@thatsthat24 this is your fault this is what your very sleep-deprived fans are doing

How much will it cost to get Anxiety to read this out for us?

Hi my name is Anxiety San'ders Emo Angsty. Mess. Some people say I look a lot like storytim guy ( A/N if you don’t know who that is get da f*k out of here !!!1!) I was wearing a dark black MCR shirt with a black and grey hoodie ( my fav hoody ) and blak jeans with those totally col conversely shos. I had white foundeshun on and my dark chestnut ( I wish it was blak ) hair swept over my eyes which were covered in black eyeliner. Undr my eyes there was dark eyeshadow and it made me look liek I haven t slept in 3 days I was so sexi. Then I walkt ot on2 da mindspace and I saw him………… Roman!!

my friend, Logic (AN: Logan dis is u!) woke up then grinned at me. He flipped his short ear-length chestnut brown hair with choclate streaks and opened his moca-brown eyes.

“Do you like Roman?” he askd as we wen out of da room and in2 da mind palace.

“No I so f**king don’t!” I shoudd

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okay i haven’t watched episode 58 yet but i’ve seen the end card and let’s talk about it shall we

first off we have kuroko comforting this tiny woman

aomine and kagami being bros 4eva (and little hyuuga on the side)

kiyoshi being an adorable grandfather

koga and mitobe just chillin’


the ladies

these children pulling on murasakibara and himuro probably finding it amusing (i find this very endearing tbh)

“hey kids dis my frend shinchan he’s the best”

“wat no he’s not my boyfrend”

“shut up takao”

and this boy’s probably thinking “when i grow up i wanna be jus lik dis 3 point shooter man and imma find my blak haired frend as well”

and lastly

probaby aomine’s distant cousin

Suddenly I was in fornt of teh School. In front of me wuz one of da sexiest goth guys I had ever seen. He was wering long blak hair, kinda like Mikey Way only black. He has gren eyes lik Billie Joe Armstrung and pale whit skin. He wuz wearing a blak ripped up suit wif Vans. It was… Tom Bombodil!1111
—  My Immortal chapter 31