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Warski, Blaire White, Jeff Holiday & Mrrepzion Vs Onision

Sweden, if people on the internet are “dangerous” but the leader of ISIS isn’t, you need to look up the definition of dangerous. 



  1. able or likely to cause harm or injury.“a dangerous animal"synonyms:menacing, threatening, treacherous; More

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Anon who asked how you became an anti-sjw. Which channels did you watch?

Blair White, Jeff Holiday, Andywarski (who, ironically, I used to think was the most racist, misogynistic, garbage person), Sargon of Akkad, SomeBlackGuy, Suagrtits…pretty much all of the basic big name ones. Blair White and SomeBlackGuy were the big ones though (since I was under the impression at the time that all “minorities” were SJWs and thought they were oppressed and that really gave me the courage to think for myself).

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I don't have a problem with Laci Green reaching out to anti-sjws, but the fact that they're commending her for it is annoying. No one is required to make friends with people who call you names and insult your intelligence. So far, I've seen Laci talking to Blaire White, Jeff Holliday, and Chris Ray Gun. ALL of these people have said TERRIBLE things about her. She wouldn't be an "sjw" is never wanted to talk to them. She'd just be...a regular human being.

Well I think it’s commendable that she wants to talk to them, but yes of course she doesn’t have to. I wouldn’t.

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Explain to,me what made you go anti sjw, im interested

Actually, it was mainly just watching youtubers (like Blair White, Jeff Holiday, and so on) who called me out on my bullshit and showed me the right way. I’d say Blair White and Some Black Guy especially because I had this idea in my head that if you were a “minority” (transgender, gay, black, etc.) you had to stand firm to certain ideologies and that you had to fight the “oppression” you were facing. To see these “minorities” thinking for themselves, saying they weren’t oppressed, and so on really showed me that there was another way.

My ideals and values before the SJW phase where pretty much the same as they are now (racism goes all ways, everyone is equal, two genders, etc.), so I wasn’t starting completely from scratch. However, I didn’t know much about politics before then (or care about them) so I have definitely still learned a lot since then. And now I am here!

I hope that answered your question well enough and thank you for asking! I hope you have a great day/night :)