Day 11 (continued)

I forget the rest of the challenge cause I didn’t read lol

Also, what Pokémon did you first raise to lvl. 100? My Blaiziken which was also my first starter, I went to the league 60+ times just to get it to 100

How many Pokémon have you raised to lvl. 100? From what I think probably about 36 or less? I’m too lazy to get my game and count them but I do know it’s not more than 40 mainly cause I only train about 6 per game 

What’s the closest you’ve come to completing your Pokédex? Lol ive never even tried cause that’s close to impossible for me but it was in black where I caught all of the Unova pokemon with the exception of the version exclusives to White though I had a few traded to me, so it was close to the regional pokedex but not the national.