blair your hair

ghostpillow  asked:

💓 hello love me blease

kiss kiss ( *¯ ³¯*)💓

        blair speaks with flushed cheeks and eyes bright with wondrous joy, hands fluttering like wings as he recounts his latest ghost adventures. their gelato is melting sticky sweet in giotto’s hands but it’s easy to lean over and press a kiss just above blair’s ear. there’s a hitch in his breath and in his step, cutting off mid-sentence with an eh?? gio, what was that for??? and giotto knows his cheeks are not sun-pink alone, and suddenly he feels his heart race with his fumbled answer there was something in your hair that is nonetheless accepted with a radiant smile.

        their hands brush occasionally as they continue walking, until they become fingers entwined, swinging lightly between them. and this is easy too, when he tilts blair’s face up with a gentle warm touch to share a kiss or three or four.

                 ( kissing blair is like summer sweet peaches cupped in your hands, each and every one cherished like the very first. )