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Glee AO3 Fic Fest

 I only began writing Klaine fanfiction last year. All 25 of my fics are already exclusively located on AO3 under the pen name CoffeeAddict80. However, I thought I’d use this opportunity to “pretty-up” some of my individual tumblr posts for these stories. So, this week, I’ll be creating/posting/reblogging some new/updated fic posts.

In the meantime, here are a few of my favorite fics that I’ve written –

Surprise Visit (2,092 words) Rated G [AU - Different First Meeting] Cooper wants to surprise his little brother for his birthday, only he gets the apartment numbers mixed up, and barges into Kurt’s apartment instead.

I Like It Like That (Series) (3 fics / total 7,836 words) Rated NC17 [AU - Canon Divergence] Fill for this prompt: “Kurt and Blaine are best friends and nothing more. Both recognize how attractive the other is, but they don’t have feelings for each other. One night they get together at one of their apartments (say they’re in college) and have a few drinks. They somehow start talking about sex, the kind of things that turn them on, what they get off to, etc. They end up getting all hot and bothered and start jerking off in front of each other. This can go as far as you want, but I’d like them to at least suck each other off. Lots of dirty talk when they’re describing what they like please! But no hard kinks, including BDSM.”

You Got Me Singing In The Shower (24,251 words) Rated NC17 [AU - Different First Meeting] Kurt Hummel hated the communal bathrooms in his dorm. That is…until he met Blaine Anderson there.

Drawn Together (3,561 words) Rated G [Canon Divergence/Reaction “Fix-it” Fic] Takes place during ep 2x12 Silly Love Songs. Where Blaine sees the heart drawing in Kurt’s notebook before the Warbler meeting.

Desperate Times… (120,437 words) Rated NC17 [AU - Different First Meeting] Blaine Anderson is a college student studying theater. He is also a well known porn star that goes by the name Devon Anders.
When Kurt Hummel starts having some financial difficulties he asks his classmate Blaine to help him get a job doing porn.
Virgin!Kurt / Pornstar!Blaine AU

The Bet / Aftermath Of The Bet  (total 5,607 words) Rated G [AU - Different First Meeting] The Bet”: New transfer student Blaine Anderson has caught the attention of a few of his female classmates. They make a bet to see who can get Blaine to kiss them first. The results are not what they are expecting.
Aftermath Of The Bet”: picks up right at the very end of “The Bet” and shows how the girls react to Kurt’s text.

Glass Houses

Author: JennMel

Rating: T

Status: Completed in April 2017

Word Count: 114,558

Summary:  In an alternate universe, all babies are born with a level of empathic sensitivity to others; an ability to sense emotions, to glimpse deep into a person’s soul with just a kiss. Except Kurt Hummel. Registering at a mere 0.5 on the Hawkins Scale of Empathic Sensitivity, Kurt has resigned himself to a lonely life, empty of touch or true love. That is, until the mysterious Blaine Anderson transfers to McKinley, and everything Kurt thought he knew was changed. But finding love is never easy, even in a world where everyone’s emotions are shared. This is the story of the boy who could not feel, and the boy who felt too much.

Tropes/Genre: angst, AU, hurt/comfort, romance, empathy

Lynne’s review: This was such a deeply emotional journey. Very intense, yet very, very beautiful.

Read at: AO3 or
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Aftermath Of The Bet

Due to popular demand I have FINALLY written a follow-up story to my fic “The Bet”. I highly recommend reading that one first as this story picks up right where that one left off.

Summary: This is a follow up to my fic “The Bet”. You should read that one first for this to make sense seeing as this picks up only seconds after that story ends.
Summary of “The Bet”: New transfer student Blaine Anderson has caught the attention of a few of his female classmates. They make a bet to see who can get Blaine to kiss them first. The results are not what they are expecting.
“Aftermath Of The Bet” picks up right at the very end of “The Bet” and shows how the girls react to Kurt’s text.

  • Fandoms: Glee
  • Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
  • Words: 1,872
  • Language: English
  • Chapters: 1/1
  • Relationships: Blaine Anderson/Kurt Hummel
  • Characters: Blaine Anderson, Kurt Hummel, Rachel Berry, Tina Cohen-Chang, Finn Hudson, Burt Hummel, Will Schuester


anonymous asked:

What are your most badass Kurt fics? I've felt like every fic I've read lately shows him taking a back seat to Blaine.

