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Fan Fiction gif Trailer: I’m not pregnant with Chuck Bass
Rating: T; Genre: Angst, Romance
LINK: I’m not pregnant with Chuck Bass
Locked in her cold bathroom, one winter morning, she was afraid to count how many days her period was late. December 18… to December 26. Eight days, she muttered under her breath.Eight days, she repeated. Her edginess grew every time she went to the bathroom to check if something has changed, as every symptom she had could be an alarm of her period coming, but they never were what she wanted them to be. After the Christmas holidays were over and she had to return to school, all the things remained the same. She was even touchier every time she heard about blood.She tried to think that it was just a normal late period like could happen to every woman she knew, and thought that her remedy could be getting back again with her boyfriend Nate, with whom she had broken up the very night she was possessed by Chuck Bass.


Chuck Bass & Blair Waldorf- Crazy in Love


chuck and blair appreciation week ♥
∟ day 7 ≡ free choice // Ed and Leighton (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

L:  I’m also a huge fan of Chuck and Blair as a couple, and I’d really like to see them end up together. I want them to get married. Ed and I say it all the time!; E:  I think they belong together. I don’t know how we’re going to get them together but I think they’ve got to come together at some point and have little Chuck babies. Little Chuck babies in bow ties; L:  Chuck is that kind of bad boy, Blair the type of bad girl. They’re perfect for each other, and not for anyone else.


A lovely Chuck & Blair video made by my bestie @simplylove101. Please go check it out & be sure to tell her what you think!! ❤️

It’s Limoversary Time Everyone!!

That’s right, the most sacred celebration of the year is upon us.:P Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf’s 8th Limoversary is November 7th!

As we all know, Blair loves her vintage films, Chuck loves clubs that echo other eras, they both love role playing classic literature and wish they’d lived in Paris in the 20s. So to commemorate this special day we’ve picked the theme: CLASSICS

We’re inviting fans to make Chuck and Blair arts of all types (e.g., gifsets, edits, graphics, videos, fanfiction, vines, etc) inspired by the classics. This could be a classic film, literature, music, art, historical eras, historical figures, mythology, theater, television, poetry, fashion, etc

Examples include Gone with the Wind , Les Liaisons Dangereuses , Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton , Frank Sinatra songs (as Ed once proposed) like I’ve Got You Under My Skin, quotes like “He looked at her the way all women want to be looked at by a man” from The Great Gatsby, etc.

It can be a quote, a scene, a lyric, character, a couple, a style of clothing, etc anything that inspires you! Your only limit is that your cultural reference must be at least 10 years old.

8 Prompts for More Inspiration

Champagne | Devilish | Gold | Impulse | Opulent | Regal | Triumph | Vanity

If you want to do something completely different for Limoversaary that’s perfectly fine too. These are just ideas meant to inspire :)

  • Submission Deadline is November 7th but we’re more than happy to take them later too
  • Tag your arts #Limoversary on tumblr, twitter, instagram and facebook so we can track your contributions
  • You can also directly submit your arts to us via the Limoversary Tumblr
  • If you need any help with ideas or resources please don’t hesitate to message Parisinthe1920s on their tumblr or twitter

We will also be celebrating by rewatching the two classic episdoes where our ship was born:

1x07 Victor Victrola at 3PM EST (8PM GMT) 1x08 Seventeen Candles at 4PM EST (9PM GMT)

Follow @Parisinthe1920s and tweet along with us. :) We’ll provide links if you don’t have Netflix or DVDs

So escape, allow yourself to be transported to another time and let your creativty run free. No judgment. :P Let’s just have fun celebrating our timeless ship!