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“I really do feel like there is a responsibility that Alan [Yang] and I feel to have a diverse cast in the show, even beyond the main characters. Just in the choices we make, we try to make the world feel real. We make choices like— we were trying to cast the agent character, my [character’s] agent, and how many times do you see an agent character— for some reason the kind of typical agent character in any show is a white guy, like a slick white guy. And then at one point, me and Alan were meeting and were like, ‘What about Danielle Brooks from OITNB? She’s so funny. I’ve never seen that agent. I’ve never seen the African-American woman play the agent. That could be something different.’ And so we cast her. We try to keep that in mind. Being a minority that’s running a show, I feel an obligation to look out for all minorities, not just Asian people, but everybody, ‘cause I know that everyone has their version of the cabdriver thing. I’ve talked to Black women who told me like, ‘Oh yeah, my thing is I go into auditions and they’ll be like, Can you kinda like Black it up a little?’ you know, everyone has their version. So when you have these good parts, it’s like, well, is there someone we can give this to that might not normally get this opportunity to do this kind of part? (x) (photos by Blair Getz Mezibov)


As soon as were aware of Brother Blair, we knew he would be a prime choice for correction. He had a real chance for eternal happiness. With our help, he truly had the opportunity to turn his life around and be saved.

As a singer in a rock band, he had his own flock. Singing those dirty ‘tunes’ to a baying sweaty mess of sinners, both girls and boys were attracted to him.

He would no doubt have plenty of charisma to bring his own followers into the Brotherhood.

Master tells us every man must have the opportunity to be corrected, a grace period. So many have lost their way, so many do not realise how happy they would be if they were part of the Brotherhood. Every man is a Brother, they just don’t know it yet.

Brothers go in pairs to meet with a new opportunity, or friend, as we like to say, wearing our trademark smart suits and neck ties or bowties as our calling card. 

Knocking on the door to his apartment, as soon as Brother Blair opened it we could see the potential.

‘Hello Brother! Have you considered your path on the way to eternal happiness?’ we said brightly, in unison as ordered.

‘Fuck off,’ Brother Blair replied, going to slam the door. Thankfully, we Brothers were suspecting he might do that.

Blocking the door with our shined formal shoes, we pushed back with our considerable strength and stepped inside the home.

‘Lovely home you’ve got here, Brother!’ we said, attempting to see past the pig sty he apparently lived in. What squalor.

‘Dudes, you’ve got to fucking leave. Seriously. I don’t wanna hear any mumbo jumbo God BS.’

‘Oh, I think you have us mistaken Brother,’ one of us responded as Brother Blair sat down on a kitchen seat. We took our own seats surrounding him.

‘We’re not here about God. We’re here about a power far greater than that. And he has personally chosen you as a conduit for that power.’

‘What…seriously?’ Brother Blair responded.

‘Yes, how does it feel the Master loves you with all his heart?’ we said.

‘Good, I guess? Fuck, I feel woozy.’

‘The Master wants you to be happy, Brother. Like he made the two of us incredibly happy. We’re so excited for you to serve Master, Brother.’

‘What does…serving this Master involve? God I feel like I’m going to be sick.’

‘Coming into contact with the Master’s power for the first time can do that, Brother,’ we said.

‘Serving Master involves being the best person you can be, Brother. That means treating your body like a temple, respecting your body, treating it right. And in return for the gifts he has given you, and Brother we promise Master will gift you with so many gifts, he expects sacrifices.’

‘Sacrifices?’ Brother Blair said, his face white.

‘We must commit to three vows: the vow of obedience, the vow of chastity and the vow of service.

‘Only once we do that can we feel the power of the Master.

‘We’re so excited for you to feel the power of the Master, Brother!

‘Feel the power of the Master, Brother!’

Blair passed out. The two Brothers were no longer needed.

And he dreamed. He dreamed of waking up extremely early in a narrow bare room. Nothing was on the walls, there was a small sliver of a window, a desk, a single bed and a closet. Inside the closet was his uniform, a formal white button down with an high collar, a black bowtie, a black waistcoat, black formal trousers, and black shined shoes. After he did his morning exercises and showered and shaved, combing his short hair to the side with pomade, he got dressed. Immediately he felt more comfortable knowing he was wearing what Master chose for him to wear.

He then read and studied ‘Truths of The Brotherhood’ for an hour. He knew instinctively this was Master’s word, and so it must be true. It reminded him of his vows, of the rules he must not drink or smoke or do anything that harmed the body, how Master enjoyed a smooth body to play with, of how good it felt to be part of a family.

And he did. Everyone was a Brother. The clock struck, and his duties began. Other Brothers stepped out of their rooms on the dot and marched to perform as instructed. Blair knew he was a cog in the machine, an important cog, to best help serve Master. Who else would ensure his mansion worked as well as it did?

While some would be sent out for recruitment, brand new Brothers like him were still learning how to best serve the Master.

There was the bell. Master called him. Briskly marching as fast as he could to the Master’s huge dining room. He had chosen him, of all the Brothers in the world, to give him pleasure? What an honour!

Another ring of the bell, and he was on his knees opening up the Master’s trouser zipper. And he did his best to serve him as ordered, licking and swallowing and using his hands as instructed in lesson 35 of the manual. He would be the Master’s good boy. His good servant. His good slave.

Blair awoke on his kitchen floor with a start, his greasy dirty long hair shielding his eyes. It was his nose that had the first assault, a wave of stale pot smoke and fast food and BO overpowered him.

Staggering to his feet, he caught a look at himself in the mirror. Dirt-trodden open laces, scuffed shoes, scraggly jeans. He had worn this same t-shirt five times in a row. And his hair, god his hair. And looking around, he needed to throw…well, everything away.

But there was something he definitely was planning to keep. He spotted a book left on the table. ‘Truths of the Brotherhood’. It was real, the dream was real!

The next day, Blair turned up at The Brotherhood HQ in his best suit, he had got his hair professionally cut and beard shaven off. 

In the reception, there we were expecting him. He was right on time.

‘Welcome Brother!’

‘Please Brothers,’ Brother Blair responded. ‘I need to be like you. I need to be a Brother! I need it, I need to serve the Master! I can’t stop thinking about it! I need it! I’ll do anything, please! I need to feel the Master’s power!’

‘Calm Brother,’ we said. ‘Do you agree to the vow of obedience?’

‘Yes!’ Brother Blair said, ‘I’ll obey any order!’

‘Good. And do you agree to the vow of chastity?’

‘Yes!’ Brother Blair said. ‘No masturbation, no sex, my only sexual service is to the Master!’

‘Good boy,’ we said. ‘And do you agree to the vow of service?’

‘Yes! Please let me be a brother!’

‘Come, Brother Blair. First the baptism. And then we will get you fitted for a uniform, and then we’ll direct you to the servant’s quarters.’

‘Thank you Brothers! Thank you!’

‘Are you happy, Brother?’

‘Yes, Brothers! Eternally happy!’

Author note: Want to see another boy inducted into the Brotherhood? Let me know if you want a part 2.


Blair and Pandora (by @merry-go-sims) cosplaying Game of Thrones!