Let’s start you with our badboy!Kurt and skank!Kurt tags. Here are some cool fics to get you started:

Puzzle Pieces by LaurenEP18

Blaine is new to McKinley and immediately inthralled with one, Kurt Hummel. Kurt has had a tough life and now his facade is beginning to crack. Klaine, badboy!Kurt. Warnings: non-graphic talk of rape, talk of suicidal thoughts, underage drinking, language, sex.

Coming Through by ungoodpirate

Rumors about Kurt Hummel range from arm-breaking to fire-setting, so new transfer student Blaine Anderson should really keep his distance from the sarcastic, pink-haired deviant. But Blaine doesn’t, and that might be the best, but most chaotic, decision he’s ever made.

Carry Me Home Tonight by blasthisass

As disagreements continue to rage in the Anderson household, Blaine is forced to spend his evenings behind a bar to pay his way through OSU. It’s not an ideal solution, but the money is good and he manages well enough. That may very well change, however, when the interested gaze of Kurt Hummel, self-proclaimed resident bad-boy, lands on him. And it seems that Kurt doesn’t have the word ‘no’ in his vocabulary.  

Always Here In The Silence by @the-cimmerians

Nerd!Blaine/Badass!Kurt AU.

anonymous prompted: i don’t know if you’re taking prompts but i’d really really reallllllllllly love if you wrote a little something including cheerio!blaine and skank!kurt you’re so amazing and i know you’d do it such justice (✿◠‿◠)

(also heed the warnings for drug use [it’s only pot])

It’s a warm day for March, which is nice—it means that Kurt doesn’t have to freeze his ass off just to blaze up before going back home. Quinn was supposed to join him but ditched, and normally Kurt would be bothered, would call her a piece of shit and get a glare in return, but he’s feeling solitary today and it rolls easily off his back.

Cheerios practice is going on as he ducks behind the bleachers, pulls the joint and his lighter from his pocket. Today probably wasn’t a good idea, since anyone could see him, but Kurt doubts that any of these prissy cheerleaders would dare to tell on him.

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The Bet - CoffeeAddict80 - Glee [Archive of Our Own]
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The Bet / Aftermath Of The Bet

Relationships: Blaine Anderson/Kurt Hummel

Characters: Blaine Anderson, Kurt Hummel, Rachel Berry, Tina Cohen-Chang,  Sam Evans, Finn Hudson, Santana Lopez, Burt Hummel, Will Schuester


The Bet: New transfer student Blaine Anderson has caught the attention of a few of his female classmates. They make a bet to see who can get Blaine to kiss them first. The results are not what they are expecting.

- - -

Aftermath Of The Bet: picks up right at the very end of “The Bet” and shows how the girls react to Kurt’s text.

Rating: General Audiences

Words: 3,735 / 1,872

Genre: High School AU

Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Different First Meeting

Original Post Date: September 2016 / February 2017


Blaine Anderson

Blaine Anderson was gay bashed at a school dance, and was so scared but still went to Kurt’s prom and then in front of everyone asked him to dance. Blaine Anderson transferred to Dalton because of how bad the bullying was at his old school.  Dalton was a safe place for Blaine where he was popular and the main soloist for the Warblers.  Yet, he put all that aside to transfer to McKinley because of how much he loved Kurt.  I will defend Blaine Anderson until my last breath.

Originally posted by pouahhh

Title - I Want To Kiss Your Scars Tonight - 1/1

Title: I Want to Kiss Your Scars Tonight

Prompt:  Soulmate - Day 7

Summary: The bond between soulmates is so strong they can feel each other’s pain. One morning Sebastian wakes up to find himself covered in bruises and scratches. He doesn’t find out why until he meets Blaine years later.

Rating: PG-13

A/N: Fic based off a prompt given to me by the lovely Coreycotts. Title from The Fray’s song ‘Heartbeat’.

It started out small. Sebastian finding bruises and scratch marks dotting along his forearms and knees. He never gave it a second thought. Everyone at one time or another found an unexplained bruise on their body. No one ever got themselves worked up over forgetting that they bumped into something too hard during the day.

Then one morning Sebastian woke up to an aching pain all over his body.

He pulled back the covers to see the damage that had been done to his body. Angry red marks along his arms that could only be from someone’s fingers digging into skin. Deep scratches that traveled down from his neck to his collarbone. The long jagged cut across his hipbone. Worst of all were the deep purple and blue bruises that spread across his ribs and stomach.

