Don’t be afraid of the dark || Klaine

At first, Blaine hadn’t been sure how things were going to be after their first night together. Their first real night together. He had spent that evening, not moving, holding onto Kurt like he wouldn’t let go, even if his life depended on it, watching for signs of anything - Good/Bad it didn’t matter. It was also the first time he’d ever experienced being able to see what Kurt had been dreaming about. He hated the winching faces the boy did when he did eventually wake up, though a morbid part of Blaine did quite enjoy watching Kurt go about his day to day life pretending he wasn’t in pain, walking with a limp. Blaine practically force fed Kurt more of his blood to try and help with the pain, which just inadvertently lead them to having extremely rough sex again.

He knew nothing would dramatically change after that event, but he knew it would change ever so slightly. He knew the dynamic would change now that Kurt could feel him, just the way he’d always felt Kurt. He knew that he wasn’t as shut off from Kurt emotionally as he had been in the past and often saw Kurt watching him, maybe even a little more closely throughout the day than normal. Blaine could feel Kurt putting together the puzzle that made up all things Blaine, just as Blaine had been doing from day one with Kurt. 

One of the biggest changes that Blaine noticed in himself was that he only required blood now once a week, maybe once every two weeks. Most of the time when he did feed, it was in the middle of sex, but it had never been a necessity. It had been a want. It had been Blaine simply over indulging in Kurt’s sweet blood, and now that the flood gates had been opened, it was impossible for the boys to keep their hands off one another.

Blaine was over the moon about the fact that Kurt had become more willing to drink from Blaine. He craved it, as much as Blaine craved him, and feeling Kurt’s lips on his wrist almost brought Blaine to an orgasm, every single time. Most of the time he would feed from Kurt, while the other was drinking from him. They exchanged blood so fluidly that he could practically feel Kurt swimming through his body.

The biggest change for Blaine was the fact that his abilities had started to re-appear. It wasn’t that he was ever blessed with anything exciting like some of the others of his kind, but even something as basic as moving quickly had required focus and energy in the past. Now? It just happened on it’s own. It had taken some time to get used to, and it reminded Blaine of his early days once he had transitioned, that confusing and sense of unknowing. The way his body would move in ways he didn’t know existed. The way that even though he would rush past the humans so fast that they didn’t even notice he was there, but to him he had been moving slowly. The way his eyes saw things clearer, noticed things that the human eye might have missed.  He’d actually had to seek guidance from Trent to almost get a refresher course on how to move without sprinting across the room. 

All of these things made it even harder for Blaine to control himself on a day to day basis, and Kurt didn’t make it easier for him. He only had himself to blame for creating such a monster. Kurt would sit in the front of Blaine’s class, twirling his pen in his fingers, every so often bringing it to his lips, tapping it against the plump pink flesh. Blaine could almost tell when it was about to happen, because he’d be hit with a wave of confidence. A swell that started in his chest. An energy that surrounded him. He could tell, and yet, he still looked. He would turn to glance at Kurt, who would smirk, and let his tongue flick out around the pen, softly sucking on the tip of it. Blaine would often find himself licking his own lips as he watched out of the corner of his eye, trying to continue teaching, but becoming unable to. He had spent many lessons begging for the bell to ring, watching as Kurt would linger around as everyone left. Blaine would instantly lock the door and have Kurt pinned to the far wall, out of sight, within seconds.  One of Blaine’s favorite positions was to pin Kurt to the wall, face first, pull down the collar of his shirt and sink his teeth in, hiding the marks from everyone, but knowing that Kurt would feel them for the rest of the day. He hadn’t really wanted anyone to know that Blaine was feeding from him, and he preferred to keep that an intimate detail between the two of them. A lot of the time he found himself on his knees, sucking Kurt quickly until he was cumming, before tucking him away properly in his pants, and with a slap on the bum sending him off to his next class.

