blair and cyrus

Prison Break (S14 Premiere)

Bonnita: …and I still don’t know who killed me. But I do know Prue sent me to this yucky Shadow Place.

Yofasa: Interesting…

Bonnita: Isn’t Jay supposed to be here?

Yofasa: Jay… That one…

**Yofasa walks Bonnita to another part of Shadow Place, where Jay is using his telekinesis to wane away at a wall**

Yofasa: Jay… He doesn’t do anything but this now…

Jay: I can hear you.

Yofasa: I know. We have a new resident.

Jay: I deduced this from the way you’re speaking.

Bonnita: What are you doing?

Jay: Grinding.

Yofasa: He thinks that if he grinds long enough, he’ll find a way to break out.

Bonnita: Doesn’t it regenerate?

Jay: No. They don’t watch Shadow Place. They just made it to throw people like us here.

Bonnita: What’s THAT supposed to mean?

Jay: Outcasts. Despite our differences, we all have a bone to pick with Prudence Sunrise. She doesn’t have the legal or moral right to trap us here.

Bonnita: Hm…

Jay: I’ve been grinding in this exact spot for a year. The barrier is bound to let up sooner or later.

Bonnita: Where’s Ajax?

Jay: He is the Obaketchi.

Bonnita: Oh, I thought that was Prudence without her makeup.

Yofasa: Jay, give it up.

Jay: You don’t know my power. I am one of the power of three.

Yofasa: Yes, yes, I know! You’re one of the original Sunrises! Don’t remind me!

Jay: It wasn’t my blood that killed Hana.

Yofasa: Yet you are all linked to the one who raised him.

Jay: You’re gonna be sorry you said-

**a large crack appears in the wall of Shadow Place, light streaming in**

Jay: …It seems my work has paid off.

Yofasa: Keep going!

Jay: I do not follow your orders, Gyro Yofasa. You are not but a human soul anymore, stripped of Superiority.

Yofasa: Do you want out of here or not?

Jay: I do. But I am doing it on my terms.

**Jay continues grinding, and the barrier breaks. They find themselves staring at the backyard garden of the Sunrise Manor in broad daylight**


Name: Bonnita Cirrus
Gender: Female
Character: Mamemamatchi
Partner: Unnamed Papamametchi
Child: Parker
Toy: Celebrity V5
Age: 6/16/17 – 10/9/17 (115 days)
Cause of death: Stab wound

Name: Sophie
Gender: Female
Partner: Yotsubatchi
Child: Jackson
Toy: 20th Anniversary M!X Pink
Age: 7/21/17 – 10/10/17 (81 days)
Cause of death: Natural causes

Name: Paris
Gender: Female
Character: Himespetchi
Partner: Cyrus
Child: Piper
Toy: Tamagotchi Friends Pink
Age: 7/21/17 – 10/10/17 (81 days)
Cause of death: Natural causes


V5 Celebrity

Family name: SNRSE (Sunrise does not fit on the toy)
Sibling 1: Cadence the Tororotchi, female
Sibling 2: Kohl the Mousetchi, male
Parents: Parker the Papamametchi, unnamed Crystaltchi
Bonds: 0%
Family Type: Blended
Points: 490p
Able to marry?: No
Generation: 14th (11th on toy)

Cadence’s diary: The lavender grows well in my garden. Paris passed it down to me. I have used it to make a poultice mixed with orange, and it is very calming. Peaceful, one could say…

Kohl’s journal: Still waiting on my new phone. I set up a facebook and snapchat but it’s all on Prue’s phone. I don’t like sharing devices.

20th Anniversary M!X Pink:

Name: Jackson
Gender: ???
Age: 0
Generation: 14th (3rd on toy)
Points: 1,700g
Able to marry?: No

Jackson’s journal/diary: People really need to learn to deal with the fact that I have no gender! Blaire called me an “it” to her friends today! It’s THEY/THEM, not “it” you freaking lowlife frumpy fucktard!

Tamagotchi Friends Pink

Name: ☆Piper
Character: Petithanatchi
Gender: Female
Age: 0
Weight: 5 lb
Generation: 14th (2nd on toy)
Points: 88,000p
Jewelry: 2/60
Job: Student
Able to marry?: No

Piper’s diary: Ah, a day to relax. My training is going, but I still can’t perfect the wonder of astral projection… I should be able to since I’m surely the Supreme. Cyrus has done an excellent job of training me despite him not being a blood Supreme.

Melody Land P’s

Name: Blaire
Character: Terubotchi
Gender: Female
Age: 0
Weight: 5g
Generation: 14th (2nd on toy)
Puzzle Pieces: 0/4
Points: 19,320p
Able to marry?: No
Pierce: Coffret

Blaire’s diary: I asked Prue for the money to get my nails done and she said NO? Like, what? You’re gonna try to say no to ME? Oh you’ll think again bitch…

Not on a toy

Name: Whitney Sunrise
Character: Jyooubatchi
Gender: Female
Generation: 8th
Previous toy: Celebrity V5

Name: ✫Cyrus Sunrise
Character: Tactchi
Gender: Male
Generation: 13th
Previous toy: Melody Land P’s

Me: Hm… So I think that finishes the family tree…

Whitney: What’s wrong with it? You don’t seem too happy.

Me: There’s been some incest.

Whitney: Uhh, what? I didn’t think we were THAT Southern.

Me: We’re not. But look at this. In the generation your toy was introduced, generation 4, Cindy and Ajax had children. Drake and Caleb had children as well.

Whitney: Weren’t Drake and Caleb… a gay couple?

Me: Yes.

Whitney: How did they…

Me: I don’t know and I didn’t ask.

Whitney: All right… So… Where did the incest happen?

Me: Connor and Heylia. They were cousins.

Whitney: Yikes…

Me: They weren’t far enough that it was legal, either. I didn’t know about their love until Caliber was already born.

Whitney: Caliber is an incest child?

Me: It appears so. And further down, Draco and Josephine were also related. I didn’t have a timeline like this one I just made, so… I had no clue.

Whitney: We aren’t even sure if Camaro was really Caliber’s! Heylia never gave us a straight answer on that.

Me: Very true.

Whitney: So it is POSSIBLE that incest occured…

Me: I guess it’s not known completely. Paris was an original Sunrise so her and Cyrus did not commit incest.

Whitney: Let’s keep it from possibly happening again, for sure.

Me: You know it. At least more than one Tamagotchi carries pivotal lineage now…

Whitney: Oh, you mean Blaire and Piper.

Me: Yeah. Cyrus was the carrier of that lineage, and he passed it down to both girls.

Whitney: Maybe we should get Jackson in on it too, make them ALL pivotal. I would like as much insurance as possible on the fate of Sunrise.

Me: I agree. It was easier before I had to start new Tamagotchis because old ones were dying…

Whitney: It’s all right. We’re all still alive. To be honest, I’m surprised all of us got out alive of that last fiasco.

Me: Not all of us did…

Whitney: Give it up about Bonnita. It was in your defense and I am not sorry.

Me: I never knew you had the capacity to kill like that…

Whitney: Neither did I… But I did what I had to do.

Me: I guess we’ll agree to disagree on that.

Whitney: I guess we will.

Me: It’s time for me to prepare Piper’s training for tomorrow. See you soon, Whitney.

Whitney: Got it.

And that’s all for today folks! Hope it was worth the wait! See you guys later!