Machines of Loving Grace (Author: Airy_nothing / Artist: Magicalplaylist​)

Summary: Sci-fi AU in which Blaine Anderson wanders the halls of Dalton Academy, a safe haven created by his father after the events surrounding the Sadie Hawkins dance. Populated by student-machines, Dalton is an orderly place where everyone does exactly what Blaine wants … until Kurt Hummel (an actual real boy!) sneaks in to spy on the Warblers—which changes everything. Part gothic fairy tale and part sci-fi adventure, this is a story about adapting and surviving—and breaking free of the cage.

Drawn for the Blaine Big Bang! (Needless to say it’s a delightful work with multiple levels of thinky-thoughts in regards to both Kurt and Blaine and Dalton itself. And robots. The whole piece deftly weaves canon meta with science fiction and fantasy, combined with my favorite literary move of personal/quiet moments contrasted with the absurd. It was a privilege to work with sothinky on this project and I hope you all go read and review and enjoy!)

Fic: Up All Night

Title: Up All Night (for the Blaine Big Bang)

Author: delicateclarity/sunshineblaine

Artist: freakingpotter | Click here for her art post :)

Beta: theholmesofbakerstreet

Word Count: 29,800

Rating: NC-17

Characters/Pairings: Blaine/Sebastian, Blaine/Kurt, Blaine Anderson, Sebastian Smythe, Kurt Hummel, Santana Lopez, Blaine’s parents, Sam Evans, Glee ensemble + an appearance from misc Warblers.

Warnings: Not entirely Kurt-friendly. 

Summary: A season four au/rewrite that follows Blaine’s senior year, his relationships, and his growth, as he deals with a blossoming friendship with Sebastian, hard times with Kurt, and a new discourse with his parents.

I created a playlist for this fic, you can listen on 8tracks here. eta: download link! It’s probably longer than it takes to listen to the fic, it’s mostly music that I listened to while writing. The only song I really recommend listening to during the fic it the titular song Up All Night, which I added as the first track in addition to its proper place, in case you do only want to listen to that.

A/N: YO. This has been kicking my ass for at least three months, and I am so, so grateful that it is done. I, of course, could not have completed it without the constant help of my beta Courtney, who only complained a little bit, even when I sent it when she had to work. I would also like to thank Naya for her assistance and support. And, OF COURSE, a huge thanks to my artist Marie!!! Your art is so beautiful, and I’m so glad we got to work together on this project. Make sure you go and look at her post for the full art pieces, they look incredible in full size. 

And, finally… the link to read!

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BBB 2015

Title: Rewriting the Script: Roots Before Branches
Rating: M
Words: 17,692
Warnings: Dom/sub, Anal Sex, Public Sex, Scent Marking, Marking, Light Bondage
(Important note that this fic does start as a kid-fic, but the content matures with the characters)

Summary: When Blaine and Kurt meet, their friendship seems to be a match made in heaven. As they spend more time together, the unusual intensity between them for such young children becomes more evident and to some, concerning. But despite the interferance of the adults in their life, Kurt and Blaine need to be together. Even if they don’t know why quite yet.

A/N: This is my work for the 2015 Blaine Big Bang! An unlimited amount of thanks to the runners of the bang for being so patient and flexible. My incredible artist Cat made two pieces of art for this fic, thank you so much for working with my ever-changing time frame!! And of course I am so grateful for my betas/cheerleaders; @thewarmesthello, @lauramh12, and @khal-blaine I am so appreciative of the last-minute edits you were able to help me with <3 This fic was a challenge for me to write, so I hope you enjoy it! :) 

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Make This Place Your HomeWritten for the @blaineandersonbigbang and loosely based on the TV show, The Property Brothers. The Anderson brothers host a local TV show that helps clients buy fixer-uppers and turn them into dream homes. Blaine can’t help but take a special interest in working with their next client, Kurt Hummel. Unfortunately for Blaine, it seems like Kurt is pretty obviously into Cooper. 

