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A big hug to all the Jasper fans out there, who had to witness their favorite character become something so broken, and sad, and alien from the boy he used to be back in season 1. He was a survivor. He had a big heart, too kind and too nice for the world he was thrown into.
I hope his fans can find peace after tonight’s episode, even as they had to watch a character they loved die such a messed up death, so unjustified and lacking of closure. Big hugs to all of you, I hope you’re doing okay.




I can’t lose you - Bellamy’s world would turn upside down without her


The 100 | Teenagers

A happier look at the show :)


Canadian actress Tasya Teles sports a Lexa Deserved Better sticker at Unity Days Con 2017 in Vancouver after the administration claimed it was “vandalism” to put one of those on the building.