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dating bellamy blake would include...

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- counting the freckles on his face

- protecting you at ALL costs

- “be careful”

- he would literally die for you

- him winking when he catches you staring

- playing with each other’s hair

- making time for you after missions

- being called princess, babe, babygirl, & baby

- neck kisses and hickeys !!

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signs as the 100 quotes

aries / Blood must not have blood

taurus / Maybe there are no good guys

gemini / I’m not “playing” anything, this is who I am.

cancer / After everything we’ve done, do we even deserve to survive?

leo /  Before you get any ideas, I don’t care

virgo / Who we are, and who we need to be to survive are very different things


scorpio / Get knocked down, get back up again

sagittarius / It’s nothing I can’t handle

capricorn / Victory stands on the back of sacrifice

aquarius / I told you my life ended the day you were born, the truth is, it didn’t start until then

pisces / May you live forever

She Won’t Have You Anymore// Bellamy Blake

Epitome: When Murphy is trying to hang Bellamy in the drop ship, you find a way in to save him, not helping but overhear the conversation they uphold. 

Word Count: 575

“Take me for him!” Bellamy yelled at the closed doors of the drop ship.

“No, no!” You yelled, clawing at the arms that were holding you back.

“Let Jasper go and take me! I’m the one you want!” Bellamy yelled.

The doors opened, Jasper stumbling out of the drop ship. Bellamy dropped his guns, walking over to the door. He jumped inside, looking at you one last time.

“No, Bellamy!” You screeched, finally getting out of the arms. You ran over just as the door closed, your fists banging against the concrete.

“Why did you let him go?!” You yelled at the people standing around the drop ship.

You stood around, Raven and Clarke making a plan to get Bellamy back. 

“Let me go with her,” you begged Clarke, who declined. “Please, I can talk Murphy into letting him go.”

You followed Raven underneath the drop ship, making sure to be quiet.

Raven went to the circuits, trying to find a way to shut the lights off while you tried to find a way into the drop ship.

“You let people wrap a rope around my neck, while you kicked the barrel from underneath my feet,” Murphy said. “You almost killed me.”

“No, I didn’t,” Bellamy said, anger lining his voice. “You were an asshole to everyone-”

“So were you, Blake!” Murphy cut him off. “What happened to ‘we do whatever the hell we want whenever the hell we want’?”

“That expired the day Grounders put a bounty on every single head in this camp.” 

“On everyone’s head or her head?” Murphy asked.

You stopped in your tracks, listening closer.


“No, Bellamy, I see the way you look at her, you’re in love with her,” Murphy said, shuffling around. “The thing is, when I’m done, she won’t have you anymore.”

You jumped up, going through a small tunnel in the drop ship but your foot slipped and you fell against the metal with a loud clang.

“Ah, that must be her now.” Murphy said before letting out a series of gunfire, hitting everywhere around you in the small tunnel.

One got you in the shoulder, making you groan out in pain.

“Got her!”

“Murphy! Listen, you’re problem is with me, not her, kill me,” Bellamy said as you started to climb again. “Me, not her.”

“Oh, don’t worry, I plan to kill you anyway.” Murphy said before you hear a loud clanking and then silence.

You came out of a hole underneath the floor, sending a few bullets in the way of Murphy but he jumped out a window, running towards the woods.

You turned around, seeing Bellamy hanging from the ceiling, not moving. You pulled the knife from your belt, quickly cutting him down.

You softly set him on the floor, on your knees beside his not moving body.

“Bellamy?” you whispered softly, your shaking hands hovering over his face. “Bell?”

His eyes shot open and he breathed in deeply before looking at you. “Y/n?”

“Hey, Bell.” You smiled against your tears, wrapping your arms tightly around his neck. 

“I thought you were dead.” He breathed into your neck, his arms wrapping around you.

“I thought you were dead.” You chuckled, pulling back and swiftly pressing your lips against his.

He kissed back, his lips working against yours. 

“I love you.” He blurted as he moved a piece of hair from your face.

“I love you too, Bell.” You smiled, kissing him again.

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Cordially Invited

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Request:  “You are cordially invited to go fuck yourself.” Prompt with either Bellamy or Murphy (A/N: With Bellamy) 

Word Count: 1,336

There was something about that boy, something about the way he walked and acted that made you want to scream. He was so confident and thought so highly of himself. He was so…so…smug. Usually, you could ignore it and move about your everyday business without too much annoyance, but today…today was different. You had gone to bed in a bad mood, woken up in an even worse one, and now here you were- doing a job you didn’t really care for with people you didn’t really care for.

That was the thing though. You really did care about all these people, but just felt so out of place. The minute you all got to earth was the minute you tried to do everything you could to get away from the 100 and explore. You joined the hunting group, which was a fun job until you almost died from a poisoned arrow. After the accident, Bellamy wouldn’t let you go hunt anymore, so you did what you could around the perimeter of the fence. Bellamy had always tried to make you feel like you belonged, and you did when it was just you, him, and Octavia in a tiny bedroom built for two. The earth changed all of it for you and that wasn’t such a big deal, it was just what it was.

Today it wasn’t just “what it was”. It was your birthday- a day you never really cared for but Bellamy loved to celebrate for some weird reason. He always threw you birthday parties and snuck you presents he had stolen. One time on the Ark when rations were dangerously low, Bellamy had stolen enough ingredients from the kitchen to make a single cupcake and a makeshift candle. You had never felt so much love radiate off a person and have never felt that much love for someone else.

