blaine's face when he sees him can you throw me off a bridge

This is for my beautiful Alejandra! Prompt: AU. Rachel bids on Puck at a charity bachelor auction.

going once, going twice

Rachel Berry does not need to pay for dates.

That was the first thing that went through her mind when her best friend Blaine Anderson brought up attending the charity bachelor auction that was being put on by the company that he works for.

Sure, she might not be beating men off with a stick but she’s confident enough in her talent and looks to know that she’s certainly not one of those women that has to beg for a date, let alone pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to force someone to take her out for the night.

Then Blaine had turned his puppy dog eyes on her and she found herself wishing (not for the first time) that he was straight because god he could make her do anything with that look. So she had just sighed and nodded her head in defeat and she couldn’t help but smile when Blaine clapped his hands in excitement.

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bad boy!kurt/new kid!blaine

word count: 1900

warnings: bullying, gross homophobic jerks, gross homophobic language

Blaine’s bag skids a few feet across the parking lot and Blaine cringes as if the asphalt is dragging across his own skin, not soft worn leather.

Cooper gave him that bag. He loves that bag. Coop may make an art form out of appearing to be the most blindly clueless, insincere person on the planet, but his ability to give Blaine the most perfect gifts is unmatched. Twice a year, birthdays and Christmas, a curtain being momentarily jostled by a contented sigh, letting Blaine see his brother the way he always yearns to. Perceptive and generous, and the kind of person who looks satisfied with simply managing to make his kid brother smile.

That bag is treasure.

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anonymous asked:

prompt: could you do that 5+1 thing? with jelaous and posessive kurt when boys (and girls) are hitting on blaine? like kurt goes and claims him his in front of the flirters ;)

Klaine Bingo: Bitten

I changed the prompt a little, but I hope you don’t mind !


It’s the most innocuous thing that happens when they’re in the subway together.

From the way they stand, so close to each other–because Blaine just adores rubbing against Kurt when they are traveling to their respective schools, the tease–, Kurt thinks it’s fairly obvious that they are a couple.

A married couple, may he add, but that’s not even relevant.

Their fingers brush around the bar while they roll to the next station, and Kurt looks away from it with a smile when he spots her.

The girl who is standing at the next door, watching them.

Watching Blaine, to be more precise.

Watching Blaine’s ass, to really get in specifics.

Kurt gives her a pointed look, but that doesn’t make her stop.

So Kurt does the only natural thing.

He pulls his free hand out of his pocket and slides it down Blaine’s back, brushing the hem of Blaine’s jacket until he can put the tip of his fingers in Blaine’s back pocket.

Clear enough sweetheart?

The girl’s eyes are wide when Kurt looks back, and he smirks as he turns to face Blaine once again.

“Ugh, can today be over already?” Blaine groans, stepping even more into Kurt’s space and canting his back to lean into Kurt’s “innocent” touch.

“Same here, sweetheart,” Kurt replies, leaning in for a small kiss.

When he comes out of the subway, waving at Blaine, Kurt makes sure to glare one more time at the girl.

Who pointedly looks away, a blush high on her cheeks.

Yeah, thought so.

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You’re My Favorite Thing (To Do)

For the anon who requested the first Valentine’s Day post-reunion.

“Valentine’s Day has been hit or miss for us,” Kurt says, stride purposeful and chin lifted to see above the dawdling shopping crowd.

Hit being the year you banged in a car before someone else’s failed wedding?” Elliott struggles to keep up with Kurt’s dodging and weaving, then stumbles to halt when Kurt pauses in front of pallet stacked high with granola bars.

“One: I didn’t know the wedding wasn’t going to happen.” He holds up a finger, then another. “Two, we banged as you put it, in the hotel room. The car was merely some light groping and making out in the backseat.”

“Yes, that is so much less tacky,” Elliott mutters.

So,” Kurt presses on with both his stay out of my way clipped pace and explanation, “This year we are together, in the same place, no one is wearing an eyepatch after a slushy-related maiming—“ Elliott raises one eyebrow at that, “And I know Blaine is going to go completely over-the-top so I have no choice but to step up my Valentine’s Day game.”

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anonymous asked:

This fic idea literally just popped into my head and I thought it funny yet kinda dramatic, depends on where you take it, but basically if you want to think about doing a fic to this, I have this little fantasy that Clarke starts dating someone who looks ALOT like Bellamy and her and the real!Bellamy are the only ones who don't notice that fact until their friends force them to. F.R.I.E.N.D.S did something similar & yea, you don't have to do it, just thought it'd be a fun idea for a fic? 🙏🏼❤️

Here you go, lovely! <3

Also on AO3

I. Benjamin

“So, what did you all think?”

Clarke is leaning on the counter, rapping her knuckles against it, and Raven pretty much wants to tell her to stop being so chipper while the rest of the group is battling the nastiest case of hangover since Monty’s last batch of moonshine.

But she’s a good friend so she doesn’t.

“What did we think about what?” Monty beats her to it, barely managing to lift his head off the kitchen table. There’s a piece of gum stuck to his hair and Jasper is poking it with a spoon.

Clarke rolls her eyes. “About Benjamin, obviously.”


