I’m scared. I don’t know what else to say other than that. I’m just - so scared.

I’m in Washington Square Park, and I don’t know what’s happening, and everyone’s panicking, and just - someone, please tell me where to go. My apartment’s in Brooklyn, and I’m so scared I won’t get there in time, and just - I don’t know where to go.

UPDATE: I made it to NYU’s auditorium. Sorry for the frantic post. I hope all of you are okay. Stay safe.

While I’m late to the party, I’m here nonetheless. I’m tired yet I can’t sleep, which I can’t exactly figure out, so it resulted in me finally creating one of these accounts. Who knows? Maybe it’ll be good for marketing my shows. Or, you know, just goofing off in my free time. I suppose we’ll see.

Aside from all of that madness, my day has been filled with an equal amount of rude customers who could care less and dedicated customers that seem to want to talk to me about their lives at any chance they get. While I love both dearly, when I’m at work, I just sort of would like to get my job done. Especially since my boss starts yelling at me to stop being so slow, when in fact, I know I’m not slow. Just another day in good ol’ NYC.


It has been 25 years since your favorite Glee club has graduated. What does this mean and what has happened since then you ask? Well, for some they went to live there dreams in New York for others that meant starting a family and finding love. They have all since ended up in, where else, but New York sitting in the spot light. They all have something to hide. How could you not with all that fame let’s see how long it will take to find out their secret and what they are hiding. How they got to NYC is your choice. Who is still friends and enemies? Find out on this next episode of Glee!

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The amount of Christmas standards I’ve been playing this month is insane. I understand that it’s all people want to hear, this month, but I was dangerously close to falling asleep at the keys yesterday afternoon. I suppose that’s what I get for playing coffee shops, huh?

Characters wanted in new and revamped Glee slave rp!

In a secluded island off the Pacific coast, unsuspecting teens aged from 18-24 have been rounded up as ‘presents’ from around the country for wealthy young teens as their birthday presents.

As the youngest has finally turned 18, their shipments have been starting to arrive. They’ve each seen and chosen their slaves, and none of the masters can wait much longer to claim them properly.

This is an AU Glee slave rp. Ran from 2011-2014. It has now been revamped. Nobody under 18 will be allowed in the roleplay.



Blaine was in trouble and he knew it. He knew there was very little hope for him now. He’d been investigating the mysterious machine falling from the sky, just as his leader had instructed him to, when he ran into Reapers. Blaine had been lucky to escape with his life, but he was badly injured. The other members of the Clan had probably assumed he was dead by now and it left Blaine being unable to do anything but accept his fate.

He’d managed to stumble deep into the woods after losing the Reapers. They wouldn’t be able to find him now and he’d slumped down against a tree, hand clutching at the wound on his side. He was going to die - this was how Blaine Anderson was going to die; alone, wounded and in the middle of the trees he called his home.

But for some reason, he knew the death would be peaceful. The sun was starting to rise, peaking through the trees, and the river beside him sounded strangely soothingly. All Blaine could do was lean back against the trunk of the tree he was beneath, head falling backwards with a dull ‘thud’ and wait for death to come.

anonymous asked:

Happy Birthday Blaine! What are you and Kurt planning on doing?

Oh, why thank you! I had a great birthday. Kurt surprised me with a little setup on the roof with the help of a certain director friend of ours. He had a projector and dinner all planned out, so we ate to the backdrop of some of our favorite memories playing behind us.

And then we headed out to our favorite club and I had the honor of buying my very first drink now that I’m officially 21. I have to say, it’s nice being able to finally buy my husband a drink when we’re out.