Art by @wizardnem​, SlySquad part 6 : The Ferret !

“… and then he rolled his eyes at me. Like, Potter can’t even let me get an education without making a scene out of it?”

Pansy could see Blaise restraining to roll his eyes himself, and she bit her lips to contain a snort.

“It is true that you have been so undisruptive of his, for the past seven years,” Theo commented with barely a hint of sarcasm transpiring in his voice.

“But that was then, that was the rules, we’re supposed to be past that, but it’s like Potter can’t let it go. Sometimes I think Potter would judge what I eat for breakfast if he thought I could hear it.”

Blaise levelled Pansy with a gaze she translated as ‘kill me now’.

“We should retaliate,” Draco went on. “Any idea on how to let Potter know I’m not to be messed with?”

“I have an idea,” Blaise said. “How about if you say 'Potter’ one more time, I hex you.”

Draco looked positively offended and Pansy let her hilarity take over.

“But Potter-”

Blaise didn’t wait to hear more and aggressively pointed his wand at Draco , the light of a wordless spell flashing briefly.

Once the surprise settled down, Pansy rushed around the table to check where Draco had previously been sitting. On the cushion, a white ferret was frowning at her.

“Merlin, Blaise, is this Draco?”

“Maybe once the spell wears off he’ll get his head out of his arse and snog Potter senseless,” Blaise answered airily, transfiguring his best friend clearly doing wonders on his mood.

“He’s adorable. I want to keep him and call him Cat Noodle.”

“You can’t just give him a new name, Theo ! He already has one!”

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Hello!! Do you know of a marriage law fic but with the twist that Hermione leaves the country because she doesn't agree to the forceful law and Draco with Blaise's h then works to upturn the law so that she can come back and so they sign petitions and stuffs and they just need one more signature... sth like that... and Draco and hermione Liked each other and were paired but they wanted to get married on their own and not due to law. Thanks again, u guys do a great job!! ❤️❤️🙌


The Thing With Feathers by luckei1 - T, 8 chapters -  A story in which there is a Marriage Law, Hermione is convicted of sedition, and the Quibbler saves the day.

- Lisa

Art by @wizardnem, SlySquad part 7, Flying

Draco groaned again. “The new seeker is so bad. What is he doing with his broom? It’s like he’s scared of flying! How did he get to be my replacement on the team?”

Pansy snorted on the other side of him. “I bet even Theo can fly better than this dwarf sized troll.”

On Blaise’s right, Theo snorted. “Just because you’ve never seen me fly doesn’t mean I can’t.”

Blaise slid his eyes to him. “I’d like to see that,” he told him, almost like a secret.

But it wasn’t a secret, of course.

Because Draco and Pansy were sitting right there with them, watching the Slytherin team train now that the temperatures were starting to get warmer, and they could hear every words.

“I’ll race all of you,” Draco stated, overconfidence tainting his voice.

“I will run you to the ground as soon as this pathetic team is done with this pathetic excuse of a training session,” Pansy rose to the challenge. “Boys, are you in?”

They were.

Flying, alone with his friends, no responsibility, no dark clouds on the edges of their lives, felt like a dream. Theo hadn’t lied when he’d said he could ride a broom, but Draco still beat them, years of Quidditch training helping, but racing quickly devolved into messing around and Blaise’s heart ached so much he touched the ground and took the time to admire his friends, flying around him like they were breathing.

They were circling him, flying as low as they dared, challenging each other into ridiculous poses. They looked so old sometimes, but today, they were so young, so irreverent, freer than they ever thought they could be.

Flirting is Hard When You’re Harry Potter

Original headcanon by @ harry-is-lily-ginny-is-james!!!

It’s still monday! …for a half an hour anyway. This one ended up being much bigger than I originally planned. I hope you like it~

(Now posted on AO3!)

“It’s all the paper talks about anymore,” Draco frowned, “Stupid Potter.”

“We’re agog,” Blaise said pouring himself and Draco a cup of coffee.

Pansy smothered a yawn and picked up a piece of toast, “Do tell.”

Draco folded his paper, eyes scanning past the picture to the drivel written below, “Potter’s going to join the auror’s, change the world,” he grumbled, “you’d think the sun shines out of his arsehole the way they go on about him.”

Pansy rolled her eyes.

“Couldn’t agree more,” A voice said behind him from the Ravenclaw table, “that Potter’s a total pillock.”

“Exactly-” Draco turned on his bench, his words choking off before they were halfway out of his mouth.

“I really don’t know what they see in him,” Potter said flatly, taking a massive bite of pancake.

Luna smiled absently at Potter’s side, “I don’t know, I’ve always thought he was quite nice.”

Potter picked up his pumpkin juice, “To-tal pil-lock.”

Draco felt his face go hot and he spun around back to his plate. Blaise quickly picked up his coffee cup to hide a growing smile. Pansy snorted, almost choking on her toast, she ducked her head and fumbled for her cup.

Draco grabbed his bag and left the table with an imperious sniff.

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Hello, I’m doing some illustrations again :) my internship is almost over and the summer weather in Paris is a giant joke. But Im still happy somehow.

I have a ton of sketches in my sketchbooks that are scanned and I’ll be posting them soon :)