She raises her eyebrow inquisitively and Raven has to press her lips to stop herself from grinning.

“Yeah, he’s – “ she tries to find the right word, fails, “okay.”

Benjamin, Clarke’s latest conquest. It’s only weird because Clarke hasn’t dated anyone since Lexa, two years ago while she was in med school, and now she appeared in their favorite bar, the Dropship, with a guy whose curly hair and pricklish behavior made Raven and Monty exchange worried looks, because –

Well, fuck. Even his name starts with a B.

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Blaine Anderson: Icon

Final part of the Rockstar!Blaine story

part one: Blaine Anderson: Rock Star

part two: Blaine Anderson: Unzipped

Kurt gets up, gets dressed. He leaves. And that’s it, only it isn’t. Not officially. They never break up or argue, Blaine doesn’t beg him to go and Kurt doesn’t beg him not to. He leaves and goes back home. Blaine leaves to perform in fifty cities in a span of five months.

Kurt throws himself into their upcoming runway show, and it’s a lot to drown himself in; a crap ton of meetings with the event coordinator, approving models, finalizing the clothes, agreeing to a playlist and lighting and how many tickets will be available and a million other details that Kurt uses as an excuse to put Blaine out of his head.

It doesn’t work, of course. He goes to bed at night and his mind drifts to Blaine. Where he is, if he’s sleeping okay. If he’s as lonely as Kurt. He sees him in bouquets of roses, in the place where they met for coffee almost every morning. The park where Blaine kissed him under a flickering street lamp and someone nearby nabbed a picture and spammed it all over the internet. It’s a great picture. He saved it as his phone background for a while. Now it’s just a generic picture of a beach. He’s not even sure which one.

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5.15 Reaction Post (long post)

Super long. I did not bother to re-read so there may be some spelling errors. 

  • No One is Alone sounds so pretty. The song actual sets the stage for the storylines that are in tonight’s episode. Lines that I feel really work with the episode “no one acts alone - careful - no one is alone” “people make mistakes holding to their own” “while we’re seeing our side maybe we forgot they are not alone” “someone is on your side”

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These Words are a Lie ~A Joshifer Fanfiction~ Chapter Twenty One

A/N: Hello everyone! Again, yet another stressful chapter with a big change that don’t want to reveal too much about lol! So I’ll stop rambling and cut right to the chase.

Big thank you to all my readers who have stuck around since the beginning, or have just hopped on the TWAAL train recently. Every little bit of support means the world, so I want to thank you for reading, commenting, and any other encouragement you may offer!

And of course, giant thank you to my partner in crime @catching-dandelions, as this is yet another chapter we’ve been discussing since…the beginning. And now it’s finally here. Pretty hard to believe.

The previous chapter can be found here [x]

All chapters so far can be found here [x]

And without further adooooo….

Nothing around me registers. My surroundings don’t sink in as I quite literally fly through the hotel, running as fast as my legs will possibly carry me. I pay no mind to the strange glances I’m receiving. I hardly feel the tears rolling down my cheeks in a consistent stream.

I am utterly and completely honed in on reaching Louisville, on reaching my girlfriend, no matter what it takes. My brain isn’t thinking about anything else. All my senses are locked on to the task.

Her frightened expression flashes in and out of my gaze, the picture burning into the landscape ahead. Her eerie screams ring in my ears, trapped in my mind and fighting for a way out. The sonogram picture of her daughter grows tainted and black deep within my subconscious, slipping into a deep void and representing the problem at hand.

And all of this causes me to teeter on the thin line between sanity and absolute hysteria. But I strain to keep it together as much as I can. I know breaking down won’t get me anywhere, physically and mentally. I have to keep my composure intact just long enough to get jetted over to Kentucky. I need to get from point A to point B in one piece, and as fast as I possibly can.

I desperately, and politely, as much as I can manage, beg the hotel’s shuttle service to take me to LAX as quick as possible. The state I’m in and the wad of money I throw must be convincing enough, because they immediately set me up with a ride over.

I’m incredibly tense on the way there, clenching my jaw and contorting my face as I bite the weeps back. But it seems like time is practically non-existent. There’s nothing; just a space between Jennifer and I that needs to be closed.

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Fanfic - Love, Your Secret Admirer - 1/1

Title: Love, Your Secret Admirer

Prompt: After years of not being able to tell Sebastian his feelings for him Blaine decides on Valentines Day to become his secret admirer. The one setback is that Sebastian hates romance.

Pairing: Seblaine

Rating: PG

Word Count: 3919

A/N: For Seblaine Sunday :3

Blaine understood from a young age that he was a romantic.

He had a great love for classic romance movies such as ‘Bringing up Baby’ and 'Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ where Blaine watched with rapt attention as finely dressed men swept young women off their feet. At age five he declared Valentines Day to be his favorite holiday. He loved the sugary pink hearts and the roses and the confessions of love that came with the holiday. In his younger years Blaine used to write Valentine cards for each and every one of his classmates, attached to a bag of homemade heart shaped cookies. His Mother told him that one day he was going to make one lucky girl very happy.

Blaine hoped his Mother’s prediction would be true but by the time he was thirteen Bliane knew it would never be a girl who he would want to romance.

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