Sebastian sat there in breathless shock as he took in the injuries. His mind racing to try and remember if he’d done anything that could have caused this, but he came up with nothing. Yesterday had been a normal day.

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Fic: More Than a Feeling

Here’s my fic for @todaydreambelieversfic‘s gift exchange, written for @author-without-an-outlet! I’ve always wanted to write a big ND reunion fic like this, but unfortunately the whole thing just didn’t work out. I still hope this is as enjoyable. Title of the story comes from the Boston song of the same name, and the song Kurt sings in the story is “When We Were Young” by Adele. 2700 words, PG-13. AO3 link.

It’s the final evening of the New Directions reunion and Blaine is exhausted. Not from the activities of the week or the socializing with long-forgotten friends, but from the pickup of this stupid cat-and-mouse, will-they-or-won’t-they game he has with Kurt.

He didn’t even expect this as he pulled up to Sugar’s majestic Lake Michigan beach house four days ago. With significant others included in the invitation, he was certain Kurt would arrive with Josh, his Canadian model boyfriend. It was a shock to him Monday evening when Kurt stepped out of Rachel’s rental car alone. The only explanation he gave was that they amicably broke up due to Josh’s travel schedule. Blaine was surprised by this, as they’d been dating over three years.

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Honey, Honey

So I guess I’m doing this then. KLAINE ADVENT!
Day 1: Audience. 1.2k

The screech of one of Kurt’s thrifted dining room chair scraping against the floor made him jerk his head up from where he was bent over his work at the kitchen table.

He found the moving chair instantly, following the high back as it slowly moved past his seat, but had to take a moment to spy the tiny dark head just peeking out over the table’s edge.

“Rosa, honey,” he started, watching his child drag the chair to the middle of the room. He winced as the feet caught the edges of the tiles. If she chips those legs after I just refinished– “Sweetheart, what are you doing?”

She didn’t answer him, continuing determinedly to center the chair in the open floor space of their kitchen, panting a little with the effort of hauling such a heavy thing. Kurt didn’t offer to help her, watching in bewildered amusement from the table.

When she seemed to be satisfied with the location, she climbed up to stand on the chair.

Kurt started to move. “Oh, no, Rosa, honey, please get–”


Kurt winced, sitting back in his chair and clapping a hand over his ear at the volume. She was only four years old but she knew how to project her voice, that was for sure.

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The first time that Burt holds Kurt and Blaine’s daughter uwu

Standing in the waiting room, Kurt sees his father in a fluster of limbs before Burt crashes into him, throwing his arms around his son and lifting him off of the ground. Sucking in a breath, Kurt gasps out a laugh, taking hold of his father’s shoulders when his feet hit the ground to steady himself as a nurse tries to avoid their spastic movements.

Kurt,” Burt breathes, shaking his head and grasping his son’s shoulders. “Where’s Blaine? Is he—is he with your—” Burt sucks in a breath, and Kurt can’t help but laugh at the grin that splits his father’s face.

“Daughter,” Kurt says, nodding his head as his father throws his arms around Kurt’s shoulders again. “Yeah…yeah, Blaine’s with her.”

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Fic: Sneaking Around

asked: can u do a fic where 2009 kurt has a crush on blaine a new transfer to mckinley and kurt just stalks him a little, and blaine finds out and flirts with him and kurt just embarrasses himself and oo the fluff plsss and ty <3

Yes, yes I can. ~1260 words, G, fluffy fluff. (also, Kurt is actually out in this, but just barely.)

Kurt held up his compact mirror just the slightest bit higher as he pretended to fix some stray strands of hair, thinking closer…angle a little more to the right…perfect!

His mirror now reflected one Blaine Anderson back at him, allowing Kurt to watch him exchange his old textbooks for new ones at his locker. A mundane activity, sure, but Blaine had this perpetual warm smile on his face that made Kurt’s toes curl in his boots whenever he thought about it. Kurt had started relying on that smile as much as he relied on his morning coffee to get him through another day in the hellhole that was McKinley High.

As Blaine closed the door to his locker, Kurt hastily lowered his mirror and began digging out his own books, not wanting to attract attention to himself. He was already skirting the line even daring to lift his mirror up to his face - shiny things caught the jocks’ notice like nobody’s business, as Kurt had learned after seeing Mercedes get doused in green slushie the day she wore a sequined scarf and fedora.

