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Cordially Invited

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Request:  “You are cordially invited to go fuck yourself.” Prompt with either Bellamy or Murphy (A/N: With Bellamy) 

Word Count: 1,336

There was something about that boy, something about the way he walked and acted that made you want to scream. He was so confident and thought so highly of himself. He was so…so…smug. Usually, you could ignore it and move about your everyday business without too much annoyance, but today…today was different. You had gone to bed in a bad mood, woken up in an even worse one, and now here you were- doing a job you didn’t really care for with people you didn’t really care for.

That was the thing though. You really did care about all these people, but just felt so out of place. The minute you all got to earth was the minute you tried to do everything you could to get away from the 100 and explore. You joined the hunting group, which was a fun job until you almost died from a poisoned arrow. After the accident, Bellamy wouldn’t let you go hunt anymore, so you did what you could around the perimeter of the fence. Bellamy had always tried to make you feel like you belonged, and you did when it was just you, him, and Octavia in a tiny bedroom built for two. The earth changed all of it for you and that wasn’t such a big deal, it was just what it was.

Today it wasn’t just “what it was”. It was your birthday- a day you never really cared for but Bellamy loved to celebrate for some weird reason. He always threw you birthday parties and snuck you presents he had stolen. One time on the Ark when rations were dangerously low, Bellamy had stolen enough ingredients from the kitchen to make a single cupcake and a makeshift candle. You had never felt so much love radiate off a person and have never felt that much love for someone else.

It has been weeks since you have had a decent conversation with Bellamy. You were sure he had forgotten your birthday. He barely glanced in your direction at breakfast and didn’t bother walking with you to your posts outside the gates, which was something he used to do. That was a trait you missed very much. God, that boy- with his perfect hair and perfect smile and freckles and perfect everything.

While Bellamy didn’t seem to want anything to do with you today, your best friends John and Clarke were throwing you a party. It was going to be a small gathering with some decent food, some music, and some of Monty’s famous moonshine. It was supposed to be a surprise but you found John and Monty whispering about details, and being the noisy person you are, you wouldn’t stop asking until they answered you.

Two hours had passed and you were getting more excited as the party neared. Nothing exciting was going on outside the gates today, so you were leaning against the fence playing tic-tac-toe in the dirt with Harper. You threw your stick down as you won for the third time in a row when Bellamy walked up to you and Harper.

“Harper, you can go on break if you want.” He said in his deep, raspy voice. She nodded and walked back into the camp, probably to get some food. He placed himself in Harper’s spot against the fence.

“What are you doing here? You don’t usually give breaks.” You asked, hoping it didn’t come out as pissed as you felt.

“I wanted to talk to you.” He replied as he stared at the side eye you were giving him. You gestured vaguely in the air as to say ‘and?’

“Today’s your birthday,” he paused, “So happy birthday.”

“Wow so you do remember. I thought you either forgot that was today or just forgot me in general.” You sarcastically snapped.

“Y/n, that’s not fair. You know how busy I’ve been-”

You interrupted, “That didn’t stop you on the Ark, Bellamy. You had a lot of responsibilities up there too.”

He continued, “You didn’t even invite me to your party tonight.”

You were crouched on the ground, digging your stick into the ground where you and Harper had been playing. However, now you were standing, facing your beautiful best friend (ex-best friend?).

You didn’t know whether you wanted to kiss him or yell at him. You went with the latter. “Oh that’s because you’ve been cordially invited to go fuck yourself.”

You stomped away, leaving your post. He was so irritating and selfish to think you would ask him to join you on the only day you ever felt special. He’s done nothing but make you feel like shit the whole time you’ve been on Earth, and here he was making today about him. You headed to the engineering tent to hang out with Raven, and didn’t leave until it was time to get ready for your party.

The party consisted of Clarke, Monty, Jasper, Raven, Harper, Miller, Octavia, Murphy, and you. Kane and Abby joined for the dinner portion and then left so the partying could begin. You were on your third cup of moonshine and fruit juice mix when he showed up. You were facing the fire, laughing with Murphy about some sarcastic comment he made. You were dangerously close to kissing him too, as Monty’s moonshine brought out the side of you that made you want to make out with everyone.

Bellamy tapped your arm and you turned to face him. “I’m not leaving here Bellamy Blake. I am having fun and you are not going to take that away from me.” You grabbed Murphy’s arm and draped it over your shoulder for dramatic effect.

He laughed, “I’m not here to take away your fun. I just wanna talk.”

You took a swig of your drink and sighed, “Ugh, fine. Help me up.”

Bellamy took your hand and pulled you to a standing position. He put his arm around your waist and lead you to a bench just far enough that the others couldn’t hear your conversation. You downed your drink and turned to him.

