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bellarke week: day 4. unappreciated moment ┉ before the hug in 3.13 Join or Die

Bellamy lashes out. Takes all his anger and sadness on her. He tries to push her away. Clarke could just walk away and leave him alone  just like she did in 2.16, but instead she stays there, standing right next to him. Because she knows he doesn’t mean it. She knows that he is hurt, angry and sad. And she understands his pain and most important of all: now she knows how much he needs her. She won’t leave again. So she just stays in silence next to him, just being there for him. And in matter of seconds he opens up to her. Because he needs her. Because all he wanted was her to stay.  Because she’s the only one who can say something to comfort him and give him strength to carry on.  Despite his attempt to push her away, Clarke doesn’t leave this time. She stays. And that, my friends, it’s a silent way to say i’m sorry, a silent way to say i’m here for you now. In this silent moment (before Clarke says the only way they’re gonna get through this is together, before the hug) they acknowledge that they need each other.

bellarke fanfic masterlist - part 2

Drabble Masterlist

Canon Universe Drabbles

promise me
just us kids

Bellarke + hands

Bellarke + “You forgot to say the magic word.”

Bellarke - “Stop trying to cheer me up!” or “You want me to do what?”

Bellarke + heatwave

Bellamy accidentally walks in on Clarke taking a bath in the river.

No one in camp can find Bellamy or Clarke.
Bellamy is jealous of Finn & Clarke.

a mother knows

Clarke counts Bellamy’s freckles.

i can finally breathe

let the fire burn out - (free verse poetry)

a princess and a knight

fall into me (you’re the only one who can) - (free verse poetry)

but if I burn (will you burn with me?) - (free verse poetry)

Bellarke + "can we not fight tonight?”

Bellarke +“What if you stayed this time?”

Bellarke + “Do you have any idea what you just did?”

pendulum - (free verse poetry)

Bellarke + “mind if I sleep here tonight?”

Bellarke + “how long have you been there?”

Modern AU Drabbles

Bellarke + kitchen/underwear
Bellarke adopting a pet

Bellarke + walked into wrong apartment au

Wingman Murphy part 1

Wingman Murphy part 2

Bellarke + class was cancelled college au

Holiday Drabbles & One Shots

home for the holidays - modern au
a moment of joy - canon universe

santa baby - modern au

feels like home - canon universe

stuck in airport at 2 am - modern au

season’s greetings - modern au

oh christmas tree - canon universe

Bellarke + modern au at Christmas - (three sentence fic)

Bellarke + stuck at the airport on Christmas Eve - (three sentence fic)

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                         can you wish on this kind of shooting star?

                                           I wouldn’t even know what to wish for.