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“Nice job, you guys! That was an awesome way to kick things off, and I should say, on behalf of Mr. Smythe here and myself, that we’re pretty sure that we have Regionals in the bag this year.” Everyone in the choir room applauded, included him and Sebastian, and Blaine smiled as he looked at the other man politely, always trying to be professional about their job like they had agreed. “That’s all for today, guys” he said in the end.

I’m Still Baffled.

To have actually been invited to such a wonderful and enticing place. The relaxing atmosphere really makes me want to pack my things up and never look back. All joking aside, I’ve finally finished unpacking and am currently taking a stroll around paradise to see what all this place truly has to offer. If you need me, don’t hesitate to let me know. I’ll more than likely be in the lounge working on a few pieces for when glee starts up again. 

Is it a tad premature to already be packing?

Now hold on, because I feel like I already know whatever answer you’re going to give me, so hear me out when I tell you that the answer is NO.  It is definitely not too early when something this exciting is coming up closer and closer to actually happening!   (THIS ISN’T THE SORT OF THING YOU CAN HOLD AGAINST A PERSON!)

Besides, if you know any one thing about me, then you probably know that it’ll take me a decent amount of time to sort through which bowties are on the LET’S GET READY TO GO! list and which bowties are on the LET’S MAKE THAT A NO! list.

It’s a real nail biter, I know, but somehow, someway, myself and a bare minimum of ten bowties WILL make it through safe and sound!

I might not live there, but I’m incredibly proud of the USA for finally legalizing same-sex marriage in all states. At last they’ve accepted that love is love - it shouldn’t matter who you want to share the rest of your life with, it should just be celebrated that you met that one special person. Congratulations to all the couples out there who’ll now get the chance to show their commitment. I wish you wonderful lives full of love and laughter.

Today really is a incredible day, here’s to hoping the rest of the world can follow suit. #loveislove #lovewins

Figured I ought to offer up some food for thought to distract everyone from the day’s stresses. 

The faculty of McKinley Elementary has just received word that our school will be “sanitized, fumigated, disinfected, and/or sterilized for the Ebola virus” in preparation for the upcoming school year, as per parents’ requests. That’s all well and good, but I’m honestly not so sure it’s necessary. I’m not saying many of the kiddos don’t fall ill often—especially in the cooler months—but they suffer from the flu and common cold, not debilitating diseases. We’ve had several step-by-step hand washing how-to signs put up in the bathrooms to try and get the problem under control and wage a war on germs and grime, but no dice. Seems to me it isn’t an issue of school cleanliness, but of the less than stellar immune systems and overly-generous spit swapping habits of kiddos these days. Thoughts?

Sigh. Can you tell I’m dreading the end of my vacation?

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What do you like about about men?

Well, I like a lot of things about men.

One of the first images I remember seeing when I was little that struck me was of the statue of David. I didn’t really get everything about why I was so drawn to it at the time but even now, I can remember the absolute fascination and admiration I felt for every line that was carved into that statue.

Looking at it gave me a sort of feeling that no amount of magazines my friends sneaked into class or passed around with girls in them could come close to. Liking boys - being attracted to them - it’s just fundamentally part of who I am.

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Everyone has heard of the “Big Apple,” but just over the Brooklyn Bridge is “Hipchester” or Williamsburg, Brooklyn’s most trendy neighborhood. It is home to some of New York’s biggest up and comers. But the best thing about Williamsburg is that it houses one of the biggest lesbian communities around, and everyone knows lesbians have the worst best drama. No one knows that more than this tight knit group of friends. Come follow the lives of these young women as they try to tackle marriage, children, love, and affairs all while keeping their lives intact.



How are everyone’s summer breaks going so far? I know mine has been awesome so far, what with the trip home and then West Side Story. I’m starting summer classes soon, but I’m not going to let that dampen my spirits. I know I can still have fun even whilst furthering my education. 
Why don’t you send me some summer related questions? I’d love to answer them!

The craziest thing...

Elizabeth Marie is going to be turning three months old tomorrow… I am so speechless in how fast time is already going. 

It seems like just yesterday Kurt and I got the call that Rachel was in labor with her, and we had to rush to the hospital. Before we know it, she is going to be one… I can’t even think of that.

Surprise, Surprise || Blam

Blaine couldn’t help but grin as he read through Sam’s last message, not bothering to reply, since he knew his boyfriend would be here soon enough and it would be pointless. He was definitely excited to see Sam’s reaction to his present, not that there was any doubt in his mind that Sam wouldn’t like it, because he was sure he would, and they’d definitely have a lot of fun with it together. It was one of Blaine’s favourite things to get Sam completely worked up, listening to him beg, then watching him fall apart completely, there was nothing else like it, and this would be no exception, it just changed the game slightly, which we’ll, they were always looking for ways to break the boundaries that had been set for them, and this way he’d be able to always be on Sam’s mind, no matter what, even if they weren’t in the same class, which he definitely liked the thought of that.

He placed the small box at the side of him as he pushed himself back slightly, placing his hands at the back of his head and leaning back against the wall, keeping a watchful eye on the door for his boyfriend. He could hear his footsteps approaching the dorm room getting louder and louder, and his grin practically doubled in size, though he tried to keep a very neutral expression, not wanting to give the game away just yet. He sat up a little straighter when Sam suddenly stumbled through the door and his eyes trailed over his boyfriends body almost out of habit by now, who wouldn’t want to check out a hot guy such as a Sam on a regular basis, the only difference here was that Sam was his, and his alone. “What took you so long?” He asked with a little smirk.