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Some Soul Eater fan art. I saw Soul Eater Not! character designs for the first time while doing this. Yeah…someone wake me up when this moe shit is over. It already just rubbed it’s fat shininess all over Soul Eater, Metabots and Pop’n music.

I can’t believe it’s 2015 and I’m saying “you know what I take back my complaints about Naruto and Inuyasha being too long. Those…are like master pieces now.”

Anime Gifs of the Day #33

Disclaimer: I do not own or claim to own any of the above pictures. The credit goes to the original creators of each and thus will be considered theirs. Enjoy the gifs!

Anime Cats!

See ya Space Corgis!

Lots of Soul Eater headcanons

For khaleesimaka!

imagine soul holding blair up to a mirror when she’s in her cat form and just saying “that you” #i do this to my cat all the time don’t even tell me they wouldn’t do it to blair (via transkamina) (drawing of this!)

blair is genderfluid and uses she/he/they pronouns and sometimes paw/paws if she feels like it :3c + tbh genderfluid blair changing between her female human form and the male form shown in the lust chapter depending on what gender she feels like at the time is my headcanon (via transkamina)

TBH my headcanon is that Blair was a witch’s cat who inherited her owner’s magic after her owner died. (via transkamina)

Weapon hcs because why not

  • weapons are physically more sturdier than regular humans and have more stamina.
  • weapons eat. a lot. like a ridiculous amount and to the point where they don’t even really notice. their metabolism is incredibly high.
  • their body temperatures are higher than a normal human by a solid three or four degrees.
  • their heart beats at a slightly faster rate than of a normal human (but not as much as a reaper) 

(via akouos)

it always seemed weird to me how Lord Death didn’t seem surprised at ALL that Blair was a cat witch, not a real witch whose soul could make Soul a Death Scythe

but like, W H A T IF Blair is sort of partnered with the DWMA. when really young meister-weapon pairs just are too talented, collecting souls too fast, and Lord Death knows they’re about to get their 100th soul, but he doesn’t think they’re emotionally/physically ready, he sends them to the coughcough ‘witch’ Blair

and over the years, she’s donated all of her extra cat souls (nine lives!!) to help partners who were moving too fast (child soldiers) slow down, and Soul ate her 8th soul, so now she’s just– living (via raining-down-hearts)

Post with lots of reblogs about Blair and Maka and period talk (cuter than it sounds)

black star shows up to dinner one day with???a??turtle??? and everyone’s like why do you have a turtle

“I found him on the side of the road he was gunna get hit I couldn’t just leave him!”

and he sets up a big aquarium for the little guy and researches to find out what species he is and affectionately names him Green Star (via akouos) + You can say everyone was

Shell Shocked (via l0chn3ss) + Do you think anybody might have

flipped out? (actually from me this time!)

Maka is a feminist and nothing will convince me otherwise (via z-raid)

Headcanon: Soul’s teeth work like shark teeth, he can lose one and another grows in its place. The first time a kishin breaks his tooth Soul just shrugs and spits it out while Maka flips her shit. (via awesomeasusual) + #i accept this headcanon#and find it a little funny#se headcanon#mostly for maka freaking out#and soul just being like what’s the big deal?#it’s just a tooth#and maka begging soul to go see a dentist to fix it#and soul’s like what for? it’ll grow back#what do you mean it’ll grow back!??#it’s a tooth soul!!#this scene is just entertaining to me (via khaleesimaka, hey that’s you!)

My headcanons about Blair and Maka 

A cute post about Soul being partially Italian