Their nights were spent mostly in their underwear, or at the very least Kurt in his pajamas and Blaine walking around in sweat pants and no shirt, though Blaine had made a point to almost force Kurt to do schoolwork most nights. He was still a teacher at heart, and he still wanted Kurt to get an education.  Blaine would read the required reading materials to Kurt while they were snuggled up in bed together, his fingers always finding a way into Kurt’s hair, though he was pretty sure Kurt mostly fell asleep the moment Blaine started. He didn’t mind though, since it gave him something to do during all hours of the night. 

They stayed inside a lot, and at first Blaine hadn’t minded. Kurt did impromptu performances, spending a lot of time in the music room with the piano, yet with all the time they spent together Blaine had never gotten to sing with Kurt.
They had life times of information to learn about each other, but lately he had been sensing something off with Kurt. He would notice it a lot during Warbler practice when he was chatting with Nick and Jeff, who had finally started dating. He wasn’t ever sure what they were chatting about, but Kurt always had a smile, but Blaine could feel a heaviness in his chest.

It wasn’t until one day he finally pulled Jeff aside after class, much to the confusion of Kurt who had spent the entire lesson showing Blaine exactly how good he could move his tongue around a long object. Even Jeff had shot a look at Kurt, and shrugged.

“Ok, the fact that your mate just walked out of here with an erection and you’re still sitting here tells me something is wrong” Jeff started, pulling a chair across and sitting down next to Blaine’s desk.

“Believe me, It’s not easy, but I need to know what you guys were talking about just then”

Jeff raised a confused eyebrow “Nothing really. I was just telling him that this weekend I’m taking Nick to visit my family”

“You’re taking him to the Sterlings?” Blaine asked, his eyebrows shooting up.

“Anderson, he’s my mate, of course I’m taking him to meet mother” he groaned as he said the name. Mary Sterling might still be human, but she was cut throat, and brutal as any thousand year old vampire.

“Why would Kurt be upset by that?” Blaine said out aloud, though he didn’t actually mean to. He wouldn’t have wanted to meet his family even if they were still alive.

Jeff shrugged “Maybe he wants to do something other than sitting inside your apartment, or his dorm room” he smirked, before standing up, patting Blaine on the arm before he turned and walked out.

Blaine sat back on his chair, giving a small “huh” as the idea sprang to mind. He hadn’t even thought about the fact that he’d never taken Kurt out on a date. Kurt had mentioned dates a few times, but Blaine had always thought he was joking, but now that he was thinking more about it, he could tell that’s exactly what the boy had been trying to tell him.  It wasn’t that he hadn’t wanted to, but he just wasn’t sure what to do anymore. He hadn’t taken someone out on date… ever. Human, or otherwise. He wasn’t good at romance. Then again he hadn’t really had the chance to try it. 

The Warblers were busy practicing for the next competition, and the guys had been more focused than he’d ever seen them before. THEY actually asked for more practice sessions, and more meetings.




They were still trying to convince Kurt to take a solo, though Blaine was happy to see how they all accepted him in like he was their younger brother. At least Blaine knew Kurt would always be safe since he had an entire group of vampires who were just as protective of Kurt as Blaine was. They could all smell the connection between the two, and Blaine was certain they kept their mouth shut for Kurt’s benefit, not his. 

As usual, Blaine waited for Kurt, kissing him on the forehead as he reached him, wrapping his arms and hugging him tightly.

“So…” Blaine started, peppering kisses to the side of Kurt’s face “I want to take you out. On a date. A long overdue date. This weekend.But a proper one, you know? I want to pick you up at your room and do the things I was supposed to do when I first met you. Flowers and… things” Blaine shrugged, since he wasn’t quite sure what things were, but he had hours of free time to watch every romantic comedy he could track down and watch to find out “But,  I was thinking instead of a typical dinner and movie, that I could take you shopping, because yes, I have seen you eyeing the new fall line, don’t think I haven’t noticed, and then take you to dinner, and then, see where the night leads. Maybe a walk around the city?” he shrugged “You do so much for me, and I don’t… do much back. So, Let me spoil you, and say yes." 

