The huge Gate of Heavenly Peace, the main entrance to the Forbidden City in Beijing, looms in the dusty early morning haze which partially obscures the sun. This view, taken from Tiananmen Square, shows the tiny figures of people walking along the main thoroughfare leading to the gate, 1978. Photograph by James P. Blair, National Geographic Creative

Headcanons about Blair, because she doesn’t get enough love in my opinion.
  • Blair being super supportive of Maka as a student
  • Blair buying Maka scented candles and bath bombs and ramuné after she aces a particularly complex test or presentation
  • Blair coming home around midnight after working at Chupa♡Cabra’s, and she’ll find Maka drawing up the last details on a diagram
  • Blair making chamomile tea in the afternoon because she knows that Maka stays up pretty late almost all the time
  • Blair casting a simple spell to heat up the tea after it sits in the fridge all day, and then she sticks a cup and saucer of tea on Maka’s dresser quietly before going to bed herself
  • Maka making catnip cupcakes and breaded fish sticks for Blair because she’s so nice
  • Maka taking Blair with her to the library as she writes notes for papers
  • Maka petting Blair as she sleeps on her desk while Maka makes study guides
  • Maka noticing that Blair is her own little kitty-cat cheerleader when it comes to her studies
  • Maka wondering if that might be because Blair never received a formal education, and yes she’s a cat, but she’s an intelligent, magical, resourceful cat who could have certainly done well at the Academy if she had gone there when she was younger
  • Maka and Blair being all sweet and almost sisterly with one another
  • Just Maka and Blair, okay