr. Tsing along with Jasper, Harper, and Miller (to save himself and the other Delinquents), 10 Mount Weather Guards with the other Delinquents (to save himself and the other Delinquents), irradiated a mountain full of men, women and children (to save his people), and killed his mother Hannah (to save Octavia).

John Murphy: has killed Connor and Myles (for revenge), indirectly killed numerous other Delinquents by bringing in the virus, attempted to kill Bellamy (for revenge). Was playing Roadside Roulette with his girlfriend, knocking out Grounders and stealing from them (to survive).

Raven Reyes: has killed numerous Grounders in the village that was  burned down from flares (created to save the people on the Ark), numerous Grounders in the bridge explosion (created the bomb to help save herself and the other Delinquents), 300 Grounders in the dropship explosion (did most of the rewiring to create the Ring of Fire to save herself and the other Delinquents), a Grounder who had taken Murphy captive after the dropship explosion (to save Murphy’s life) was willing to turn Murphy in for a crime he didn’t commit (in order to save Finn), killed at least 3 Mount Weather Guards in the dam turbine explosion with (trying to reverse the fans to allow for irradiation to save the Delinquents in Mt. Weather,) and one Ice Nation assassin (to save herself and Sinclair).

Lincoln: has kidnapped Octavia (to save her from the acid fog), stabbed Finn and refused to hand over the antidote (to save himself), killed a random sky person when he was a boy (for the safety of the Grounders at large), the Grounder who was supposed to execute Clarke and Finn, a  Reaper to distract the other Reapers (to save Clarke and Finn), another Grounder who was being turned into a Reaper in Mount Weather (to get the drug for himself), Cage Wallace (for revenge and to save the Grounders and the Sky People).

Lexa: has killed an uncertain number of  Delinquents (on her order, killed to protect her people), Finn Collins (indirectly, was scheduled to be killed on her order, mercy killed by Clarke), Gustus on her order death by 1000 cuts for betrayal (as part of her people’s traditions), Around 250 Grounders & Sky People in TonDC (to keep the mission in Mt. Weather safe and to save her people), Around 350 Mount Weather residents, as leaving Clarke gave her no other option but to irradiate the mountain (to save her people), kicked an Ice Nation ambassador out of the window (for disrespecting her, as a show of power), Queen Nia (to get rid of what she saw as the largest issue with the breakdown of the Coalition), she kidnapped Clarke (for both Clarke’s safety and to ensure no one else could gain the power of Wanheda), the other Nightbloods at her Conclave (to save herself and become the Commander), set up a barricade around Arkadia (to keep the peace) and Jason has said on Twitter that Lexa’s fight to create the Coalition was long and bloody. 

TL;DR: Dislike characters for whatever reason you want, but please don’t let it be for something that every character on this show has done in the name of survival, (even the characters not included on this list). Literally everyone is guilty. 

….that sort of explains where we’ve been, emotionally where we’re going, thematically sets up the Season….

Jason Rothenberg, SDCC 2016, about the new Sizzle Reel for Season 4(x)

Jason Rothenberg has said that a Sizzle Reel that places the narration “and we found a strength we never knew we had, strenght in ourselves, strength in each other” over images of Bellamy saving Mel from the cliff side, Octavia saving Bellamy from a Grounder, Raven being operated on with no anesthesia and Monty reminding Octavia that the Delinquents are a found family, shows emotionally where we’re going and thematically sets up Season 4.

Jason Rothenberg has said that a Sizzle Reel that places the narration “for the hope that someday the violence will end and we can be free” over images of Kane and Abby hugging and Clarke and Bellamy hugging, shows emotionally where we’re going and thematically sets up Season 4. 

But ya’ll are still questioning whether or not next Season will feature the Delinquents and Bellarke? 


What I don’t understand is how people think he looks pissed? Like he’s checking to see if she’s okay. He’s got his sister in his arms so he’s checking on the other person he loves. The look of pure relief on her face also shows that even though she was acting brave earlier when she told Monroe they’d lost contact with Bellamy, she was clearly very worried and happy to see he was okay. 

marlarke  asked:

How about one where Clarke returns after about a year; things have changed, Bellamy is cold towards her. She tries to win back his trust; win back what they had and it leads to more.

Bellarke Week Day 2 —-> Bellamy Day: his reaction to Clarke coming home

Clarke came home on a Saturday in the middle of July.

Bellamy wasn’t sure what she’d been expecting to come back to but it wasn’t what she found.

Clarke’s return was the biggest event in months.  There was talk of going out and bringing back a fresh kill for a fancy dinner.  There was talk of clearing out a cabin for a day or two so Clarke could have one to herself.  There was a lot of talk.  But none of it really mattered.

He kept his distance, standing with O on the outskirts of the crowd that had gathered around her, watching as others hugged her and greeted her.

“You okay, big brother?” Octavia asked quietly as they’d watched Jasper practically tackle Clarke into the fire, having apparently forgiven her.

Bellamy watched for another long moment before he answered.  “I don’t know.”

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