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You cannot tell me that Matt Holt’s character doesn’t reflect his VA

Their personalities

Match almost perfectly

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You can take this from my dead body

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You can pry this from my dead hands


‘Dope’, Rick Famuyiwa (2015)

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Malcolm Arakanbe. I’m a straight-A student with nearly perfect SAT scores. I play in a punk band with my friends and I’m a 90s hip hop geek.

What we thought Matt was going to be like: Stress 24/7, “THE TEST IS TOMORROW AND I HAVEN’T STUDIED YET”, probably drinks coffee a lot, a playful nerd.

What Matt Holt is actually like: *takes a puff from a joint* “Yeah, they call me Matt, but you can call me anytime ;)”


Bex Taylor-Klaus, Blake Anderson, and Rhys Darby talk about their work on Voltron: Legendary Defender (via ETC Show)