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Endless Summer characters on High School Story.

It was to make them on the game and I sorry if some of the characters is not accurate (and not inudce Raj, Lila, etc.), since the options of the game is limited and such. If you wanted to make them on your game you can use this as ref! Also, I got this idea from @choicesimaginesandmore for HS AU. Enjoy!

I think Georgina and Jack ending up together was such a weird shock but also completely perfect??? Like 2 of the main villains in the show ending up together, without being villains anymore, just is kinda perfect. Opinions??

I actually really liked Ivy and felt quite sorry for her, I mean, she was paid to do this job and eventually became attached to the Van Der Woodsen’s due to her previous family background. Also in the last season with William, I felt so bad!

Did you like or dislike Ivy Dickens?

My A-Force faves. Incomplete, but I have to move on. Didn’t want to post another WIP though, so there be colors!

Bummed Ben Caldwell is moving on from A-Force so soon. His style really fits the fun, vibrant tone of the book and his Dazz redo got me to draw a non-strawberry blonde Ali. Do you see? Her. Hair. Isn’t. Orange. That is huge for me. HUGE.

… Sure, I gave it some length and her boots are killer heels, but c’mon, people… Baby steps.