It has been weeks since you have had a decent conversation with Bellamy. You were sure he had forgotten your birthday. He barely glanced in your direction at breakfast and didn’t bother walking with you to your posts outside the gates, which was something he used to do. That was a trait you missed very much. God, that boy- with his perfect hair and perfect smile and freckles and perfect everything.

While Bellamy didn’t seem to want anything to do with you today, your best friends John and Clarke were throwing you a party. It was going to be a small gathering with some decent food, some music, and some of Monty’s famous moonshine. It was supposed to be a surprise but you found John and Monty whispering about details, and being the noisy person you are, you wouldn’t stop asking until they answered you.

Two hours had passed and you were getting more excited as the party neared. Nothing exciting was going on outside the gates today, so you were leaning against the fence playing tic-tac-toe in the dirt with Harper. You threw your stick down as you won for the third time in a row when Bellamy walked up to you and Harper.

“Harper, you can go on break if you want.” He said in his deep, raspy voice. She nodded and walked back into the camp, probably to get some food. He placed himself in Harper’s spot against the fence.

“What are you doing here? You don’t usually give breaks.” You asked, hoping it didn’t come out as pissed as you felt.

“I wanted to talk to you.” He replied as he stared at the side eye you were giving him. You gestured vaguely in the air as to say ‘and?’

“Today’s your birthday,” he paused, “So happy birthday.”

“Wow so you do remember. I thought you either forgot that was today or just forgot me in general.” You sarcastically snapped.

“Y/n, that’s not fair. You know how busy I’ve been-”

You interrupted, “That didn’t stop you on the Ark, Bellamy. You had a lot of responsibilities up there too.”

He continued, “You didn’t even invite me to your party tonight.”

You were crouched on the ground, digging your stick into the ground where you and Harper had been playing. However, now you were standing, facing your beautiful best friend (ex-best friend?).

You didn’t know whether you wanted to kiss him or yell at him. You went with the latter. “Oh that’s because you’ve been cordially invited to go fuck yourself.”

You stomped away, leaving your post. He was so irritating and selfish to think you would ask him to join you on the only day you ever felt special. He’s done nothing but make you feel like shit the whole time you’ve been on Earth, and here he was making today about him. You headed to the engineering tent to hang out with Raven, and didn’t leave until it was time to get ready for your party.

The party consisted of Clarke, Monty, Jasper, Raven, Harper, Miller, Octavia, Murphy, and you. Kane and Abby joined for the dinner portion and then left so the partying could begin. You were on your third cup of moonshine and fruit juice mix when he showed up. You were facing the fire, laughing with Murphy about some sarcastic comment he made. You were dangerously close to kissing him too, as Monty’s moonshine brought out the side of you that made you want to make out with everyone.

Bellamy tapped your arm and you turned to face him. “I’m not leaving here Bellamy Blake. I am having fun and you are not going to take that away from me.” You grabbed Murphy’s arm and draped it over your shoulder for dramatic effect.

He laughed, “I’m not here to take away your fun. I just wanna talk.”

You took a swig of your drink and sighed, “Ugh, fine. Help me up.”

Bellamy took your hand and pulled you to a standing position. He put his arm around your waist and lead you to a bench just far enough that the others couldn’t hear your conversation. You downed your drink and turned to him.

“Wh-what do you want Bellamy?” You asked as you tilted your head back to lean against the tree behind you. You had definitely drunk more than you should have, but damn did you feel like you deserved it.

“I’m sorry about earlier. You’re right, I’ve been neglecting you. You’re my best friend and I failed you.” He said with such sincerity that you wished you hadn’t had all those drinks so you could have an actual conversation with him.

But drunk Y/n came out instead, struggling to speak coherently. “You are very right my friend but you know what, it’s okay because you’re cute. I’m mad at you because you’re cute and my friend and I love you. I wish we were back on the Ark sometimes. I mean, despite a sister that you couldn’t tell anyone about, life was so much easier up there.”

“I agree.” He said with a smile.

“I know things have been hard on you but you know what? You handle all of this…shit better than anyone else, so I forgive you for forgetting me for that reason alone.”

He laughed happily. “I just hope Sober Y/n feels the same way. How about we get you to bed?”

“Your bed?”

“If you want.”

“As long as you’re the big spoon I don’t care where we go.”

He wrapped his arm around your waist again and coaxed you to his tent. He handed you one of his clean shirts to put on instead of your alcohol stained one. You took the shirt off without care or warning, put the clean one on, kicked off your shoes, and climbed into Bellamy’s ultra soft and comfy bed. He climbed in next to you and placed a kiss on your cheek. He curled his arm around your stomach and cuddled up next to you as you instantly fell asleep in his arms, knowing you were going to regret all of this tomorrow morning.

(A/N: I had a lot of fun writing this one! I hope you enjoy!)


Requested, thank you

Little havoc had ran itself around your area, but thankfully no one was really hurt. People had a few scratches, bruises and aches but nothing serious. Murphy exhaled heavily as he walked over to you as you stood next to Clarke. “How does it look?” he asked, pointing to the bruising on the side of his face. “Couldn’t make you look any worse than you already do” you teased, arching an eyebrow at him challengingly. “Well I was modelling my look after you” he smirked. “Ouch” you chuckled, placing your hand on your chest.