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16 bumbleby!!

16. “They look just like you.”

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Yang can’t help but smile as she places a blanket over face. She hears her infant daughter stop laughing, wondering where her mother went. Yang waits a few moments before lifting up the sheet, shouting ‘Peak-a-boo!’ Heather grins and starts giggling like mad. Her dark purple eyes are bright with joy.

Again, Yang covers her face before revealing herself again. Heather cannot stop giggling. Yang herself starts laughing as she watches her young daughter bounces in her sit-me-up chair. The toys on it jiggle as Heather moves about.

“Having fun?” A voice says.

Yang turns her head as sees Blake standing over her. The faunus bends down and gives Yang a kiss on the forehead before taking a sit by her. Heather makes a happy noise upon noticing her other mother feet away from her. Blake touches the tip of Heather’s nose. “How are my little phoenix and dragon doing?”

“We are doing well. Heather is loving peak-a-boo.”

“I bet she is.” Blake reaches for Heather and pulls her out of the chair. Blake gently bounces the girl. The baby reaches for her Mommy. “She is just like her Mama. She loves games. You know, she looks just like you.”

“Really?” Yang says. She looks at her daughter. She can see where Blake is coming from. The two share a similar face and eyes. And unlike mother and older sisters, Heather has no visible faunus traits. No cat ears, no cat tail, nothing. However, Yang sees a lot of Blake in Heather. The small bit of hair on her head is dark like Blake’s and sometimes she will make faces that look like something Blake would do. “I see a lot of you in her.”


“Yeah. She especially likes to mimic things you do. She probably picked up on a lot of things from you since you took care of her for what was it again, nearly a month? I swear she has your laugh.”

“Sort of but now she’s got the two of us now and she has picked up things from you. She might have my laugh but she has your sense of humor. That one time you spooked me and I dropped everything both of you started to laugh.”

“That was great. Either way,” Yang tickles Heather. The baby starts laughing again. “You are the most adorable thing ever. Just like her mommy!”

Blake blushes and looks away from Yang. Her wife laughs and turns Blake’s head around, giving her a kiss. “It’s true. I love you, Blakey-Belle.”

“I love you also, Yang. Thank you for this ‘most adorable thing ever’. Even if you an her, and even the twins, can be a pain, I could not ask for more.”

“Neither could I.”

RWBY Volume 4 Timeskip Character Design
  • Ruby:Little red riding hood reaching lvl 99 and ready to fuck you up. Eats cookies made out of her enemies' tears.
  • Weiss:Started her own empire, became more rich than she already was, a responsible Elsa.
  • Blake:Achieved her bankai and became a Captain of a Gotei 13 division
  • Yang:Xiao Long