A Blaine Anderson Big Bang submission, written by @luckiedee & @controlofwhatido, and illustrated by @magicalplaylist

Fantasies Make for Tidy Relationships

Artist: @frumiousme

Author: @lady–divine

Beta: @treebleeding

Rating: Explicit


Blaine has his life set up just the way he wants…well, no, not really. After a painful breakup with a manipulative, abusive boyfriend, Blaine can’t quite get back in the groove of things - anything. He spends more time teaching than following his dream of striking out and having a career in music, and as far as relationships go, no. Too messy. Too complicated. Too much of a chance of getting hurt. Even though the handsome, witty, charismatic owner of the coffee shop he goes to every morning, Kurt Hummel, really seems to have a thing for him. And Blaine can see him having a thing for Kurt, too…but no. Still too messy. Still too complicated. No matter how flirty things get between them. But Blaine needs something. All his old methods of stress relief are just that - old. So he hops online in search of something new, a toy that will take his old routine of self-pleasure from boring to soaring. And if he happens to start fantasizing about his beautiful barista, what could it hurt?

This is the story of how Blaine Anderson realizes he’s having the relationship he’s always wanted with a machine instead of with the man of his dreams.


I would like to dedicate this story to the amazing @frumiousme who made the amazing artwork you see above <3

Just so you guys know, The Fuck Machine in the story can be found at The Fort Troff website.

Read on AO3


Yay! It’s posting day for my Blaine Anderson Big Bang fic!

This story is called Catch Me A Catch, and it’s a Klaine fic featuring the Anderbros and a relationship between Rachel and Cooper as well :-)

I’m going to post it chapter per chapter and then make a masterpost, so that it’s easy to find the whole story here on Tumblr.

You can also read the story on or on AO3, if you prefer :-)

A big thank you goes out from me to my wonderful and amazing beta @hkvoyage! I couldn’t have done this without her help and gentle guidance. Her insights, ideas and advice proved invaluable to my story, and really took it to the next level, so I’m eternally grateful!

And of course, as you can see above, I collaborated with an artist, namely the incomparable @mypopculturesummer, for this fic, and you will agree with me that she did a lovely job enhancing the story with her art. I’m over the moon with how good it looks :-) Thank you SO much, sweetie!

I hope you’ll like reading Catch Me A Catch as much as I enjoyed writing it…

And now, without further ado: here’s Chapter 1!

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My contribution to the Blaine Big Bang 2015! I had the pleasure of working with the lovely @enslayed by creating some art to go with her awesome fic!

It’s All So Simple:  AU. While going through his mother’s papers after her death, Blaine Anderson discovers hospital paperwork for a girl born the same day as him, in the same hospital in New York City. His investigation into the baby leads him to his twin sister, Rachel Berry, and her roommate Kurt Hummel. Blaine has to navigate his feelings over his new sister, complicated by her best friend who he might be falling for.

Fic: Property of Blaine Anderson- Klaine (Glee) BABB 2015

This is my fic for the Blaine Anderson Big Bang this year. It’s posted on AO3 since it’s pretty big, but this is the cover page with all details and thanks. I’ll just put the fic details here and then thanks at the end..

Title: Property of Blaine Anderson

Paring: Klaine

Rating: M

Summary: When Blaine runs into cat-hybrid Kurt Hummel while the younger boy is touring Dalton Academy, he’s immediately struck by how stunning the hybrid is. It seems a no-brainer for the Junior Warbler to offer to be Kurt’s ‘owner’ so that he can legally attend the academy. Blaine promises himself, and Kurt (though not out loud), that they will remain strictly friends. Of course, when instincts and attraction get involved, how can Blaine’s self-control hold out? And what about those who would deem Blaine an 'unfit owner’ due to the way he treats Kurt, so much like a person and unlike a pet? Not everything is rainbows and butterflies at Dalton Academy, and in this Warbler eat Warbler world, 'pets’ have no power. It’s all up to Blaine to keep his kitten, and his heart, safe and sound.

[Warnings for pet/owner dynamics, mating and heat cycles, and other people expressing demeaning views regarding pets]

Posted in its entirety on AO3 here.

This is the beautiful artwork made by @wipklaine for my story. She is amazing and I am so thankful for her work and talent. <3 I love it so much!

Now thank yous…

A huge thank you to both @pavarottisrevenge and @pinksunglassesandbowties for being amazing friends and betas. Patience had some crazy life stuff come at her but was still my cheerleader, and Linds jumped right in and took over the beta work even though I sprung it on her really last minute. I couldn’t have done it without these girls, and I love them dearly. Thank you so much. <3 You don’t know how much you mean to me.

