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In July 1996, 31-year-old Canadian, Blair Adams, was found deceased in a parking lot of a Knoxville, Tennessee, hotel. He was found naked from the waist down and his body was surrounded in almost $4000 worth of Canadian, American, and German currency. An autopsy revealed that he had died from a blow to the stomach. An investigation revealed that Blair had been acting very bizarrely in the weeks running up to his death - he repeatedly claimed that people were attempting to kill him and he travelled thousands of miles from his home before arriving in Knoxville, where he died. On 5 July, he lifted out all of his money from his bank and took all of his valuable items such as gold and jewellery. He then made his way to the Canadian-American border where he was turned away due to the large amount of money he was carrying which made the border police believe he was a drug trafficker. The following day, he showed up at his work in Surrey, British Columbia and explained that he was quitting. From there he brought an one way ticket to Germany before going to a friend’s home to explain that somebody was trying to kill him and he desperately needed to cross the border. The following day, he rented a car and attempted to get through the border again before driving to Seattle where he brought a one way ticket to Washington D.C. Once there, he drove to Knoxville and hitchhiked to a nearby hotel after he couldn’t get his car to start working again. The manager of the hotel recalls that Blair came in and out of the lobby of the hotel a total of five times before finally renting a room. He said Blair then left the hotel and that was the last time he was ever seen alive. The following day, Blair’s semi-naked body was discovered in the parking lot. Authorities believe that his paranoia was all in his head but that would not explain how he ended up, murdered, in a hotel parking lot.
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By Brent Lang

“If there’s one thing we’re good at, it’s surviving.”


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Blair Adams was an average 31-year-old Canadian construction worker who, on July 5, 1996, suddenly withdrew all the money in his bank account, emptied his safe deposit box, grabbed everything of any value from his home that he could fit in his pockets, and made a beeline for the U.S. border. Unfortunately for Adams, it turns out that U.S. Border Patrol tends to be suspicious of young men trying to enter America alone with giant suitcases full of money – even from the Canadian side – so he was turned away.

The next day, Adams quit his job and bought a plane ticket to Germany, immediately changed his mind and got a refund on the ticket, then showed up at a friend’s house insisting that someone wanted to kill him. He begged his friend to smuggle him into America. When she refused, Adams got a rental car and tried again to cross the border. This time, he got through, and once he was in Seattle, he bought a plane ticket to Washington, D.C., then drove to Knoxville, TN.

This is less a sightseeing route and more like the path of a man who is desperately trying to lose something that he thinks is chasing him. Maybe he was paranoid? That’s all we’ve really got so far, right?

Once in Tennessee, witnesses reported that Adams entered a gas station and complained that his car wouldn’t start. The attendant investigated and found that Adams had the wrong keys, even though he’d obviously managed to drive that car to the gas station somehow. He then hitchhiked to a hotel, paid for a room … but never went to it. After handing over the money, he immediately left the hotel and never came back.

Hours later, his dead body was found in a parking lot half a mile from the hotel. 

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