blair and cyrus


Cyrus: And furthermore it says that if you break any of these rules you face the possibility of losing custody of your child to the royal family.

Blair: What? Wait, that's—

Louis: Outrageous. 

-Favorite Scene 5x05 Part 3: The Fasting and the Furious


Blair: I told Chuck I love him.

Cyrus: Really? That’s wonderful.

Blair: No it’s not. It’s horrible. I thought that if I could finally say it that everything would change but he’s jut as selfish and soulless as ever. Only a masochist could ever love such a narcissist. Help me.

Cyrus: You don’t need help. He just needs time.

Blair: Wait, not enough. 

-Favorite Scene 2x13 Part 4: O Brother, Where Bart Thou?

Blair: Chuck was the only one who ever did. But he couldn’t see the rest. Louis said he wants it all but what kind of a princess schemes and plays sex games and drapes herself in old Hollywood movies?

Cyrus: Well, ah… pretending, as your stepfather, that I didn’t hear the sex games part, the truth is the only way that you’re going to know if Louis is the one is to tell him everything.

Blair: What if he doesn’t love me after I do?

Cyrus: Take it for someone that’s head-over-heels for a Waldorf woman, even everything is not enough.

-Favorite Scene 4x21 Part 6: Shattered Bass