“Wh-what do you want Bellamy?” You asked as you tilted your head back to lean against the tree behind you. You had definitely drunk more than you should have, but damn did you feel like you deserved it.

“I’m sorry about earlier. You’re right, I’ve been neglecting you. You’re my best friend and I failed you.” He said with such sincerity that you wished you hadn’t had all those drinks so you could have an actual conversation with him.

But drunk Y/n came out instead, struggling to speak coherently. “You are very right my friend but you know what, it’s okay because you’re cute. I’m mad at you because you’re cute and my friend and I love you. I wish we were back on the Ark sometimes. I mean, despite a sister that you couldn’t tell anyone about, life was so much easier up there.”

“I agree.” He said with a smile.

“I know things have been hard on you but you know what? You handle all of this…shit better than anyone else, so I forgive you for forgetting me for that reason alone.”

He laughed happily. “I just hope Sober Y/n feels the same way. How about we get you to bed?”

“Your bed?”

“If you want.”

“As long as you’re the big spoon I don’t care where we go.”

He wrapped his arm around your waist again and coaxed you to his tent. He handed you one of his clean shirts to put on instead of your alcohol stained one. You took the shirt off without care or warning, put the clean one on, kicked off your shoes, and climbed into Bellamy’s ultra soft and comfy bed. He climbed in next to you and placed a kiss on your cheek. He curled his arm around your stomach and cuddled up next to you as you instantly fell asleep in his arms, knowing you were going to regret all of this tomorrow morning.

(A/N: I had a lot of fun writing this one! I hope you enjoy!)

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But seriously, they could have had anybody catch Clarke at that panther pit. Finn would have made a lot of sense given their romantic development. Or Wells given Clarke's deep-rooted trust issues at the time with him, because of her father. But nope, they chose to have Bellamy catch her. They chose to have their paths literally collide on their way to the tree when Wells and Finn were standing between them just a moment before. I don't romanticize that scene, but it was definitely important.

I think that scene was about defining Bellamy’s real personality, to Clarke and to Bellamy both. He is not a villain. He is a hero. That’s who he is. And Clarke knows it and she starts fighting for him to be one.


this is really cool! this piece is only on StefiGraph’s twitter as far as I could tell, but if you know of a tumblr link, please please please let me know so that I can reblog instead!

“There’s this song I like, it reminds me of you.”

- Bellarke AU where they get to be happy for a change.


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Request:  An imagine where Bellamy is jealous because reader has been spending a lot of time with a really buff and attractive grounder? Pleeaasee?

Word Count: 1,263 

          Ever since the 100 came to Earth, you were completely uninterested in staying with these people. For your whole life, you’ve been trapped with the same people, so it seemed completely understandable that you wanted to get away from them. However, with no clear knowledge on what the Earth’s surface held, you stayed with the 100 until you were sure it was safe. Then after all the disputes with the Grounders, you definitely didn’t want to leave. But then you met him.

           He introduced himself as Jacks. He was well over six feet, made of solid muscle, had long black hair, piercing blue eyes, and a smile that could light up whatever darkness surrounded you. He was hilariously different, in a way that made you even more intrigued. And though he was this big, buff Grounder, he had such a soft side it almost made you sick.

           As the 100 and the Grounders became closer and tightened the relationship, more of the Grounders “assimilated” into the 100 community. They helped with jobs, learned the 100’s ways of life, and taught your people how to survive. Jacks became a larger part of your life because of this. He seemed to be the only constant in your life since the Ark.

           On the Ark, Bellamy was your constant. He was always there for you, even when he had more important things to take care of (like his illegal sister). He made you laugh when all you wanted to do was cry; you know, things that made you question how you met such an amazing person. But then the Earth happened. He started sleeping around and assumed a leadership position that no one asked him to take. His need to be a leader and his need to have a different girl every night were the two main reasons you both grew apart. You still wished you could tell him all your problems and you wished you could actually know what was going on in that brain of his, but you couldn’t ask. You couldn’t allow yourself to get hurt anymore by him.

           Putting that aside, you tried to focus on the day ahead of you. You would go to breakfast, go to work in the Med. Tent, lunch, work, dinner, and then a “date”. You called it that because it was as close to a real date as you could get on Earth. Jacks hadn’t told you what you were doing yet, but you were sure it was going to be amazing.          

           After breakfast and about 3 hours of cleaning up cuts and scrapes on the 100 and the Grounders, a very familiar face appeared. It was Bellamy, his arm wrapped in a makeshift sling that barely covered his blood soaked shirt.

           “What happened to you?” You asked, a lot harsher than you meant to. You pointed to the bed for him to get up on so you could exam him. He winced as he moved.

           “Hunting accident. Damn thing put up a fight.” He hissed through his teeth, not with anger but with pain. You unwrapped the sling and gasped; the animal, if it bit any harder, it would have clipped some bone.

