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before i drop off the face of the earth and go into finals mode™, someone suggested a Gansey-off for the top requested Gansey fan casts. so, from left to right

row 1.) Blake Steven, Brandon Flynn, David Mazouz

row 2.) Tom Holland, Jack or Finn Harries, Tyler Young

row 3.) Connor Franta, Rhys Matthew, Austin McKenzie

“Donarak ölmek gibidir ruhun çürümesi, için için eksilirsin, yavaş yavaş uyuşursun, hiçbir şey hissetmemeye başlarsın, sonra sen uykuya daldığını sandığında, ölmüşsündür aslında. Ölmüş olduğunu bile bilmemektir bu. Bak, şu meydanlar, caddeler, sokaklar, ölmüş ruhlarıyla yürüyen insanlarla dolu! Şu ölü halleriyle ne de aceleciler! Hayatta yetişecekleri hiçbir şey kalmadığı halde, hep bir yerlere yetişmeye çalışıyorlar! Ne hazin manzara!”

_Murathan Mungan, Üç Aynalı Kırk Oda 
_Görsel: Blake Flynn 











OTP Countdown - Top 10

Yea Im still new to this whole tumblr thing but aye i thought why not start writing some posts….

Before I start this is a book,movie,anime and Tv countdown so sorry if you have no bloody clue who i’m talking about.

DON’T WORRY I SWEAR I HAVE MORE SHIPS!! Didn’t wanna make it too long.

1. Mieczyslaw “Stiles” Stilinski and Lydia Martin - Teen Wolf 

FROM DAY 1 I WAS ON THIS SHIP! (fight me) 

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2. Rosie Dunne and Alex Stewart - Love Rosie

I love these two with my whole heart, the book is one of my favourites and always will be. The movie may have cut out some important bits but Lilly and Sam played these two so well. 

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3. Noora Amalie Sætre and William Magnusson- Skam 

From my previous post you would have guessed I stan these to soooo hard and they move up and down my list all the time, I just want a happy ending.

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4. Bellamy Blake and Clarke Griffin + Glass Sorenson and Luke- The 100 

I love these two couples so much although the bloody Tv show has not done the book justice.

Im sorry but Bell and Clarke have been together (Im not up to date on the books!) and there isn’t this much drama. Just do them justice already 

Now, Glass and Luke are bloody iconic in the books and they aren’t even represented in the show, I know that Glass has been confirmed in the future but mate they are a huge part in the books so it isn’t right that they weren’t there. (I would have loved for Claire Holt and Luke Mitchell) 

5. Yuuri Katsuki and Viktor Nikiforov- Yuri!!! On Ice

I’m still new to this fandom, but no ship has hit me that fast oml. 

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6. Sana Bakkoush and Yousef Acar- Skam 

They are adorable, HE SAID THEY WERE SOULMATES and thus I was on the floor. They are too cute for words, those two angels deserve the world. 

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7. Penny Porter and Noah Flynn- Girl online Series

There have not been many books where i sit in a ball laughing, crying and feeling fuzzy inside like this one made me feel. They are just so pure and always come back to each other. 

8. Damon Salvatore and Elena Salvatore- The Vampire Diaries

This is such an iconic couple and have been rooting for them from the start, they are married, LITERALLY!!

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9. Valerie Hart and Nick- The killing Lessons and Love Murder

Just a warning this book series is not for the faint of heart. Look there relationship isn’t top priority but they are for me. Valerie cares for him so much and when they are so close to death we see her venerable side. (Katherine Glass can die in a hole btw!)

10. Betty and Jughead- Riverdale 

The two little sleuths of Riverdale, they are adorable but when they go dark I love them so much more!

I will add another countdown eventually…


Blue Ranger morphs part II

Part I Part III


I find it really funny that they compare Bellarke and Tangled because I remember being 11 and flipping out about how adorable Flynn and Rapunzel were, watching a bunch of videos about them and even asking to get the movie for my 11th birthday. Flynn and Rapunzel were my OTP before I even knew what shipping was and now they’re being compared to my favourite OTP. It’s just so awesome!

Tangled (Up With You)

Sterek/Tangled!AU [based on this post by @benaya-trash, not the art but heavily sparked the idea]. 

(Note: updated so Mother/Witch is no longer Victoria but rather Jennifer.)



Stiles struggled against the restraints; the metal cuffs around his wrists were too tight for comfort and his hands were aching. The room was dark and cold, rather unusual from its typical warmth and glow.

“I don’t know what got into you Stiles. I mean did you really think you could trust that man? Think he could find your parents? I am your mother and–”

Mother’s sharp words cut short when a yell came from the window. The voice…Stiles knew that voice. It was the voice that let him know about the floating lights and constantly spewed out fond threats when he talked too much. Stiles let out a strangled scream from behind the cloth around his mouth, but it was no use, Derek couldn’t hear him from the ground.

Stiles,” Derek shouted, “let down your hair!”

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