Also, thank you to Em ( @wipklaine ) for reading what she could and making art that fit so well. You went above and beyond to make something that fit so well and it was a real pleasure working with you.

Finally, thank you to the mods for setting up this event. I know it wasn’t always easy, and we had some hiccups along the way, but it really was fun and I have a great story to show for it.

So, here you have it. Property of Blaine Anderson. <3 Enjoy.

The Journeying by flowerfan

Freshly graduated from music school, Blaine is thrilled when he is chosen to stay in the cast when the production of Into the Woods he was lucky enough to be part of in Boston moves to Broadway. He knows it’s going to be hard returning to New York City – the scene of his epic breakup with his fiancé and the emotional meltdown which cost him his place at NYADA. But he’s determined that this time, everything will be different. Little does Blaine know that out of thousands of potential castmates, his director has chosen none other than Kurt Hummel to play the part of Jack. Blaine has worked hard to recover from their breakup three years ago, and struggles to find a new way to relate to Kurt and simultaneously protect himself, especially when tragedy strikes.

This story looks at what would have happened if Kurt and Blaine had reacted differently to the break up in 6x01 than they did in canon; if events hadn’t brought them back together as soon, and if forgiveness hadn’t come so easily.

Canon compliant through the end of season 5 (and the breakup as described in 6x01).

My contribution to the Blaine Anderson Big Bang 2015! I was blessed enough to work with @flowerfan2 on this project and she has been not only a saint in dealing with me, but an amazing author! I’m so happy to have gotten to work with her! 

Born for Her, Destined for You

Blaine had barely uttered his first cry when he was paired with the girl who would be his queen. He’s been raised to expect it his entire life, and when he takes the throne at eighteen the chemistry between them seems natural, something Blaine would be content with for the rest of his life. Until he meets the confident and beautiful Kurt, who turns everything he thought he wanted upside down. A tricky proposition brings them closer, but as feelings grow stronger they find that desires and morals conflict.

Rated M for sexual content. 

~16,500 words, all of which are posted here.

I’d like to rework this at some point and flesh out more details and in general make it better, but I’m fairly happy with it. I have ideas for the sequel written down that I’ll hopefully be starting in the next couple of weeks. My first BABB submission, and I’m super happy I got it done! HUGE thank you to @frumiousme for her last-minute beta-ing and to my wonderful artist, @menufes, who brought my rambling to life with her beautiful artwork.

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Boogie Shoes - annieapple24 - Glee [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 6/6

Fandom: Glee

Rating: Explicit

Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

Relationships: Blaine Anderson/Kurt Hummel

Characters: Blaine Anderson, Kurt Hummel, Elliott “Starchild” Gilbert, Santana Lopez

Additional Tags: Blaine Anderson Big Bang 2015, New York, Pure fluff with a side of smut, drag queen!Blaine, drag queen!Warblers, too many cliches


Blaine is a drag queen at Boogie Shoes, a gay club in New York City. Elliott drags Kurt to Boogie Shoes one night. What happens when the two meet? Is love at first sight real?

Coverart by the amazing @merry-the-cookie!



  • Pairing: Klaine
  • Word count: 15k
  • [Link to the original art]
  • Read on [AO3]
  • SummaryBlaine wants to meet his soulmate more than anything - until he realizes how fragile love can be. From that moment on he refuses to go out there and open himself up for the thing he’s always longed for. If he doesn’t meet his soulmate, there’s nothing to fear, right? Only life has different plans for him and every road not taken leads him straight to the man he’s never wanted to meet. A soulmate story.
  • Author’s note: Written for the Blaine Anderson Big Bang 2015. Warnings first: There’s the necessary evil of homophobia and violence in this story. Other than that I think it’s pretty safe to read, but if it bothers you, then maybe this story might be triggering for you.Now to the more pleasant part: I want to thank @greninjaaaa for her gorgeous art for this post and if you’re on tumblr, you should definitely give it some love. ♥
    A special thanks as well to the mods of the Big Bang who showed way more patience with me than I deserved. Thank you for organizing this amazing event that gives us the chance to get in touch with more people.And last but not least, the person who was forced to read this entire thing with all its glorious mistakes. Thanks to @frumiousme for being my beta. I wasn’t the easiest candidate for this job, but you helped tremendously.Thanks to everyone who’s reading, especially those who might leave me a comment. I hope you enjoy the ride. ♥

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Where Flowers Bloom, So Does Hope

Where Flowers Bloom, So Does Hope

By: DreamingKate


Summary: A jealous god curse’s the love of Apollo’s life with a horrible kind of immortality. He will be reborn and fall back in love with him only to be snatched away before they can truly be happy. Blaine is the newest reincarnation.


