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Chuck Bass & Blair Waldorf- Crazy in Love


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Rating: T; Genre: Angst, Romance
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Locked in her cold bathroom, one winter morning, she was afraid to count how many days her period was late. December 18… to December 26. Eight days, she muttered under her breath.Eight days, she repeated. Her edginess grew every time she went to the bathroom to check if something has changed, as every symptom she had could be an alarm of her period coming, but they never were what she wanted them to be. After the Christmas holidays were over and she had to return to school, all the things remained the same. She was even touchier every time she heard about blood.She tried to think that it was just a normal late period like could happen to every woman she knew, and thought that her remedy could be getting back again with her boyfriend Nate, with whom she had broken up the very night she was possessed by Chuck Bass.

First of all I was not a fan of Chuck and Blair, sorry if anyone of you are ‘chair shippers’ but that relationship for me reminded me so much of Kara and Mon-El-it was toxic and destructive. Then CW had to pair up dan and blair, started with a friendship with banters and intellectual common grounds, it was healthy, eventually they became a couple, because there were passionate fans, and the actors loved the dynamics. But because the ‘chair’ ship kind of beat the ‘dair’ ship, they ended the Dan and Blair relationship, and do I need to tell you once again the CW ruined that healthy relationship between two characters. It kind of broke my heart because it was a slow burn and I’m such a sucker to those kind of relationship started of as frenemies, then became friends, and eventually can’t deny the romantic tension…

And then here comes Supercorp, another one of those. It didn’t matter if this was between two female characters, like honest to God, why would it matter as long as two characters have undeniable chemistry, great plotline and character development, I’m up for it. Then it brought me back those dan and blair moments, because i swear, there were a lot of parallels. and it’s also a slow burn, i don’t care if they will end up being a couple…but I’m kind of inclined to believe that CW will shake up this relationship..and I can be very very afraid because If I see Lena and Kara starting to hate each other…I will be very very upset. I just love my babies…and they have this healthy relationship that really should be showcased in telivision,



chuck and blair appreciation week ♥
∟ day 7 ≡ free choice // Ed and Leighton (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

L:  I’m also a huge fan of Chuck and Blair as a couple, and I’d really like to see them end up together. I want them to get married. Ed and I say it all the time!; E:  I think they belong together. I don’t know how we’re going to get them together but I think they’ve got to come together at some point and have little Chuck babies. Little Chuck babies in bow ties; L:  Chuck is that kind of bad boy, Blair the type of bad girl. They’re perfect for each other, and not for anyone else.

Why Chuck?

There are some people who say, “Chuck is a despicable human being who deserves to be alone for all the things he’s done to everyone, especially Blair,” and they don’t understand how any GG fans could still support Chuck.  So as a person who loves Chuck’s character, I’m going to try to explain one big reason why I still love Chuck, despite everything he’s done.  Another side note is that for this particular reason, I’m going to be comparing Chuck to Dan, only because some, NOT all, of the people who despise Chuck are fully supportive of Dan.  I just want to make sure you guys know that I still do like Dan, because he has shown a great side that I like, but in this particular aspect, I feel like he’s really lacking compared to Chuck.  I just think it’s important for people to acknowledge both the errors Chuck has made and the errors Dan has made.  

So yeah, Chuck has obviously done some pretty horrible things.  However, one thing that I’ve always admired about Chuck’s character is that he has never, through the entirety of the show, not owned up to his misdeeds whenever he did something wrong.  Dan, on the other hand, has consistently tried to act as if his dark side does not exist, despite the fact that everyone has a dark side.  Chuck openly acknowledges his dark side and as he grows throughout GG, he tries to conquer his own demons.

In Season 2 Episode 8, Dan screws Blair over when he convinces her not to tell Chuck that she loves him.  Then in Season 4 Episode 7, he publicly releases the video that Blair found most humiliating, and at her own birthday party too.  He never apologizes for this.  In fact, afterwards, he outright proclaims, “I’m not sorry.”  His own father gets upset at him for “becoming one of them [the rich Upper East Siders]” but one difference between him and “them” is that they at least admit that they can act horribly at times, while Dan does not.  Furthermore, he carried out both schemes simply because he wanted petty revenge.  Nate acknowledges this in Season 4 Episode 7 when he says, “This is about you and getting revenge, and you went behind my back to get it.”  Dan completely betrayed his own friend, Nate, just to get revenge on Chuck and Blair. 

Then, Dan infamously leaked Blair and Chuck’s private conversation at her own wedding in Season 5 Episode 13.  I understand that he may have done it for the sake of Blair’s happiness, because he felt that she wouldn’t be happy with Louis, but did he really have to publicly air the video in front of hundreds of people at her own wedding?  Then, he doesn’t come clean about leaking the video but instead betrays his own friends once more, just like he did with Nate.  He lets Serena and Chuck take the blame for releasing the video, just so he can come out looking sparkly in Blair’s eyes.  Serena and Chuck are two of Blair’s closest companions, as Serena is her best friend and Chuck is her ex and friend whom she still very much cares about.  The fact that Dan allowed them to take the fall for his own actions really bothered me.  Chuck would never have let anyone take ownership for something he had done.  He would never let Serena take the blame, because he loves Serena as a sister and he knows how much Blair values Serena’s friendship.  In fact, in Season 3, he goes out of his way to ensure that Blair and Serena’s friendship is saved because he knows how much their friendship means to both girls.  He even talks to Serena in Season 3 Episode 8 and tells her that she needs to sit down and talk it out with Blair, because shoving Blair into a cake is not the way to solve their problems.  Though it’s true that back in Season 3 when both Chuck and Blair both lacked some maturity, which is why their relationship didn’t work at that time, Chuck had partially blamed Blair for the hotel incident, he never denied that he was the one who orchestrated the event and he did realize that he was wrong.  By Season 5, he also finally realized that none of it had been Blair’s fault and he sincerely apologized for it and felt completely ashamed about it. 

In the Season 5 finale, Dan cheats on Blair with her own best friend without even hearing Blair out.  He specifically asked her to come so they could talk about their relationship, but he didn’t even wait for her to show up before jumping to the conclusion that Blair had chosen Chuck.  Even if Blair didn’t choose Dan, it doesn’t give him the right to cheat on her.  That only shows the lack of trust he had in Blair.  Though Blair and Chuck had trust issues throughout Season 2, they both matured in that by the end of Season 4, the two had reached a trusting and comfortable bond.  In Season 6 Episode 5, the tape of Dan and Serena is released for the world to see at Cotillion, and it shows everyone that Dan had cheated on Blair with her best friend at the very bar where Blair’s former boyfriend had also cheated on her.  But he never even apologized.  He felt his actions were justified simply because Blair had chosen Chuck in the end anyway.  He even got mad, telling Blair that she had ended up with no one.  

I’m not saying that Dan is a worse person than Chuck, because that is in no way true.  They have both made a ton of mistakes.  Honestly, I still love both characters.  But what I’m trying to say is that one main reason why I love Chuck is all the growth and development he went through as the seasons of GG went by.  I feel like Dan’s character went in the opposite direction, as he seems to have been a better person back in Season 1.  Chuck really did mature and he always, always at least owns up to his own misdeeds.  One fault that Dan has is that he always tried to act as if he doesn’t have a dark side.  In the Season 2 finale, Blair says to Dan, “You pretend not to be like us, but you are.  To the bone.”  All the characters on GG have a dark side, because everyone in life has a dark side.  Chuck and Dan both aren’t saints but I personally believe that neither of them are inherently bad people.  But the fact that Chuck actually acknowledges his dark side and makes a full effort to change is something I have always loved about his character.