Kurt opens up his laptop one sleepless night and notices that he has a Spotify notification reading “Your friend Blaine Anderson just joined Spotify,” and curiosity gets the best of him. Early post-break up fic.

Word Count: 700~

It’s three in the morning and Kurt’s curled up in his bed wide awake, staring at the ticking clock on his nightstand as it inches very, very slowly forward as the minutes pass. He can’t sleep; it’s been like this for days and it’s really taking a toll on his mental well being as everything seems to irritate him. Maybe it’s his workload. Maybe it’s Rachel getting on his nerves. Maybe it’s just homesickness.

No, it’s none of those things. It’s something that’s been eating away at him inside, leaving him hollow and bitter and none too happy–he’s tried to mask it at work and around Rachel, keeping up a positive attitude and all of that jovial crap, but once it hits ten P.M. and Rachel’s already tucked in bed fast asleep, he’s left all by his lonesome, staring at the clock until he falls asleep–hopefully before two, but nowadays, it’s rare that he does.

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