blair and jeff


He is using the fact he was calm and not screaming insults at Blaire as an argument for why he was more mature in this debate than she was. To be fair, I do wish she was less worked up.

Yet he fails to mention all the insults he flung at Jeff Holiday and Joy in his last debate AND the video he made in which he repeatedly called Blaire a bimbo, dumb, bitch and cunt etc.

Something about Blaire must intimidate him, and he needs to gain an upper hand…

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Warski, Blaire White, Jeff Holiday & Mrrepzion Vs Onision


On September 3, 2010, Machete was released in theaters.

I’m still waiting for feature length versions of Eli Roth’s Thanksgiving, Edgar Wright’s Don’t, and Rob Zombie’s Werewolf Women of the SS!

Library script chapter 1 (feel free to use, just credit me)
  • Blaire, a librarian who just started working at her local library, sits at her desk in the middle of the building reading a book when Greg shows up with a little “fake” blood on his face
  • Blaire: *looking up* How can I help yo- *now looking directly at him, visibly scared* Honey, are you okay?
  • Greg: *expressionless* Oh this *points to bloody face* I was shooting someone, I mean thing! *that annoying ass laugh he does, you know the one*
  • Blaire: Oh, you tried the new media lab, that’s cool, but why didn’t you wash off the fake blood before coming to the main part of the library?
  • Greg: Oh, you see I have bad skin so if I took off the blood I’d have to reapply my makeup and I think that’s just a waist of time, anyways where’s the manga section?
  • Blaire: It’s on the back wall over there. *pointing to the wall*
  • Greg: Thanks, you’re the first librarian to actually help to me, normally they just say I’m weird. *walks off*
  • Jeff, a library assistant who’s worked here for a while, roles his metal cart toward Blaire.
  • Jeff: Ugh, it’s that weird asshole, Greg.
  • Blaire: Weird is an understatement, he looks like a bloody tampon.
  • Jeff: I think he kinda looks like a grate value version of Shane, which is weird because he’s a real dick to Shane. What did he want anyways?
  • Blaire: Mangas
  • Jeff: Maybe he’s finally going to read the Death Note manga, he’s watched the anime about a million times.
  • Blaire: I still don’t understand anime.
  • Eugenia, a very skinny library goer, walks over to Jeff and Blaire. (No diss to her, this is just how she talks.)
  • Blaire: Hi, sweetheart, what’s your problem?
  • Eugenia: Hey, um, this guy in the manga sec-
  • Jeff: Creepy with blood on his face?
  • Eugenia: *nodding* yeah.
  • Jeff: I’ll go get him, tell Blaire the rest. *he runs off to get him*
  • Eugenia: He was, like, about to ask me where the, um, loli stuff was, when he, like, looked at me and said, that I was too, um skinny, and like, I’m making other girls wanna be, um, anorexic.
  • Jeff and Greg come back to the desk with one of Jeff’s hand on Greg’s neck
  • Greg: What I’m just being –
  • Jeff: Brutally honest, onion, I’ve heard this a million times from you!
  • Blaire: Greg
  • Blaire: Greg
  • Greg: AND THIS IS *starts ripping shirt* MY-
  • Most the library is looking at them
  • Blaire: GREG, shhh! *shushing hand motions*
  • Greg: *shirt ½ way rip* Body?
  • Blaire: Please leave the library.
  • Greg: fine!
  • End of chapter 1

‘‘A young man named William Blair came perilously close to Jeff Dahmer’s dream-world during the summer of 1986. They knew each other from the bathhouse, where they had had sex on three or four occasions. There had been no arrangement to meet, they had merely bumped into each other by chance and spent some time together. There was no affection between them - their tenderness was functional, invented for the occasion. One day Blair saw Dahmer on the corner of 7th and Wisconsin and they exchanged greetings. Jeff told him that he occasionally rented a room at the Ambassador for a night, and he was just going there now; would Blair join him? The young man accepted, and they went to the hotel together. Blair took a room himself, whether for propriety or comfort it is hard to say, but first went to Dahmer’s room for a drink. He has no memory of what happened next, for he woke up the following morning, lying naked on the bed in his own room, having lost several hours of his life. Jeff told him that he had carried him to his own room in the middle of the night, but he told him nothing more. How he might have used Blair’s sleeping body to furnish the decor of his own disturbed vision was not revealed. William Blair subsequently saw Dahmer a number of times at Milwaukee’s gay bars and saluted him in a friendly manner, but never spent time alone with him again.’‘

- Brian Masters, from The Shrine of Jeffrey Dahmer

Sweden, if people on the internet are “dangerous” but the leader of ISIS isn’t, you need to look up the definition of dangerous. 



  1. able or likely to cause harm or injury.“a dangerous animal"synonyms:menacing, threatening, treacherous; More