I GOT TAGGED (like 2 days ago whoops im behind)
  • fave movies

um ok so hp and lotr take the top, but i also love the princes bride and its a wonderful life

  • fave disney princess

i actually dont have a fave princess, but my fave prince is aladdin!

  • fave song at the moment

um Blink by Chameleon Circuit

  • fave book at the moment

well im reading Stardust by Neil Gaiman right now and its pretty awesome

  • fave picture of yourself and your idol

i assume you mean seperately cuz ive never met my idols

(im the one in red :) )


  • blaineander
  • itsasbigasawhale
  • stardust-in-my-tea
  • ifyougiveagirlapencil
  • peanutbutterhoneytime

mes questions:

  1. fave food and why?
  2. fave school subject?
  3. coke or pepsi?
  4. show that gives you the MOST feels?
  5. fave book?