The Magnificent Seven (2016) FREE HD

The Magnificent Seven (2016) FREE HD

Storks (2016) FREE HD

Sully (2016) FREE HD

Snowden (2016) FREE HD

Blair Witch (2016) FREE HD

Vancouver International 
Film Festival 

HD - The Birth of a Nation

HD - Aquarius

HD - Like Crazy

HD - The Other Half

HD - Hello Destroyer

HD - The Confessions

HD - The Killing$ of Tony Blair

HD - Kedi

HD - Mother

HD - Ghostland: The View of the Ju'Hoansi

HD - Dubina dva
10 Iconic Movies and TV Shows made on Almost No Budget
Budget problems are the plague of any creator. Budget can make or break a film, show, or game sometimes. Yet, sometimes, the work transcends its budget. The creators creatively figure out to work with the lack of money or even use it to their advantage or other elements of the work are so good nobody minds how cheap it looks. Here are some works that are beloved by many (or at least some) that were made on almost zero budget. They’re an inspiration to us all, and show us that, truly, money

The inspirational stories show us that sometimes you can do a lot with no budget. Please read, reblog and share on facebook to  support my work!

new dair side blog!

hey guys! i’m ( @intostarlight ) finally going to make actual use of this URL that has been neglected on my old blog for far too long… so i’m making a side blog for a dair rewatch. come follow me for a trip down MEMORY LANE.

honestly, it’s basically almost halloween and my dad’s hotel here in new york still doesn’t have any decorations at all. not even a little black and orange streamer of sorts. this is absolutely ridiculous, if you ask me.