He hadn’t gone fully unremarked, though, as he would later discover.

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Projects with Perks

Summary: Klaine AU / alternative meeting. Kurt hates group projects, especially when his partners don’t contribute to the work at all. Luckily, the new transfer student, Blaine Anderson, seems to be different. PG-rated.

A/N: This is cheesy and fluffy and overall very light cause I couldn’t deal with anything else last night. It’s basically me channeling my own group project frustration into something creative. I feel like everyone’s better off like that. ;)

Kurt hates group projects. He absolutely hates them. Yet, his teachers insist that it improves team work. It never does, he wants to shout at them. But he doesn’t really need a repeat of being sent to the principals office after the fiasco that was Britney week his junior year.

Speaking of Britney – he got paired with Brittany. Kurt sighs quietly to himself. At least he likes her. In his last French project, he got paired with Azimio, of all people. Still, Brittany being… well, Brittany, there is not a big chance that she will have the slightest idea of what their project even is about. Kurt almost doesn’t dare to read any further but curiosity gets the best of him.

Noah Puckerman, the list reads. Oh, great, Kurt thinks. Puck usually skips half his classes, sleeps in the other half, and fails almost all of them. So, basically, he got paired with the two people least likely to graduate in the end of the year. Peachy. Just peachy.

But there’s another name on the list. Blaine Anderson. Kurt frowns. He doesn’t know anyone at McKinley with that name and he’s pretty sure that he knows everyone in his English class. Just as he’s about to raise his hand, his teacher starts to speak.

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Vampire!Klaine high school AU where being a vampire is considered to be super bad and hunting vampires is the norm and there’s a vampire hunting club at school and Kurt joins because his friends join and like whatever right and Blaine is a transfer student who is secretly a vampire who wants to hide at McKinely because he was outed as a vampire at his last school and that’s why he had to transfer and so he joins the club too thinking he’s going to hide in plain sight but then he and Kurt start dating and making out and OOPS FANGS OH GOD SORRY and he’s this dapper polite little grandpa clothes wearing teenage vampire dreamboat and then lots of early!Klaine style vampire sexings/bitings please please please someone help.

It would be so cute with Blaine always trying to pretend like he’s eating/drinking human food especially when Kurt makes it for him, and Kurt innocently always with the long pale neck exposure and scarves and we all know how much Kurt likes his neck kissed but he has no idea and Blaine is trying so hard to be “normal” and not let Kurt see but it’s too much and then maybe Kurt cuts himself shaving and there’s a little cut on his throat and Blaine is like why why why oh god no and awkwardness and oooh.


Blaine transfers to McKinley

Do you know what I’m mad about? That klaine had to transfer back to mckinley. Yes I know it was cute he got to be with his ‘friends’ and that blaine surprised him by transferring there. But literally think of how amazing Dalton!klaine could of been if they stayed there. Imagine klaine having their first time there. Alot of klaine and Niff and and Wes and David friendship and adventures and I’m just so in love with klaine and Dalton so I’m just so distraught that they made them switch and then burn down Dalton. Wtf glee





FYI - if you go to my FIC REC page and click the FIND button on your browser, you can put in a keyword to find fics that you like such as “age gap” or “teacher”.   ENJOY!

 COMING THROUGH   (Skank!Kurt) is now complete!


Until Forever by lostinfictionalworlds (Rated M – WIP)

Money can’t buy happiness. Businessman Kurt is still trying to figure that one out, and performer Blaine thought he knew what he wanted, until he came across a Personal Assistant Ad.

This is the sequel of a story of acceptance and love, from one’s self and that of others, more specifically, one other. - Now Join the boys in this sequel as they continue their story, but this time they’re together, professionally, personally and very, very intimately.

If you’ve read BE MY MUSE - she has been adding stories to the verse - it’s the MASTERPIECES SERIES and is wonderful.  I absolutely LOVE this verse - a lot of Blangst but the love my friends, the devotion…it’s amazing.


Then Began Again by fierybeams (Rated M – Complete 10K)

Kurt wants to do something special for Blaine’s birthday. Blaine requests that he roleplay as his younger, seventeen-year-old self. Conversation, anxieties, and lots and lots of smut ensue. Featuring blowjobs, rimming, fingering, anal, and light spanking. Warnings for some reference to Kurt’s experiences with bullying and assault in season two.


