blair in paris

Stop asking the “Muslim community” or the “Muslim world” (what the fuck does this mean anyway? Are Indonesia, Turkey and Iraq the same homogenous countries? Have the same customs, practices, culture?) to condemn the Paris massacre, say that they are against it and do not support it. Stop asking them to organise big demonstrations to show that they are different. Stop asking them to clean up their mosques. Stop your orientalist and idiotic bullshit. Do you realize how wrong, offensive, hurtful and racist this is? Think for fuck’s sake. Think!
Are you asking all christians to show that they are not like Bush and Blair? To demonstrate against their murderous campaigns in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine…..? (that have killed many many many many many more people than ISIS and Al Qaeda combined) Are you?
Are you asking all buddhist to clearly state, before they even open their mouths, that they are against what is happening to the Rohingya people? Are you?
—  By Frank Barat

You woke up to the sun streaming into your room as the sun began to set. You searched around for your phone but could only find your watch. You checked the time, which read 6:42pm. Damn. You thought to yourself. You really wanted to get the best out of this trip but the time zones were killing you. You looked up at your ceiling, debating waking up or sleeping till morning.

Before you could even decide you found yourself waking up to the sound of your phone going off. Normally you would ignore it. But as the ringtone rang For Once in my Life by Stevie Wonder you knew exactly who it was- your boyfriend Justin. At fist you were a little thrown, you had fallen asleep right next to him and assumed that he was there until you heard the phone ring. You rushed to your bag at the edge of the bed hoping you wouldn’t miss his call. As the phone was on it’s last ring you swiped right and brought it up to your ear. The sound of his voice in your ear bring relief to you.

“Hey babe!” You hear him say. You simply groaned, the thought of speaking already taking up enough of your energy. He giggled at you. “So I, being the extremely adorable, handsome and charming prince that I am, left you, my sleeping beauty, a beautiful gown to wear that might I add doesn’t come close to you, for our dinner tonight.” Justin said, you could almost hear the smile in his voice. “Alright first, that was so ugly” you both laughed at your use of the term. “Secondly, I was planning on just sleeping in today”. You could hear the urgency in his voice as he jumped to respond.

“No, you’ve got to come out tonight.” After that sentence he began to calm down a little. “It’s just that.. I planned this big night for us”. You sighed, you could see his face, like a little kid full of hope and a bit of disappointment, and started getting out of bed before you spoke. “This dress better make me feel like a princess.” You said. He laughed “Sleeping Beauty, like I said” he replied. “Nah, not one of those lame princesses. Like Tiana, or Moana, or that one from Brave” “Merida?” He laughed. “Yeah the one that goes” you put on your best Scottish accent “If you could change your fate, would ya?” “Oh my god that was the worst accent I’ve ever heard Y/N” Justin began to laugh almost uncontrollably. “Shut up, like you could do better. Also I can’t find this-” you gasped.

“So you like the dress?” You were almost speechless. You recognized it the moment you saw it. The dress from Gossip Girl, your favourite show. The red one Blair wore in Paris as she convinced Chuck not to run from New York & all his demons. “How’d you?” You could barely form the question. “I told you, tonight’s going to be really special.” You smiled. He was always surprising you and at this point you couldn’t imagine how the night would get better. “The night only goes up from here babe. Now go get dressed. I love you.” “I know.” You smiled.