blair dan = endgame


a series of unlikely crossovers

It’s Been Years...

It’s been years but I still think it should’ve been Jackie and Hyde just like it should’ve been Barney and Robin just like it should’ve been Lucas and Brooke just like how now, it should’ve been Stefan and Elena.


I do think it should’ve been Blair and Dan too. But anyway.

Guys, it really shouldn’t surprise us that Semi-formal is a Riley/Lucas episode. They’re canon now and the writers already have a reputation for cleverly choosing words that are in turn misleading. And anyway - everyone has said that we don’t want a Maya-Lucas relationship now or a love triangle because it is too soon and if Lucaya were to happen at some point, we want Riley and Lucas to have a healthy relationship and end it on good terms (as it should!).

Might I remind you that some of the best couples are touched on later in the show after a primary couple has dated and broken things off to allow character growth? Take a look at Joey and Pacey from Dawson’s Creek, Sam and Freddie from iCarly, Dan and Blair from Gossip Girl (granted, they weren’t endgame, but their relationship was very well played out because they were mature and they had a strong friendship foundation - which Lucaya could very well develop within the years).

That being said, it does not mean we shouldn’t get excited for this episode. We could have major Lucaya friendship development! Which would be the start of a great foundation if a relationship were to occur in the future seasons! So let’s take a look at the big picture and look on the bright side.

Remember, comedy and qualify first, ships later.