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I read the first ~30 pages of the Iran Deal, and on the surface it seemed okay? I'm just wondering what you think is wrong with it specifically, I wanna know if I missed important points. What stuck out to me was the eventual relaxation of regulations, is that people's main issue with it?

First off, the fact that we are turning over millions of dollars to a country that is known to fund terrorist organizations that have killed Americans and a country that has admitted they will continue to do so. 

This is also a country whose leaders have published books on “outwitting” the United States and destroying Israel, as well as making it clear that they desire to invade and control what they see as “stolen” Muslim lands. 

Secondly the deal is awful. I’m not sure what part of it looked reasonable to you, but the fact is that the deal is pointless. It gives Iran everything and leaves us with no control at all. We have to request and schedule times to inspect their nuclear facilities, there are absurd wait times to see said facilities, and Iran is one of the people that has to APPROVE our request to visit said facilities. It’s like handing the keys to the hen house over the fox. 

This is a country whose leaders and people are outwardly hostile to America and American allies and we’re giving them all the cover and money they need to continue to advance their nuclear dreams (because please, as if they are going to abide by the agreed terms) and continue to fund terrorism. 

There are also parts of this deal that Iran has brokered with the International Atomic Energy Agency that America has not been allowed to see. 

Sounds like a great plan.
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