Dancing In The Dark by flowerfan (Rated M – Complete 10K)

What if Kurt and Blaine’s early sexual relationship wasn’t quite so fairy-tale perfect, but was more like, well, real life? A different look at early!Klaine’s sexytimes journey.


Beginner’s Luck by Corinna (Rated M – Complete)

D/s AU. At NYADA, he’s Blaine, a high-achieving student with lots of friends. At his part-time job, he’s Devon, professional sub at a clinic for doms. Kurt meets them both, but only falls for one.


Killer Queen by quizasvivamos (Rated M – Complete)

Blaine Anderson is a well-to-do, perfectly normal 24-year-old with no desire to step outside the bubble he has built around himself to keep the outside world from getting in and his inside world from getting out. On a whim, he visits a gay club one night where he sees a drag show in which the fabulous Elle Fabala performs, and he gets way more than he bargained for. Drag Queen!Kurt & Closeted!Blaine.



Over The Counter by blurtitallout (Rated T – Complete)

There’s a 24/7 grocery store in Bushwick, where you can do your emergency purchases at any hour of the day or night. And maybe you can even do a better bargain than you’d ever dream of.


Just Like Any Other Day by lostinfictionalworlds (Rated M – Complete)

Blaine deals with the everyday routine of being without Kurt, and tries to normalize things for his five year old daughter. He feels the pain and the longing first hand, because he’s been there himself. The reason why they met is the reason why they’re apart.

A fluffy military Klaine AU story based off of the following prompt, with a little added extra twist. Don’t worry I only do happy endings.

*“I think that a military story would be worth reading. The ones I have read are with Blaine in the military and Kurt pining at home. It would be interesting to have one where they are both in the military getting around the ridiculous USA policy of “don’t ask don’t tell”.*


Lullaby by alianne82 (Rated T – Complete 9K)

Summer, a cabin by the lake, and a grumpy teenager in tow. In other words, the perfect family vacation. Isn’t it?


Losing Someone I’ve Never Had by fae206 (Rated T – Complete)

After a disagreement with his fiance, Kurt Hummel decides to take a ferry to get his mind off things, but when he wakes up as a fourteen year old in Lima, Ohio, things that were so certain haven’t even begun yet. Will Kurt find a way to get home, or can he have the love of his life and his dreams in his life all over again.  Supernatural!Klaine


Cabin!Crew Klaine by lostinfictionalworlds (Rated M – 2 stories in the verse so far – WIP)

Kurt and Blaine both work within the cabin crew for the same airline…


Sleeping Sickness by pristinebutts (Rated M – Complete)

D/s  Kurt always thought that with passion and hard work, he could do whatever he set his mind to. After finding an abused sub behind a garbage dumpster in the middle of the night, though, he finds that maybe not everything he sets his mind to is within reach.


All Of Me by writtenfables (Rated K – Complete 6K)

Insecure!Blaine and Popular!Kurt meet at NYADA



When I Get You Alone by robin2312 (Rated M – Complete)

Kurt Hummel wears his Cheerios uniform like an armour, convinced that it can protect him from everything and everyone. After all, nobody messes up with a Cheerio, right? Wrong. Blaine Anderson has just transferred to McKinley, and he can’t wait to mess up with Kurt, in every way possible.    Badboy!Blaine Cheerio!Kurt

The List Series by preromantics (Rated M – Complete)

Doing things backwards, or: Kurt finds a very interesting list in Blaine’s bedside drawer. It doesn’t take long to start exploring the list in earnest, though the things both Kurt and Blaine both learn along the way are not what Kurt expects at all.


Woo Me To Wayfaring by twobirdsonesong (Rated T – Complete)

Chris is a young author struggling to write his third novel and it’s not going well at all. It doesn’t help that the new neighbor has taken to sitting on the fire escape at all hours with his guitar. It’s a distraction he really doesn’t need.

The other side of the story from: The Art of Observation.


Porn Dogs by luckie_dee (Rated M – Complete)

Darren runs tech support for a porn site and Chris calls multiple times with embarrassing viruses/pop-ups/issues. Written for the 2014 CrissColfer Big Bang.



One Hundred Ways To Say I Love You by spontaneoussoftyetassertive (Ratings vary – ongoing series)

I look forward to these daily CC drabbles to start my day with epic feels – don’t skip this verse!)