           “I don’t know how you’re still conscious. Its teeth almost hit bone.” He sighed in response. His lack of response made you feel the need to stop talking, but you couldn’t seem to shut up.

           “This is gonna hurt, but that’s what you get when you’re reckless, I guess.”

           “What’s that supposed to mean?” He seethed.

           “Bellamy, not a day goes by that these walls of this tent don’t see you. I am, however, surprised you came to see me and not Clarke.”

           “Clarke was busy.” He replied. He was avoiding eye contact, which hurt you almost as much as the words he was saying. He’s never been this mean before.

           “Then you can wait.” You threw down the tools in your hands onto the tray next to him. ‘First time talking in months, and he’s an even bigger asshole than before…’ You thought.

           You pushed the flap of the tent to the side and stomped outside. You headed to your tent to tell Jacks about it. You didn’t know why you felt the urge to tell Jacks about it. Maybe because it would make Bellamy jealous, and even then you didn’t know why you wanted to make him jealous. You were just so pissed at him that you wanted to make him feel something at least remotely similar to what you were feeling.

           “I mean the nerve of him! Best friends our entire lives and then as soon as we get here, he stops talking to me. And then after months of not speaking, he treats me like shit! He treats the Grounders better than me! No offense…” You ranted to Jacks. He sat listening patiently, and laughed slightly at the last bit.

           “Y/n, he misses you. I mean, you stopped talking to him too.” He replied and you stopped your pacing. You’ve never thought about it like that before. You were just so set on hating him that you hadn’t thought of the damage you had caused.

           “I hate that you’re right.” You sat down next to him.

           “You should go talk to him. If you don’t you’re just going to hate him and yourself even more.” You nodded and reluctantly got up. Your steps were less determined than before.

           Bellamy was still in the med tent, sitting on the bed and trying to stitch himself up. “You’re gonna get an infection if you do it like that.” He peered up at you through his long, untamed hair and then threw down the needle and thread. You picked the needle up and began to work. Neither of you wanted to say anything but wanted to say everything at the same time.

           After about ten minutes of awkward silence, Bellamy finally spoke up. “Look Y/n, I’m sorry for what I said and how I acted.”

           “Bell, it’s not just about earlier, and you know that.” You whispered. You couldn’t find the courage to speak any louder.

           “Yeah I know, but I thought I’d start by apologizing there.”

           “Why did you stop talking to me? Why did everything change when we got to Earth?”

           He shrugged and avoided eye contact. You finished wrapping the bandage around his arm before taking a seat next to him on the bed.

           “Something about the ground has changed us, I don’t know how to explain it. I’ve got my new job and you’ve got that new boyfriend of yours…”

           “Jacks? Bellamy….” You paused and chuckled, “Wait, are you jealous?”

           “Because I care about you! As soon as we got here, you did all you could to get away from me.” He was getting louder.

           “That’s not true. You left me too. You decided to become a leader, decided to put yourself on the line every day, and it drove me crazy worrying about you all the time, so I tried distancing myself.”

           “I didn’t know you felt like that.” He paused. “I guess we’re both in the wrong then. Y/n, I’m sorry.”

           “I love you, Bell. You know that right?” You said.

           “Yeah I do.” He got up from the bed and wrapped his big, warm arms around you. He placed a kiss on the top of your head. You melted into the kiss and hug, remembering how much you missed these little moments with him. You had your best friend back and the smile on your lips couldn’t seem to go away for a while.

Only a Flicker

Fandom: The 100


Summary:  Clarke knew the symptoms of radiation sickness: vomiting, fatigue, loss of appetite, fever, and if the fever is bad enough, hallucinations. She just never expected to experience that symptom firsthand.

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Clarke woke with a gasp, eyes flying open to stare at the ceiling above her. She lay there, for a moment, trying to remember what woke her up, before she realized what she was looking at. Above her, the ceiling was not the metal of the ark she was so used to, or even the open sky, but a light-colored plaster.

Sitting up so quickly she could almost feel her brain rattle in her skull, she took in the room around her with a panicked gaze. The walls were also plaster, one of them hosting a wooden door with a shiny knob, the other with several curtain-covered windows, soft sunlight filtering in through the thin fabric. The floor was covered in a strangely-textured fabric, akin to grass—carpet? Wooden furniture was placed carefully around the room, decorated with photos in frames, and with drawers and doors half open to reveal soft, clean clothes spilling out. The closest Clarke had ever been to being in a room like this was when she was trapped in Mount Weather, but even then, her hospital room hadn’t been nearly so… homey.

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            “The caged bird sings  
        with a fearful trill  
          of things unknown  
but longed for still  
     and his tune is heard  
         on the distant hill  
      for the caged bird  
                 sings of freedom.”

                             - Maya Angelou

–> Lincoln tribute; companion to my winged Lexa drawing here: X