blaine's underwear is pink because blaine

pussypoppy  asked:

i am not here for love triangles but what if kadam and blaine had a threesome or better yet a poly relationship when blaine moves to new york??? what's the portmanteau for those 3? klaindam? kadaine?

yes please *______*

Blaine and Adam meet and are suspicious of each other for all of three minutes before they hit it off swimmingly, and Kurt just thinks ’oh god, what have i done?’ and has to spend the train ride home listening to them talking about palm oil and Orangutans in Indonesia and man-made black holes and the merits of Ice-T as an artist. they get back to Kurt and Adam’s and open a bottle of wine (and finish it) and open a second bottle of wine, and it gets to the point where Kurt’s just warm and tipsy and smiling and watching his boys. his best friend and his best friend/lover, and then oop, he leans in and kisses Adam, all slow and teasing, and then with one hand still on Adam’s neck, oop, leans over and kisses Blaine, and then Adam’s kissing Blaine, and if that isn’t a pretty picture, Kurt doesn’t know what is. so much so that he’s got his hand around himself in five seconds, and the three of them in his and Adam’s bed in thirty. then fabulous, laughter filled sex and broad hands and strong arms and all the orgasms.

and later Kurt zips off to have a quick shower and get them all a glass of water, and when he gets back they’re lying in bed talking like this, and he immediately has to get in there and squish himself between them *u*