Gillyweed and Giant Squid || Braine (Blaittany)

Brittany pulled on her yellow bikini with black piping around the edges and looked at herself in the mirror with a smile.  One of the best things about gillyweed, she thought, was not only did it let one breathe underwater, but it also made one’s body tolerant of the very cold temperatures and extra pressure at the deepest parts.  She grabbed a t-shirt and a pair of super baggy sweatpants and pulled them on as well - there was no reason to cause heart failure in the kids she’d pass on her way out - and grabbed her broom along with the two portions of gillyweed.  Before long she was standing on the shore of the lake, having stripped off her t-shirt, sweatpants, and shoes, and was wading in to the water up to her thighs, waiting for Blaine.  She planned on them taking the gillyweed together so that she wouldn’t have to come up before him.  The blonde knew he was a little nervous about swimming with her, okay, he was downright scared, but she was determined to show him how much fun it could be. 

The Listening

It was strange for Brittany to have lied to her parents so much in a short span of time. First about Santana and now about going to the library to meet a guy she barely knew to talk about being… gay. The blonde almost never lied to her parents, and when she did it was usually about seeing a rated r movie or about Santana sneaking over in the middle of the night. Currently, Brittany’s parents thought she was walking over to Quinn’s to work on a project for school. But the blonde’s legs had made her make an unexpected right turn and walked a couple of blocks before making another unexpected turn and finding herself at the library. It wasn’t anything special. In fact, it looked like an antique store (and she thought it smelled like one too). It didn’t really help matters that Brittany was actually nervous. She wasn’t nervous about meeting someone new. In fact, she was hoping she would make a friend out of this. But she was nervous that someone from school would recognize her and tell Santana. The two had only just made up, and Santana had been very clear about not talking to anyone outside of the people who knew about their relationship. Brittany hated going against her girlfriend, but she didn’t think that Puck or Quinn (despite the rumors of her affair with Rachel) could help her with the part of their relationship that seemed to be causing them issues. Brittany didn’t understand why it was so bad to be in love with your best friend, even if you happened to both be girls. She did know that Kurt left because people were mean to him, and he wasn’t even going out with anyone. Brittany didn’t know if that was because of the whole ‘Kurt likes guys’ thing or just because people didn’t like. Regardless, the whole thing was confusing, and she needed to talk to someone who really understood her situation. Luckily, and for whatever reason, Brittany and Blaine were following each other online, and the blonde had seen his speech about it being okay to be yourself. It was one of those things that made Brittany wish that she was Wonder Woman or some superhero, so she could go out and help people. However, the only thing she accomplished was getting in a fight with Santana, which was definitely the very opposite of accomplishing anything.

In the library, Brittany made a beeline for the kid’s section. She figured it would be the 'safest’ place for her to be just in case someone she knew from school decided to come in. She sent a quick text to Blaine, letting him know where she was since the kids section was in the back corner of the library, away from everything. As Brittany slipped her phone back into her purse, she thought about how special it was that Blaine was taking time out of his day to console her. The blonde had heard that he had just moved here, and instead of unpacking, exploring, hanging out with Kurt, making new friends and feeding the ducks at the pond, he was on his way to the library. Brittany would remember to give him a big hug when he arrived.