blakc jacket

Badboy!Ashton with his unruly curls held back by the infamous red bandana and the blakc leather jacket that barely contains his muscles desperately wants to see you every day but doesn’t have the nerve to talk to you in class so he gets into a shit ton of fights and knows you’re the nurses assistant, so he has the excuse to go see you until one day your fixing a particularly nasty cut he blurts out that he really really likes you and starts rambling on and on about how much of a loser he is for getting into fights just to see you and you can’t help but think of how cute it is with him being nervous and a rambly dork so you stop him by dabbing peroxide onto a cut and bandaging it up, followed by a quick kiss and you saying how much you like him as well and gob dammit im dead IM VERY EMOTIONAL RIGHT NOW