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Less populer trans-masculine youtuber’s

*Carter Ray

*Devann Poe

*Percey Jasper


*Liam Christie

*Grey D

*Rion Blake

*Skyler Kyte

*Ian Cox

*Jeff Miller


Thought it was time to finally update this. 

Every team of Matildas ever… So far. 

Feels like the first time...

• Adam was introduced first. When Blake came out he put his arms over Adam’s shoulders and hugged him, then kissed and rubbed Adam’s bald head and then… Smelled his fingers…?
• When they got to their seats he asked Pharrell if the finger smelling was too much and if it made him feel awkward.
• They had to take team pictures and when the Stage manager was trying to settle Blake down, Blake was bickering with him “that’s why no one likes you Valdez”
• While Blake was up there with his team, two of the guys touched each other’s faces and Blake was telling them something about it and laughing then started talking about Adam and Adam was yelling from his seat “Whatever he’s telling you, I’ve heard it all before..”
• Valdez called Adam up but pronounced it like"Ah-damn" and Adam was calling him Valdeezy.
• Adam was messing around with his team and talking in a country accent.
• Adam was smoking a vape pen throughout the entire show.
• Blake and Adam went backstage together and came back out still chewing/eating.
• Adam making fun of how little songs Blake knows.
• Blake had to film a promo for something and Adam and Carson were at Adam’s chair talking so Blake stopped in the middle of his promo “We’re trying to film a television show here if you could shut the fuck up” and then Adam made a certain sexual gesture at him and then proceeded to get out of his seat to try to mess up the next take and walked in front of the camera.
• Blake came to talk to Adam and was leaning all over Adam’s little table thing.
• Adam, Blake and Carson were all ragging on Valdez for being a perfectionist and how moving the chair 1/16th of an inch is what was missing and now they’re gonna have that Emmy on lock.
• Adam sang little rid bits of random stuff thought it the show. Blake joined in once, other times he drummed along on his seat.
• Adam leaning out of his seat to watch Blake talk.
• Adam and Blake were talking about something I couldn’t hear but Adam suggested “I Need You Tonight” and then Blake suggested “Don’t Dream It’s Over” and then Adam suggested another song I couldn’t hear and Blake said “oh! I love that song.. That’s a great song! Foreigner, right?”
• When Blake was done filming his promo he was like “Yeah, bitch” and urged Gwen to do the same when she filmed hers. (She did)
• Gwen’s promo mentioned “Cox” and Blake started making fun of her “God, is that all you talk about?” And then proceeded to make cock jokes and Adam told Blake that he loved cock and they just kept saying cock.
• They made fun of Pharrell for saying balls later.
• Twice Blake was just staring at Adam while other people talked, once Adam caught him and stuck his tongue out at him.
• Blake was leaning against Adam’s table thing, facing Gwen and Pharrell and just hanging out there and talking.
• Adam called Blake over by saying “Blake you want to come to a party?” And Blake didn’t understand him so he walked over to where Adam, Gwen and Pharrell were talking. Blake basically told Adam “Wtf.. Duh I’m going.. Idk why you’re trying to plan it for..”
• Adam talked about how Blake shouldn’t feel too bad about not knowing some songs because him, Gwen and Pharrell aren’t as good at country either.. “Like, some of Blake’s good buddies could come perform on the show and have a bunch of number one hits but I have no idea who they are..”