blake baggott

“Christians are called to be light in the world, not nails on a chalkboard.

In other words, our job as Christians isn’t pester people into acting like Christians. Our mission is to show Christ to the world and share the gospel, which will ultimately lead to changed behavior and Christian morals. But, if we simply want non-Christians to start acting like Christians, we become like the Pharisees who, as Jesus said, cleaned the outside of the cup while the inside remained dirty. We’re not after religious affirmation, we’re after spiritual transformation. Pestering people about how they need to change, without the light of the full gospel, does nothing fruitful. It either causes bitterness or self-righteousness.”

—  Blake Baggott

God is a mystery. But we need to mystify our understanding of mystery. It doesn’t mean that we can’t know God. It means that there’s an endless knowability to God, and thus endless significance to God. That being so, our words will always fail. In our stumbling on the path of describing God, though, we as Christians are simply trying to stumble in the right direction.

Let us fail in the insufficiency of our words toward you, Lord!

—  Blake Baggott

Hey everyone! 

Blake is working on getting his book “Church Kid” published and he needs your help! Whether it’s just $5 dollars or spreading the word- it does help! If you can go to his Kickstarterthere you can watch a short video on Blake’s heart behind his book. Here’s a little about his book:

“Hello. My name is Blake. And I was a church kid.

I grew up in church my whole life. However, it wasn’t until I grew up and actually examined my faith that it became genuine and authentic. I know that there are thousands and thousands of kids that were in the same position as me—being raised around Jesus but never truly knowing him, his teaching, or his mission. 

This book is about how I got to the place where my faith was restored in fresh ways and perhaps how you can get there as well. Whether you’re a former church kid, a person of great faith, or a skeptic, this book helps tackle some of the main things that some people, including myself, just seem to miss while growing up in a Christian environment.

It’s proof that God can restore church kids, like me and you.”

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One year ago tonight, I got this message in my Facebook inbox. 

I freaked out, screamed a lot, and woke my mom up. 

I was still convinced that things would never work out between me and this adorable, godly, amazing boy. 

But he’s coming to see me Monday and we’re spending over two weeks of our Christmas break together :“) <3


This version is seriously SO MUCH BETTER :) 

“Kids look at these crayons… I MAKE ART!”

“I got Dorothy in a tank and I ain’t afraid to show it!”