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Preference#9-When You’re Sad

Bellamy-He helps you get it out. Bellamy hates seeing you upset and while he’s usually awkward in emotional situations, he knows exactly how to comfort you. Holding you in his strong arms, he’ll get all of your feelings out of you little by little, always careful not to push you too far too soon. This can sometimes take all night.

Clarke-She waits on you hand and foot, getting you whatever it is that you may need and giving you her undivided attention. When there is nothing left to say she’ll climb in bed with you and cuddle you, both of you ignoring your responsibilities and forgetting the troubles of the ground.

Finn-He makes you laugh. Finn will start with a joke and by breaking the ice, he’ll know if its safe to continue. Seeing you smile as a green light he’ll continue, letting you talk about it while adding his opinion now and then. Even though he is rarely serious he gives expert advice and you are sure to thank him afterwards.

Raven-She listens to every word you say. Because she’s been through so much, Raven is the only person who can fully understand how you’re feeling. She’ll sit you down and let you cry it out, taking in everything you tell her. Running her hands softly through your hair, she comforts you like no one else can and you love her for it.

Jasper-He takes your mind off of it. Jasper can immediately tell when something’s wrong with you. He’ll get it out of you when you’re alone and push you to do things around camp to distract yourself. If nothing around camp needs to be done, he’ll find other things for the two of you to do…

Octavia-She makes you feel strong. Octavia is your rock and shen your upset, she brings you back up. She gives you a shoulder to cry on and her conditional love. As soon as she hugs you, you break down and melt into her touch, laughing when she threatens to fight whoever-or whatever-hurt your feelings.

Monty-He offers another perspective. Monty has always been a pretty passive person and his hatred for confrontation usually steers you towards safety. When you have a problem, he tells you how to solve it by thinking about it in ways you didn’t before. When you are sad, he makes you focus on the positive.

Murphy-He gives you space. Even though the two of you are open with each other, John is still hesitant to push you. He’ll give you time to think it through before adding his two cents, always sure to let you know where he’ll be when you’re ready to talk. When the time comes he wipes away your tears and doesn’t let you leave his warm embrace until you’re feeling better.

4x04 Chat

Okay so I might add so more things onto this because it is kind of late but here are some of my thoughts about tonights episode:

So I noticed a lot of things in the episode and I want to start with on the island with Raven, Murphy, Luna, Abby, Etc. So at the start we hear Raven saying something about how Murphy is still a dick and you can tell she still doesn’t forgive him for what he did and she doesn’t trust him. Then when they are being attacked and she is struggling because of her leg, Murphy saves her and helps her to safety. She looks surprised and definitely wasn’t expecting him to save her, she really only thinks of him as selfish. Later on in the episode she thanks Murphy for saving her in he retorts back, “Be careful Reyes, Emori already has dibs on me” (Something like that). I really hope they develop their relationship more, in a platonic way. I hope the show doesn’t get them together, because I enjoy Memori and I like Raven working on herself. Also on the island we saw Raven struggling physically to reach the drone, she persuades Luna to help them and gets Luna to retrieve the Drone for her. This is a big contrast from last season, she was stubborn and didn’t except help from anyone. This episode she got help from both Murphy and Luna, and I think she is learning that accepting help isn’t a bad thing. Where she might lack in physical strength her intelligence makes up for it, and she is learning that accepting others help is also helping her. That was about it for the island scenes is was mostly focusing on Raven and her development as a character.

Now onto Clarke and Arcadia. It makes me uncomfortable when people have to make such hard decisions, I really don’t know how Clarke does it. I feel like she has changed and I don’t know if it’s or the better, but she has other people to help her. I saw a direct parallel from the first season when Clarke and Monty were talking. In the first season Clarke’s Dad (Jake I think) wanted to tell everyone about the flaw in the arc because he believed it would bring people together, Monty also thinks that telling the people everything will drive them to do the right thing. Abby on the other hand didn’t want her husband to tell the people and ending up reporting him to Jaha, Clarke also kept this from her people. In the end Monty doesn’t die but I saw the resemblance between Jake and Monty this episode. I’m really happy Clarke was convinced otherwise and while Jaha was a dick last season, I’m kind of warming up to him. Also Jaha is definitely on team Bellarke.

Now, that scene with Bellamy in the prison, lord I was crying so hard. I knew that Octavia wasn’t dead because 1) We saw her more in the trailer with different outfits and stuff and 2) Because if they were going to kill her I think it would be more significant and slower. I knew that she would survive, somehow, but Bellamy screaming and crying in the prison cell was so devastating to watch I couldn’t help but cry with him. Bob did such a good job acting in that scene and it was very well done. We know that Bellamy and Octavia are going back to Arcadia, I couldn’t hear Octavia that well but I heard “take me home” so I assume that is Acadia. If she isn’t going there maybe she is going to trikru or to find Indra, I don’t know I couldn’t really hear her that well. But either way I can tell there is going to be some emo Bellamy and then (hopefully) a Blake reunion hug scene or something. I know Bellamy was;t in this episode that much, but the parts he did have were done really well and overall I enjoyed this episode a lot. Also Kane is being such a dad to Bellamy and I love it.

