Today the Red Cross announced that the NHS is suffering a humanitarian crisis. Jeremy Corbyn warned about it coming weeks ago and was met with derision from the ‘centrists’/liberals in his party and in the media who accused him of playing it safe. Today he was criticised for not being quick enough to comment on it. It’s pretty clear that the left is damned if we do and damned if we don’t when it comes to appeasing liberals. You have to wonder, what with all of the recent electoral failures of status quo managerial liberalism,  why we should have to.

The right is in power but liberals can’t stop punching left, be it Democrats or Blairites in the Labour party. We’ll get nowhere if we have to keep punching through liberals. We have to just bypass them. They have the choice of socialism or barbarism and we can’t just hang around to console them about it. If they need to be convinced they are not worth convincing.

If the left is to win, in any terms, it has to change the narrative- to do anything else, to try and win on the right’s terms, as the liberals want to do, is to fail before we even start- and we can’t do this whilst still trying to cater to liberals forever enamoured with the status quo. Liberals themselves have to face up to reality; they have lost and they are losing, everywhere. Their way of doing things has lead us here, to, among other things, a fascist in the white house. If this isn’t going to be a wake up call to them then what is? We can’t afford to wait and find out.

The call of socialism or barbarism isn’t just vitriolic bifurcation of leftists who want to lump anything to the right of them in with the fascists and tyrants. it’s a message that says- the world is going to change, whether you like it or not. It’s about the fact that there are millions of people who find the status quo unbearable. You, if you are a self identifying liberal or centrist are likely not one of them but after the Iraq war, after the 2008 financial crash, your way of doing things is dead. You can keep trying to live on it its corpse but it’s rotting away and people can tell that it stinks and they want out, and these people are being courted by the far right. The narrative that defines these people’s lives is being acted on by the right. The overton window is swinging ever rightwards by a right wing media. There is no static hallowed centre ground you can lay claim to. You have to make a choice.

One of the differences between the supposed centre left and the centre-right is the right will allow itself to be dragged further right but the liberals will sooner cut the left off at the knees at the first opportunity than be dragged leftward - Think of how Fox News gave Trump endless exposure whilst CNN cut away from a Bernie Sanders speech to an empty Donald Trump podium.

This is the struggle for the left but we have to offer a counterhegemony and refuse to give ground on it. We will fail, though, if we keep having to filter it through a milquetoast liberalism committed to playing the game where it currently stands rather than where it should be.

(using liberal / centrist in the political more than economic sense here. i know sanders et all aren’t Real Radicals don’t @ me)

2016 has seen the almost simultaneous death of the Blairites and Clintonites.
Trump and Brexit caused the political death of the two worst denominations in all of Anglosphere politics. People don’t seem to appreciate that enough.

  • blairites: we are the smartest and most sophisticated political operators this country has ever seen. our motto is Victory At Any Cost
  • also blairites: struggling to depose a mildly stubborn grandpa

What a wonderful thing to see this pic!

Better watch out, Blairites/Brownites and as well as Corbynites: No biscuits from Santa Jezza if you’re naughty! Haha!

Source: BuzzFeed UK Politics (from BBC Sunday Politics -

Why do you consider yourself a Blairite?

My identity as a Blairite is not because I am a fan of Tony Blair. Although I am a great admirer and supporter of the former Prime Minister, I am not a Blairite because I am a fan boy. I am a Blairite because I am a ‘Child of New Labour’ and my values correspond as such.

I can attest to being a Blairite through these values and beleifs:

  • A belief in Reason rather than prejudice and emotional side-stepping. In A Journey, Blair writes that he was worried that he perhaps sided too strongly with Reason, and thought that all people would work through common sense. As a Lawyer he of course did have a path of thought which was based on empirical evidence and logic.
  • Education, education, and education! Blair’s famous words. Blairites believe that education is the greatest tool for social mobility. More educated people have greater freedom over themselves (through self-knowledge) and have more opportunities open to them.
  • The false choice between Public and Private. Blairites reject the nonsense ideas that the Public sector is innately good yet inefficient, whilst the Private sector is innately evil yet efficient. Both are run by individuals, people, and there is no fundamental difference between these people. Nationalisation doesn’t solve everything, yet neither does privatisation. Ownership (as Crossland had said nearly half a century before New Labour) is unimportant. Regulation and standards are what matter.
  • Innovation, investment and reform. The public sector and private sector (though the distinction between them both is largely exaggerated) have good points. The private sector really is (as it exists now) highly susceptible to change and innovation, built on competition. This competition and innovation should be part of the public sector. The public sector should not be abandoned though. It should be funded AS WELL as reformed with the private sector. 
  • Results are what matter. Pretty self-explanatory. Ideological fits about 'the state’ or 'the capitalist’ are out of date. What matters is results; e.g. quality of patient’s care.

