ever notice white people have taken to bashing Blakc Panther and calling T’Challa racist because he doesn’t share his tech and medicne with those around him? 

Like…so we’re just going to ignore when Wakanda DOES share tech and medicine? We’re just going to ignore that the REASON T’Challa is seen as controversial by his people is because he takes an active role in helping people internationally? 

More importantly, we’re going to ignore how white characters have done THE EXACT SAME THING????

Thor and the Asgardians haven’t exactly been the Red Cross in the MCU. All the technology they have, all the medicine they could share, but they don’t. Where’s the callout posts for the Asgardians? Or the Atlanteans? Or the Inhumans? Why is it only bad when it’s the Wakandans.

Like…”super advanced isolationist country that doesn’t share it’s tech” is a fraking sci-fi TROPE! You guys are getting upset over tropes that didnt bother you for years but now that it’s a Black country, it’s a huge issue? 

Yeah, you’re not clever. People see through your bullshit