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SPN Hiatus Creations || Week Sixteen: Subtext
 ↳ John Winchester did the best he could.
                                  subtext being his best was absolute crap.

I know we as the SPN fandom like our subtext to be of homoerotic nature, but I thought I try something different.
I’m not sure if this even qualifies. probably not.
but let’s all pretend it does

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You had been living in the maze as far back as you could remember. Hell, the only thing you could remember was your name.


You didn’t know your age, your parents, you didn’t know anything about your past. But you knew one things, you always had to run, stopping was death, slowing down, was death.

You had to avoid the creatures that wandered at night, and hide from the ones that travel during the day. The ones during the day were easy to avoid, watch from the top of the concrete walls.

The ones at night, they weren’t as easy. They were large creatures, series of spears, spikes and rods prodding in and out of them. You could hear them coming, the clicking, the same clicking that echoed in your ears countless times.

Somehow you made it through every night, you always made it to a safe spot, making sure the ticking bastards couldn’t smell or see you.

Since you had to run a lot at night, you were mostly asleep during the day. You had slept at the top of the concrete slabs, the maze moves, but there is ones spot that always remains the same. It was near the center, a tiny cubby hole, maybe 5 feet high, by 8 feet long. It was 4 feet deep, enough so you can sleep, you fight perfectly in there.

You had started to lay down to sleep, you had made a pillow from leaves, using vines to keep them together. You weaves vines into a large quilt, it was itchy but comfortable.

Your eyes closed, dreams flooding your mind. You soon opened your eyes, two voices echoed in your ears. You refused to turn around to look around for the source.

“How much do you know about the maze?”

“You ask too many questions, greenie.”

The two voices had gotten closer, they were obviously arguing with each other. You’ve picked up that the higher voice is a person who goes by greenie, or a nickname.

“Look, we have more important things to do then talk about the maze.”

A loud groan came from the greenie, you almost couldn’t resist your self as you peeked over your shoulder.

You saw two boys, one had a blue long sleeve shirt, he had pulled the sleeves up to his dirty elbows. He had on faded blue jeans, they had various holes and dark spots on the denim fabric.

The other had a lighter blue shirt, the sleeves up on his muscular arms. He had dark brown pants, dirty and more holes then the other boys.

You turned back around quickly, hoping they didn’t see you. You soon thought to yourself, what am I supposed to do, they are right near me.

“Hey Minho, look at that.” You started to panic, you didn’t know if they were talking about you or something else.

“It looks like hair?” Yep, this was it, you were dead. You started to grip your makeshift knife, preparing for when the boys walked over.

“Greenie, go look at it.” The footsteps starting getting louder, closer, they were worse then the constant clicking.

Soon he was right over you, you quickly grabbed the boy by his neck. He panicked as you put the knife to his throat, pushing it in slightly. You looked at his friend ahead of him, “one more step and I’ll put it in his jugular.”

The boy was looking you up and down, fear in his eyes, but also shock. “Please just let him go.”

Greenie was significantly taller then you, you had to stand on your tip toes to be able to keep the knife there.

“We don’t want to hurt you.”

“Oh yeah? How do I know your not with the mechanical spiders?”

The boy kept moving closer, going slowly, he kept his hands up, showing he had no weapons. The one in your arms started to squirm, trying to break from your grip, but you tightened the knife.

“Because, we’ve been trying to find a way out of this maze. The grassy area in the center, it’s our home. We are stuck there.”

You pushed the boy away from you, “then why don’t you go back to it, and stay there.”

The boys kept standing there, “do you live here?” You looked up at them, making sure to keep your knife in your dominant hand.

“It’s not living, It’s surviving.”


Imagine The Maze Runner Cast reacting to you not sweating on set

Because I’m problematic as fuck I might as well post who I hate (real and fictional) :D
– I’M NOT IN YOUR TAGS… but if this post shows up then you’re most likely on mobile and that’s not my problem :) –

Real people first because why not:

Dylan O'Brien… why: because of the Native American incident (took from the land while filming for The Scorch Trials and then went on national television and laughed about it like it was all some big joke. He didn’t even apologise for it either… the studio covered his ass).

Holland Roden… why: this fucking asshole is just awful. From being a racist xenophobic bitch to making horrible comments she never once apologised for anything she’s done. She only justified everything and wrapped it all up into (hatephobia).

Cole Sprose… why: abuser and a racist.

KJ Apa… why: misogynistic fat shammer (posted that misogynistic Snap and liked that disgusting Instagram comment and didn’t apologise for either of it… just went on acting like he did nothing wrong).

And now fictional… :D

Stiles Stilinski… why: he’s an abusive, problematic fuck boy who played and used one girl because he couldn’t have the girl he wanted - and when times got rough he threw the girl he used aside and treated her like shit.

Lydia Martin… why: she’s a fucking snake and a selfish bitch (season 6 Lydia I’m speaking of by the way). Because before S6 she had really good development annnnnnnnnd them S6 happened and she only helped when it benefited her and Stiles - unlike S5 when she was helping her friends and everyone else.

Archie Andrews… why: I’ll keep it quick; he’s a fuck boy.

Bellamy Blake… why: he’s the Genocide King. That’s why.

Felicity Smoak… why: the bitch ruined Arrow with her consistent crying and whining about Oliver, and how she bombed an entire town and just brushed it off without a care in the world (WAIT nope… she only cared what Ragman would think of her - because it’s all about her).

Daryl Dixon… why: because I’m sick of his man pain getting everyone around him killed. I also hate how he’s immune to everything and nothing can ever happen. Because AMC would never harm their greasy favourite.

Lip Gallagher… why: he’s arrogant as fuck, hates whenever his siblings do better than him - he has to belittle them and get angry at them when they do.

So yeah…. that’s my list. Stans of these characters and actors: I have not tagged them but this’ll show up for you on mobile (because I don’t have patience to add in “/” to names) but know this: whatever justification or “argument” for what I’ve said in this post… I don’t care ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

And per usual to end all my posts: fuck Stydia!