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Fringe Vet: Series Became a 'Boy Show' After Launching With Female Hero
Perhaps Over There, Fox’s Fringe is in Season 8 and leaving Blair Brown with only the fondest memories. But over here, Nina Sharp’s onetime portrayer has something to say about the defu…
By Matt Webb Mitovich

“I loved my time on Fringe, but the truth is that was originally a story about a female protagonist [Olivia, played by Anna Torv]… and the show turned into a story about father and son [played by John Noble and Joshua Jackson]. Very often in this business, that’s what tends to happen.”

This is so true. This show just pulled a 180 on who the hero was, and it makes me so angry everytime I think about it. I’m glad Blair Brown talked about it, and that the cast notice.

Olivia Dunham and Anna Torv deserved better.


My father, not my favorite. He is without a doubt the most self-absorbed, twisted, abusive, brilliant, myopic son of a bitch on the planet. So, he was a chemist. That much I already know. He worked out of a basement lab in Harvard, doing research for a toothpaste company. I also know that there was an accident at the lab one night, that my father was arrested, beginning the first truly peaceful period in our home. But here’s the thing, Olivia: my gut tells me that your friend’s life, the one hanging in the balance, not gonna be saved by a tube of toothpaste.