Unova Forms?

Anyone else hoping when they remake Pokemon Black and White, they add some ‘Murica-themed “Unova Forms” of Pokemon to make up for the dsappointing paucity of America-y Pokemon there, in their America-themed region?

Some ideas:

  • Variants of the three Hoenn starters modeled after B-Movie monsters, with Treecko’s family being Normal to Normal/Rock modeled after Slurpusaurs, Mudkip/Swampert’s family being Water/Rock and based on The Creature From The Black Lagoon and after that Harryhausen’s Kraken, and Blaiziken being Flying then Flying/Psychic and being based on The Giant Claw.
  • A Fairy-type Buneary/Lopunny with a “Cartoon” theme, based on Bugs Bunny.
    • Would have a higher amount of males than females because the opportunity when combining Lopunny with Bugs Bunny was too good to resist.
  • A Grass/Dark-type Tangela based on Kudzu
  • A Fighting/Dragon Macho-family line variant based on Macho Man Randy Savage (Y'all know why the Dragon typing’s there)
  • A Fire/Fighting-type Teddiursa/Usarig modeled after Teddy Roosevelt and Smokey The Bear
  • A Flying/Ghost-type Farfech’d modeled after the Passenger Pigeon
  • A pure Electric-type Unown based on Neon signs
  • A Bug/Fairy Mr Mime variant that looks more clownlike but also spiderlike and even more sinister, and hangs out in storm drains because THEY ALL FLOAT DOWN HERE
  • A Normal/Fighting Hitmonchan based on Muhammad Ali
    • IDK what the rest of that evolution-family would be based on, any suggestions?
  • A Normal/Psychic Guardevoir variant based on Danny Sexbang
  • A green-colored Psychic Poly-family variant with a theme of Memes, who may evolve into a Psychic/Dark Polywrath or a Psychic/Fairy Polytoed depending on its happiness stat.
    • It would also be noted to be very rare within the region. :3c
  • A Normal/Electric-type Whismur-family based on rock-n-roll
  • A pure Dark-type Yungoos/Gumshoos. Y'all know why.

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