Author’s Note: Written for the Blaine Anderson Big Bang. Inspired by the tragic tale of Apollo and Hyacinth. The title is from a quote by Lady Bird Johnson and this story was betaed by my wonderful sister.


Warnings: Death, violence  

Beautiful art here by the amazing Lillemian!!


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I Kissed a Girl

My Blaine Anderson Big Bang story is finally here!!!

Title: I Kissed a Girl

Author: gingerfic

Posted on: AO3; 30,128 words

Rated: T

Once at a high school party Blaine Anderson kissed a girl…and he liked it. A short time later he kissed a boy, and he liked that too. He fell in love with that boy and they were happy together for almost two years.  But when that boy left for college they decided that it would be best to break up.  But being comfortable with his bisexuality may be the simplest part of Blaine’s senior year, as he wades back into the world of dating, navigates new kinds of friendships, and tries to figure out what it means to become an adult.
An alternate version of Blaine Anderson’s senior year, incorporating many events from seasons 4 and 5a but making them…Blanier.

MANY thanks to my betas @klaineitupanotch and @flowerfan2 and a huge round of applause to @47mel47 for making this amazing video as a trailer for this fic

Fic: I Shall Not Want (Blaine Big Bang)

Title: I Shall Not Want 

Author: delicateclarity

Artist: boldmistakes/gleedimples (her art post)

Beta: blessbuckybarnes

Word Count: ~35,000

Rating: NC-17

Characters/Pairings: Blaine/Sebastian, minor Nick/Jeff and Quinn/Santana. Blaine Anderson, Sebastian Smythe, Quinn Fabray, Cooper Anderson, Nick Duval, Jeff Sterling, Wes Montgomery, various Warblers, and both Sebastian and Blaine’s parents. 

Warnings: Graphic sex, homophobia, Christian guilt, possible inaccuracies in Church/Catholic school operations

Summary: Blaine Anderson is a good Catholic schoolboy at Archbishop Dalton Academy. When Sebastian transfers to the school, Blaine finds his life suddenly turned upside down. He struggles to make peace between himself and his religion with the help of Sebastian, Quinn, the Warblers, and his family.

Read on AO3

Author’s Notes: Wow!! I’m a little reluctant to admit that this fic has been in the works for over a year now, at least from when I first had the idea to make Dalton a Catholic school. I just graduated from my own Catholic school this spring, and I must admit, this was very fulfilling. Coming up with character backgrounds for this was some of the most fun I’ve ever had, and I’m glad I was able to incorporate everything into the actual fic. I’ve never been so relieved to finish a fic before, I’m so excited for people to finally see this!

Moving on to thanks… I’d like to first and foremost thank my totally amazing artist Rose, for creating a beautiful piece of art for this, as well as helping me out with the actual writing of the fic. Thanks to my beta Courtney, for listening to me bemoan how far behind I was/how much I was struggling for actual months without complaint, and for making this fic so much better than it would have been. Now go on, and I hope you enjoy!

It’s All So Simple

My contribution to this year’s Blaine Anderson Big Bang has gorgeous art by @masturblaining that you can find HERE, so go see it!

AO3 Link


While going through his mother’s papers after her death, Blaine Anderson discovers hospital paperwork for a girl born the same day as him, in the same hospital in New York City. His investigation into the baby leads him to his twin sister, Rachel Berry, and her roommate Kurt Hummel. Blaine has to navigate his feelings over his new sister, complicated by her best friend who he might be falling for.

Super special thanks to my beta for this story @darriness, who put up with the completely upside down way this story developed. She was awesome throughout! And of course thanks to @masturblaining for the art!!