Also this is just my inner Bellarke coming out but did you see how worried Clarke was when Bellamy hadn’t responded to the radio and he wasn’t back yet? Because I was freaking out.

Anyways there was so more stuff I wanted to talk about like Kane, Octavia and Jasper but here is what I have for now, talk to you next time!


I’ve Been Waiting//Bellamy Blake

A/N said:Hi Love, could I get an imagine with Bell where I’m his best friend and in love with him, but he has no idea and Octavia knows and one day I left camp to clear my head and the grounders attacked me, but I knew how to fight and escaped with a knife in my side. Bellamy and everyone were worried, trying to find out where I could be and then Octavia told him about my feelings and then before he could say anything, I stumbled into camp and someone saw me and yelled for Bell and Octavia and as they came into view I collapsed. You can finish it!


You and Bellamy have been friends since you met on the drop ship. You stumbled into him on your way out and a few days of jokes later, the two of you were best friends. You had a special friendship and you told each other everything. Well, almost everything. There was one thing that you could never admit to him, and that you had just admitted to yourself: You were in love with him and you had no idea what to do with this information.

You sat on your bed going over the scenarios in your mind. “If I tell him, he might not feel the same.” you whispered to yourself. You didn’t want to keep your feelings buried inside, but you didn’t want to change anything between the two of you and you definitely didn’t want to ruin the friendship that you shared. And yet, you still weren’t happy with being just friends. Your thoughts began to pool with insecurities. “Besides, he would never go for me.” you thought. With a sigh, you rolled over in bed.

“(Y/N)? (Y/N)?” you heard someone calling from outside of your tent. “In here. Come on inside.” you answered. Octavia peeked in and jumped onto the bed next to you. “Is this where you’ve been all morning?” she gave you a worried look. “You missed gun training. Bellamy was worried.” she quickly added and grinned. She was the only one who knew your secret. “Shut up.” you said, burying your face in your pillow. “Just tell him already!” she yelled. “Shhhh. It’s more complicated than that.” “Complicated? You’re madly in love with my brother. It’s not complicated, it’s gross; but oddly kind of adorable.” she chuckled. “If you don’t tell him soon, then I will.” she threatened. “I’m sick of seeing you like this, (Y/N)”.

“You know what, fine. I’ll do it right now.” You jumped up, surprising Octavia and yourself all at once. With Octavia following behind you, you made your way to Bellamy’s tent, a new found sense of confidence flowing through you. You parted the entrance to his tent and stomped in, immediately regretting your decision to go over there.

“(Y/N)? What are you doing here?” Bellamy asked confused, parting from the tight embrace he had just held Clarke in a second ago. Your thoughts began to swarm with possible scenarios of the minutes before the hug and you got sadder and angrier every second. You could barely speak, your tongue was tied and you felt sick to your stomach. “I. Sorry. Never mind.” You sprinted out of Bellamy’s tent and towards the gates of the camp. From there, you had no idea where you would go, but you knew you had to be somewhere else for a while to think. You needed to clear your head and be alone for a bit.

You paused near a tree to catch your breath and a few tears made their way down your cheek. “Clarke and Bellamy.” you thought. Of course, it made sense. They were both smart and brave, leaders. I’m not good enough for him, we’re too different.

A snap of twigs coming from behind you ripped you from your thoughts. Turning around, you saw two Grounders slowly making their way to you. You reached for your belt and grabbed your knife. Thank goodness you hadn’t missed hand to hand combat and knife training. The first Grounder, a man who didn’t look much older than you, ran at you and you took him down with ease. The second, a younger woman, had more of a running start but wasn’t much harder to beat. Satisfied, you collected their weapons and started heading back to camp. You felt a sharp pain in your side and spun around to find the source. Another Grounder crouched near a tree ran to you. You took her down and did the same to her as you had done to the others. Turning your attention to your side, you examined the knife that had cut into your flesh. The wound wasn’t too deep, but you were losing blood fast. You slid the blade out and tied a strip of your shirt around your waist to slow the bleeding.

You began running as fast as you could to camp. It wouldn’t be long now before you blacked out. After what felt like hours, you saw the gates. You pushed apart the doors and got lost in a swarm of people. “There she is!” Harper called and wrapped your arm around her shoulders to support you. “Bellamy, Octavia, hurry! Get Clarke.” Harper quickened her pace and when you saw Bellamy, you put all of your strength into getting to him but it was no use. You felt your legs give and Bellamy’s face started to fade.


