blake bellafauna


I think Sun stay the fuck away from Blake Wukong only winked at Blake because he knew she was a faunus

think about it.. 

After Blake ran away ugly sobbing and took her bow off, he said "I knew you would look better without the bow“ (or something along those lines), and based off what we’ve seen of him, he’s just a playful guy who probably flirts a bit with everyone.

So I think they’ll just become good friends because they share a tragic past, so Blake has someone to talk to ‘cause Weiss is being a pretty shit team mate, that little bitch

And I NEED a heartwarming moment between Yang and Blake in the next episode, where Yang says she doesn’t care that Blake is a faunus, and that might very well happen because Yang has been shown (in the past few episodes) to be sympathetic towards the Faunus.