blake austin griffin

Christmas Eve❤.

“Flock? Or not?”


Blake questioned, Pointing to the can of flock, Ford nodding his head.


“Flock, Daddy!” He bounced around the Christmas tree in his sweater that Abigail brought him, It actually being full on adorable.


“Flock it is, Mister.” Blake laughed, Shaking the can before spraying it on the tree, Ford standing back at a nice distance.


“I here giggles!” Abigail laughed, Opening the door to the house, Stepping inside, Loads of bags in her hands.


“Miss. Abigail!”


Ford excitedly ran towards his stepmother, Who leaned down, Careful not to drop her bags. Ford wrapped his arms around her neck, Giving her a kiss to the cheek.


“Hey, Blake needs some love!” Blake smiled, Finishing flocking the tree, Before walking over to his wife.


“Hello there beautiful.” He whispered, Bending his knees to lean down and kiss her, Her playfully slapping his arm at his silliness.


“I never thought it’d be this hard to kiss you.” He laughed, Abigail rolling her eyes and heading towards the back.


“I’m wrapping presents in the bedroom! Nobody come in there! Blake, That means you!” Abigail shouted from down the hall, Blake running over to Ford.


“Tell me you got SOMETHING, Little man? Is it a watch? Clothes? Did she get me something fancy?” Blake smiled, Ford shaking his head.


Blake asked Ford to try his best to take a sneak peek inside of Abigail’s Christmas bags, So he could figure out what she had gotten him.


“Miss. Abigail moves too fast, Daddy.” Ford pouted, Blake groaning in disappointment.


“It’s okay, Don’t be sad.” Blake smiled, Picking up Ford in his arms, Kissing his forehead, “We’ll get her next time.”


“Actually, You won’t!” Abigail laughed, Coming from the hall bathroom, Walking upstairs and into their bedroom.


“Dang it!” Blake muttered, Walking into the kitchen, Placing Ford down on the island seat. From their carriers, Which they always seemed to be in, Aaron-Michael and Lily-Michelle stared at their father, Who shook his nose on top of his 5 month old son’s, Earning giggles from both twins as well as Ford.


“My little prince and princess.” Blake smiled, Kissing Lily-Michelle’s cheek and moving towards the oven. Abigail had Aaron-Michael and Ford dressed in the same Christmas sweater, Lily-Michelle dressed in a red and green Christmas dress.


“My children look so bougie,” Blake laughed, Placing on his oven mitts to take Abigail’s tamales out of the oven, Him and Ford beyond excited to eat them.


“Daddy, If Aaron-Michael’s your prince, What am I? I thought a Prince was under a King. I was born before Aaron-Michael so what am I?”


The questioned started a puzzled Blake Griffin, Who placed the tamales on a top of the oven.


“Well, I think of you more as my right side man, Ford. You’ve always been right by my side, So I guess I consider you more of an…King in training. Your above a king but not exactly a Prince, So that’s what I figured out.”


The answer satisfied a curious Ford, Who clapped his hand at his father, Blake taking a bow.


“Thank you, Thank you.” He smiled, Hearing his and Abigail’s bedroom door close, He assumed, Hearing her walk down the steps.


“I come with presents!” Abigail smiled, Carrying bags full of wrapped presents behind her, Blake more curious than Ford to find out what was hidden in them. Because last time, She told him that she was pregnant with the twins, So anything could happen when getting a gift from Abigail.


“I must know. The brain is killing me.” Blake smiled from inside the kitchen, Abigail shaking her head, Starting to line wrapped boxes around the tree.


“Well it’s gonna have to kill you until tomorrow, Griffin.”


“I love how you call me ‘Blake-Austin’ sometimes, Then 'Griffin'…Jesus, It makes you sound so…Dominant.” Blake smiled, Covering Ford’s ear, Though he still heard his father.


“What does 'Dominant’ mean, Daddy? Was that a nasty joke?” Ford’s eyes widened, Blake shaking his head at the fact that his child was so smart.


“No, It was not, My little Ford.” Blake gently spoke, Kissing his son’s cheek, Him giving his father a mischievous look.


“Then why did you cover my ears, D-”


“Save your brain power son, Save it.” Blake sighed, Ruffling Ford’s blonde hair, Him being confused to a great extent at the moment.


“You boys hungry?” Abigail questioned, Still chuckling from Ford and Blake’s encounter only moments ago.


“Yasssssss,” Ford commented, Joined by Blake’s, “Always.”


Abigail washed and dried her hands, Starting to plate the tamales.


“I was thinking,”


Blake carefully snuck behind her, Arms wrapped around her waist, As he placed soft kisses to her neck.


“That we have a bit of fun tonight. Keep it rocking: All. The way. Until. Christmas. Day.”


Heat rose to Abigail’s cheeks, His words and now kisses to her collar bone making her become flustered just from where she was standing. That’s the kind of effect Blake Griffin had on women.


“Jesus.” She whispered, Her husband smiling against her skin, As his finger danced over the waist band of her sweatpants.


“I just…Want you so bad today.” He whispered, Abigail giving up the need to concentrate, Becoming victim to her husband’s touch.


“Blake,” She whispered, Carefully warning him that his very intelligent son was in the room, As well as their twins who were probably clueless to the world right now.


“Shhhhhh.” He pressed more gentle kisses to her neck, Leaning her shirt down so that she could place kisses to her back.


“Ugh, Daddy.” Ford groaned from the other side of the kitchen, Abigail giggled, Blake groaning.


“And the moment is gone.”


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Blake! This video is hilarious! Seriously you have to watch this till the end it’s funny lol!