With the help of a strong sting in your side, your eyes fluttered open and you woke up. You felt pressure on your side and something resting on your feet. “(Y/N)?” Clarke ran to you and gave you a drink of water. “Thank God you’re okay. We were so worried.” “We?” you asked and sat up as much as you could. Asleep on your feet was Bellamy. Octavia, Monty and Jasper were in the corner. “Finally!” Jasper smiled and they rushed over to you. You felt the weight on your feet lift and nervousness filled your body. “What do I say to Bellamy?” you thought.

Bellamy cleared his throat and everyone else said goodbye. “Let me know if she starts feeling warm.” Clarke warned Bellamy and disappeared from the tent. As Octavia left, she flashed you a grin and a thumbs up. Bellamy walked over and put his hand on your cheek. “You don’t seem too warm. How do you feel?” he asked. You cleared your throat and answered him, “I feel alright. My side hurts, but I’ll be okay.” “So, umm, Octavia, she… she told me that you were in love with me.” Your eyes widened and you were thinking of things to say. You parted your lips and Bellamy quickly shushed you. “Let me finish, (Y/N).” He took in a sharp breath before speaking again. “ I love you too.” he smiled and brought his lips to meet your forehead. “But don’t ever scare me like this again.” he warned.

You stood up and sat on the bed, motioning for Bellamy to sit beside you. As soon as he sat down, you collided your lips with his in a gentle kiss. “I love you so much.” you said. “I’ve been waiting so long to hear you say those words.” Bellamy said and kissed you again.


A/N: I hope you liked it! I feel like this prompt is done a lot so I tried my best to make it my own. Please drop by my ask and tell me what you thought! :)

Quotes that sum up their entire character: The 100

Clarke: “I am become death, destroyer of worlds.”

Bellamy: “I think we’re wasting time with politics while our friends are in trouble.”

Lexa: “The dead are gone, Clarke. The living are hungry.”

Murphy: "Touch me again and I’ll kill you. In a non-criminal way.”

Raven: “Not in trouble yet, you mean.”

Jasper: “They’re not taking another person out of this room without a fight!”

Monty: “Have you met me?”



Blake Griffin’s top 10 dunks

can we say rookie of the year!!!!

“The Fallen Rebel King.”

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Reasons why to ship Bellarke
  • Their amazing teamwork
  • They would make the most badass power couple in the world
  • The way Bellamy looks at Clarke
  • The way Clarke looks at Bellamy
  • Bellamy doesn’t shame or single out Clarke for what she’s done
  • Bellamy also doesn’t shame Clarke for being compassionate and showing love for the people she cares about
  • Clarke admires Bellamy’s bravery and how he inspires his people
  • Clarke also admires how much he loves Octavia and how he always protects her
  • It shows how complete opposites can work around their differences and form a strong bond
  • Clarke killing Adam to put him out of his pain so Bellamy wouldn’t have to go through that
  • The eye sex
  • “ I need you “
  • “ I can’t loose you too”
  • “ If you want forgiveness, I can give that to you. You are forgiven”
  • “ I can’t do this without you Bellamy”
  • “ We make the rules”
  • “ Brave princess”
  • “ May we meet again”
  • The way they hug each other
  • They may have their disagreements, but still respect each other
  • Their canon in the books
  • “ The flames flickered over Clarke’s determined face. He’d never known a girl could be so beautiful and intense at once. Bellamy leaned back with a sigh, wondering how long it would take until she stopped being the last person he thought  of before he fell asleep” ( books )
  • “ Octavia was the only person in the word who truly knew him. There was no one else he really ever cared about seeing again. But he glanced over at Clarke, who was breathing in the sent of a bright pink flower, the sun catching the gold strands in her hair, and suddenly he wasn’t so sure” ( books )
  • They look out for each other and protect each other
  • Bellamy’s loyalty to her
  • They genuinely care about each other
  • Everyone notices that they have a special connection, even Lexa recognized that
  • The things Bellamy will do and has done for Clarke
  • Their not canon in the show yet, but they still have an amazing friendship
  • Clarke kissing Bellamy goodbye
  • Clarke taking care of Bellamy when he had hemorrhagic fever, even during when she had it herself.
  • Clarke helping Bellamy face his fear of confronting Jaha
  • When they’re hugging the way Clarke presses her lips to where Bellmay’s neck and shoulders meet
  • Bellamy holding Clarke’s hand and pulling down the lever that would kill everyone in Mt.Weather with her, so she wouldn’t  have to carry all the weight of everyone’s death alone