Blaine smiled as he kissed Kurt’s nose "So, what do you say? Want to go on a date with your old boyfriend?” Blaine chuckled, giving Kurt a smirk.

While I’m late to the party, I’m here nonetheless. I’m tired yet I can’t sleep, which I can’t exactly figure out, so it resulted in me finally creating one of these accounts. Who knows? Maybe it’ll be good for marketing my shows. Or, you know, just goofing off in my free time. I suppose we’ll see.

Aside from all of that madness, my day has been filled with an equal amount of rude customers who could care less and dedicated customers that seem to want to talk to me about their lives at any chance they get. While I love both dearly, when I’m at work, I just sort of would like to get my job done. Especially since my boss starts yelling at me to stop being so slow, when in fact, I know I’m not slow. Just another day in good ol’ NYC.

I’m scared. I don’t know what else to say other than that. I’m just - so scared.

I’m in Washington Square Park, and I don’t know what’s happening, and everyone’s panicking, and just - someone, please tell me where to go. My apartment’s in Brooklyn, and I’m so scared I won’t get there in time, and just - I don’t know where to go.

UPDATE: I made it to NYU’s auditorium. Sorry for the frantic post. I hope all of you are okay. Stay safe.

The amount of Christmas standards I’ve been playing this month is insane. I understand that it’s all people want to hear, this month, but I was dangerously close to falling asleep at the keys yesterday afternoon. I suppose that’s what I get for playing coffee shops, huh?

Characters wanted in new and revamped Glee slave rp!

In a secluded island off the Pacific coast, unsuspecting teens aged from 18-24 have been rounded up as ‘presents’ from around the country for wealthy young teens as their birthday presents.

As the youngest has finally turned 18, their shipments have been starting to arrive. They’ve each seen and chosen their slaves, and none of the masters can wait much longer to claim them properly.

This is an AU Glee slave rp. Ran from 2011-2014. It has now been revamped. Nobody under 18 will be allowed in the roleplay.


Second Hope Rehabilitation Clinic is a beautiful facility. Expansive gardens, sun rooms that face a lake, art and dance studios, a music room, recreation halls, all kinds of books and much more. The patient rooms have every comfort of home with some exceptions such as phones to call home.The staff are well educated and nothing but dedicated to their jobs. It’s the patients who aren’t always so wonderful.

Sent to Second Hope for a variety of reasons, the patients range from being dedicated to getting better to completely resistant to their treatment… or worse, in denial of their problems.Some of them want to interact and make friends, while others might want to be left alone. But they can all at least agree on one thing - they want to get out of there as fast as possible.

Characters open include:

  • Noah Puckerman - FC optional
  • Mercedes Jones
  • Marley Rose
  • Blaine Anderson
  • Tina Cohen-Chang
  • Sugar Motta
  • Ryder Lynn
  • Jane Hayward
  • Dave Karofsky
  • Dani
  • OC’s

This is a MATURE RP. That means there may some things here that could be triggers to people. Do not join if you are not comfortable.

OPEN || James’ Party

Blaine sat awkwardly at the end of the couch, watching as the party got going in front of him. He was still quite shaken up from last night, and he couldn’t get it out of his head, but he was determined to have fun no matter what it took. It was so nice of James to invite him, and he was starting to really love the Rose family, as they were all being so kind to him. He wasn’t particularly close with anyone here, but he was pretty good at making small talk - for now, he awaited more arrivals as he patiently sipped on his beer, grateful to even be there.

Finally made it home. I know I’ve said it way too much, but I hope all of you are okay. It’s safe to say that I’m taking tomorrow off of work, if not just to recuperate. Good to know that New Yorkers really do stick together.

With that being said, does anybody know of any good Superbowl parties happening tonight? I’d love to come, because I don’t exactly want to be alone, plus, watching it alone is sort of depressing, anyway.