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Help!! I was reading a woke up married story today I didnt get far. Blaine was engaged to Peter and went to Vegas w/Sam and Tina....met Kurt and woke up married! I lost it!! Please Help!

I Married You by haleseihcs

Blaine Anderson had dreamed of getting married for as long as he could remember. On the verge of marrying his fiancé Peter, Blaine’s best friends Sam and Tina take him to Las Vegas for his bachelor party. They end the evening at one of the hottest nightclubs on the Strip for drinking and dancing. Blaine wakes up in a hotel room, hung-over, a ring on his finger and a marriage certificate on the bedside table. The person next to him in bed? Movie star Kurt Hummel. Unfortunately, what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas. News of their wedding is leaked to the press, and Blaine must navigate his newly changed life while trying to hold on to Peter. This is the story of how Blaine Anderson found the love of his life while at his bachelor party.

Please help

Hi Guys,
After a lot of thinking I started a “Glee after season 6” story on Wattpad. I write down how I wanted it to be after the final episode. Sadly I am a Dutch girl so my english isn’t as good as it should be so I would love some feedback. Would you guys mind reading my first chapter? I appreciate all kinds of feedback!

Lots of love xx

More Important Than A Piece Of Paper/Sam Evans Imagine

“I can’t believe that you lied to me!Are you seriously working here?A strip club?Not a pizza shop like you told me?” said as i sat down in front of Sam.My boyfriend. “I didn’t have an another choice Y/N!“he said holding my hand.I’m ashamed of working here.You know me.” “You deserve so much better than this.“i said pulling my hand away."You always do.” “I lied to the people who i care the most!You,mom,dad!"he said looking at me."Do you really think i still care about what i am after that?” “Don’t make this about me Sam."I stood up."I’m not the reason that you’re working here.” “Of course it’s not about you."He stood up with me."It’s about lying to you.And the hard time that my family is going through.I had to do this.” “You know what Sam?I get it.It was a summer fling-” “It wasn’t."he said looking to the floor. "Your parents would be devastaded if they knew you were working here.Do you think this would make them happier just because you’re earning money?You’re more important then money to them.And you’re way more important to me then a piece of fucking paper!"I yelled at him.I could say that he was about to cry. "Y/N."he said trying to reach my hand."I know,you’re right.” “Do whatever you want."i said walking to the door."I trusted you when you said you were working at a stupid Pizza Shop.Now i realize that you’re not worth my trust."I said opening the door."We’re done."There were so many tears on my cheek that Rachel and Finn ran up to me. "Let’s go."i said while Rachel was hugging me."We can find someone else.” — Brittany was trying to cheer me but i just couldn’t keep my self from thinking Sam like that.I knew that i overreacted.I was better but i was still feeling the pain.You know,breaking up with him,him lying to me like that,and seeing him like that.But i knew that i would forgive him,he meant that much to me. Then i heard Mr.Schue’s voice. “Hello Glee clup!"he said cheerful as always. "Mr.Schue!"Rachel screamed."I thought that it would be great to do a Balad week again!There are so many duets that we didn’t perform and i-” “You can be sure that i’ gonna keep that in mind but first there’s an another thing i want tell you guys!"Everybody stared at him with curious looks on their faces."Ladies and gentleman,one of your own….Sam Evans."He said pointing out to the door.The second i saw his blonde hair and a pair of green eyes,and the second he looked at me and smiled.I found myself getting up from my chair and running into his arms.I hugged him so tight that i never wanted to let him go.He laughed then turned me around. "You came.” I said smiling at him. “I would always come back for you when you need me."he said kissing my cheek. "Hello!"Artie said."I don’t want to interrupt but we missed you too!” I laughed before I let him go and hugg the other members.My happiness was undisputed.He was back. – After the rehersal we stood up in front of the choir room and looked at each other. “Look Y/N.I’m sorry."he said holding my hand. "Don’t be.I know that you did it for not to upset me and your family.I’m sorry for overreacting.” “No you were right."he placed his hand on my waist."I should’ve told you the truth.You don’t deserve it.And i’m more important then i piece of paper to my family.” “You are Sam."i said hugging him. "I love you"he said kissing my shoulder. "I love you too.”

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Hello residents of Greenwich Apartments, 

I, Rachel Barbra Berry, would like to formally now announce who will be receiving tickets for my debut as Nessarose Thropp in the smash musical Wicked this upcoming Sunday. The lucky people are the following:

Blaine Anderson

Sam Evans

Kurt Hummel

Sebastian Smythe

I apologize to those who were desperately seeking tickets and did not receive them. I’m sure you’ll be able to see the show another time. I plan to be a part of the Wicked cast for as long as they’ll have me so you will get the chance to see me perform. Or I can perform a number or two for you if you wish. 

Works in Progress - Chapter 7

Reassurance (AO3)

The next morning, after making sure that Blaine was okay and inviting Sam over so he and Blaine could catch up, Kurt made his way over to his father’s tire shop because, in Kurt’s opinion, no one gave better advice than Burt Hummel. Kurt wasn’t sure how to help Blaine and be a good support system for Blaine, and after the argument from the night prior, Kurt knew that he needed to be just that.

“Hey kid,” Burt said, looking up from an engine of one of the cars in the shop. “What brings you here?”

Kurt smiled at his dad. “What? I can’t just come to see my awesome dad?”

“You can,” Burt said, laughing, “but usually if you just want to come see me, you come over to the house in the afternoons. You need something whenever you come to the shop. When you were a kid, it was money, but you have a real job now, so that can’t be it.”

Kurt sighed as he pulled over a stool so that he could talk to his dad while he worked. “It’s Blaine.”

“You’re not having second thoughts about this whole thing, are you? Because, Kurt, divorce is a whole lot harder than breaking up.”

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Kadam Fic: Just Breathe (4/?)

Title: Just Breathe
Series: Season Four Remix (part 4)

Pairing(s), Characters(s):
Kadam, Kurt Hummel, Adam Crawford, Burt Hummel, Rachel Berry, Santana Lopez, Camen Tibideaux, Cassandra July, Blaine Anderson, Sam Evans, Adam’s Apples, Original Characters
Rating: PG13 (Rating may change)
Genre(s): canon divergence, major lol Klaine and Blaine.
Parts: 4/?

Summary: Auditions mean new challenges for Kurt and those around him, forcing him to face both his past and his future

Part One, Part Two, Part Three

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  • Title: Bros Helping Bros
  • Characters: Sam Evans, Blaine Anderson
  • Ship: Blam;
  • Rating: Explicit
  • Themes: Established Friendship, Lingering Suppressed Sexual Tension/Attraction, Hangovers, Closeted/Exploration of Sexuality, Best Friends Falling In Love, Showers, Blaine’s Ridiculously Meticulous Morning Routine, Bros Helping Bros
  • Additional Tags/Warnings: Shower Sex, Blam, College Blam, Deep Throating, Anal Fingering, Snowballing
  • Word Counts: 5685
  • Other Notes: This was a roleplay thread between @sambastianhq and @blaineandersonhq based on a verse that we currently play our muses in. I’d love your feedback! Enjoy!

Summary: Sam and Blaine have been best friends for as long back as they can remember; they do everything together so why should it be any different when one of them is running late and trying to get through their morning routine as quickly as possible? Showering together saves time right? But when years of suppressed sexual tension surfaces, suddenly, making up for lost time seems more important than ever.

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