Those are just a few reason, a few shared beliefs, and a few reasons why I consider myself a Blairite.

Stop calling ‘Blairites’ Tories

So-called ‘Blairites’, as in the centre-left/centre-ground of the Labour party, are NOT Tories. They might not be the traditional left-wing of the Labour party, as in Clause IV socialism, but they do support the ideals. Let’s not forget that a Blairite government, post-crash anyway, did a lot of good. They introduced working tax credits, increased equality for LGBT minorities, etc. They did a LOT of good things! Things that I know for a fact the Tories would not have done.

Wow! 😨😨😨 I can’t believe labour ❤️ MPs have links to former labour leader and PM Tony Blair❌❌😷😷!! Who would of known😦? ‼️‼️‼️ SOLID PROOF‼️‼️‼️ that this is a b l a i r i t e™ coup orchestrated by the Z I O N I S T M E D I A 👹👹, tony b~~~LIAR~~~ 🤑🤑 and Alastair Camembert!!😵😵😵 they are trying to BRING CORBAE DOWN⬇️⬇️ so they can put B L I A R back on top!! ❌🙌🏻🙌🏻💁🏻 share 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 TO KICK 🏃🏻 THE FAR RIGHT BLA I R ITE S 😷😷😷 OUT OF THE LAYBOR PARTY!!! THEY WEREBT ❌❌ INVITED!!! ✉️✉️✉️🙌🏻🙌🏻👌🏻👌🏻💪🏻💪🏻
Egged MP suspends campaign tour

Labour MP Jim Murphy has suspended his Scotland-wide tour ahead of the independence referendum, citing “co-ordinated abuse” from “Yes” voters.

Mr Murphy, who was hit by eggs on Thursday, claimed the Yes Scotland campaign was organising “mobs” to intimidate him and undecided voters.

Warmongering Blairites deserve nothing less.


Ah, the Labour party. Still deluded. What a shame for this once great party.

Scotland voted unequivocally to remain yet a Labour source says that it’s the fault of the SNP for Brexit. Umm, should the SNP do their job for them in England and Wales?

Andy Burnham accusing Nicola Sturgeon of opportunism is downright ridiculous. She’s angry and so are we that we’re being taken out of the EU against our will. She’s not prepared just to sit idle while things go to shit, she’s actually doing something. Where is George Osborne? Is he still Chancellor? And what about the leave campaigners. Where are they? They voted and campaigned to take back control, yet nothing. No leadership.

Watch now as Labour pushes Corbyn out and becomes filled with Blairites who’ll happily adopt Tory policies as they pander to right-wing voters.

I should write something about the class politics of the ‘old’ social Democrats and the new 'populist’ parties because it’s a thought that’s come up again and again and it’s just not commented on in a way which looks at both. Which leads to either normalization of one of the parties (the clintonite Democrats as the “normal” party invaded by fake Democrats, the rise of corbyn as a return to normalcy from a bracketed period of blairite dominance) or over personalization (focusing on the politics of either corbyn or Sanders individually or pathologizing the supporters of each)

now we know that angela eagle will most likely face jezza in the labour leadership elections, here’s a casual reminder that if i catch any of you using sexist or homophobic language when referring to her i will sucker-punch you so fast with a block you wont have time to say ‘blairite’ i swear to the gods

blunderfuss  asked:

Thoughts on Dan Jarvis?

i dreamed a dream in time gone by
when hope was high
and life worth living
i dreamed that ed would never die
i dreamed the polls would be forgiving

then i was young and unafraid
so votes were cast and used and wasted
there was no deficit to be paid
no flag unfurled
no poster unpasted

but the blairites come at night
with their leader chuka umunna
as they knock your slab apart
and let mandy lay the blame

he was but three days by my side
he filled my days with endless wonder
he took twitter in its stride
but he was gone when sunday came
and still i dream he’ll come to me
that we will kick tories out together
but there are dreams that cannot be
and there are elections we cannot weather

i had a dream labour would be
so different from this crap i’m seeing
and socialism would be redeemed
now life has killed
the dan i dreamed