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Reunited [part 3/6]


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You went to school the next day trying your best to avoid your friends. You really didn’t want to explain to them how you knew Sebastian. You were actually quit successful until you had to go to glee rehearsal.

When you walked into the room you saw Sebastian and a few more warblers standing in the choir room.

“What’s going on?” You asked as Quinn and Sam led you towards the rest of the group.

“We figured since you refused to tell us how you know Satan, we’d make him come here and have either you tell us or him tell us.” Said Quinn.

“Vous ne leur avez pas dit que nous étions quelque chose?” (You didn’t tell them we were a thing) He asked with crossed arms. You couldn’t tell if he was mad or if it was just his confident persona.

“Eh bien, ils vous ont tellement peur, non, je ne leur ai pas dit.” (Well they kind of hate you so, no I didn’t tell them). You say with a scoff.

“Eh bien, je vous ai dit que j'étais un peu connu pour être un jerk.” (Well I did tell you I was kind of known to be a jerk).

“Vous n'étiez jamais un idiot pour moi.” (You were never a jerk to me.“ You said in a somber tone.

“C'est parce que je vous aime. Beaucoup en fait. Je vous ai manqué.” (That’s because I like you. A lot actually. I missed you.)

“Could you two stop speaking in French and tell us what’s going on here?!” Yelled Puck.

“You can tell them. For some reason they’re your friends.”

“They’re good people Seb.”

“They’re a bunch of hopeless, pathetic people who think they can make it in the world.” You scoffed, trying to show his words hurt you.

“Est-ce ce que vous pensez de moi? Parce que devinez quoi, je suis l'un d'entre eux.” (Is that what you think of me? Because guess what, I’m one of them.)

“Allez bébé. Vous savez que je ne pense pas cela.” (Come on baby. You know I don’t think that.)

“Je ne suis plus votre bébé parce que, selon vous, nous n'aurions jamais travaillé!” (Im not your baby anymore because according to you we would have never worked!) You started out with a mocking tone but as you went on you just got angrier and angrier.

“Vous partez, à quoi vous attendiez-vous?” (You were leaving, what did you expect?) He spat back at you.

“Could you please speak English!” Yelled Finn, causing him to earn a rather scary glare from the both of you. This made everyone take a few frightful steps back.

“Then you should’ve never told me how you felt.” You said before angrily walking out the choir room.

“Can someone please just tell us what’s going on here?” Pleaded Tina.

“Let’s just say we ran into each other while she was in France.” He says before walking out the door, leaving both the warblers and new directions in shock.


Its been about a month since you first met Sebastian. He’s been teaching you French ever since and you were catching on really fast. Not only that but you guys were becoming great friends.

“Okay so now that I’m taking these lessons can you pleeeaaaasssseeee tell me what you said and what it means when you offered me this.” You said while motioning in the air.

“Fine I’ll tell you. Tu es la plus belle fille que j'aie jamais vue, means that your the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.” This caused you to blush.

“You really think that?” He simply just nodded, while giving you a shy chuckle. He then slowly leaned in and gave you a passionate kiss.

“I really like you Y/N. Like a lot.”

“I like you too Seb.”

Near Misses by FlamingMuse

Title: Near Misses

Author: @flamingmuse

Summary: Kurt and Blaine could easily not have met on a staircase in high school.  They could have met a few years later in college instead.

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What do you do when you are lying sick in bed and need something heartbreaking and looooong to read? You reread Near Misses for the umpteenth time and spend six hours laughing, crying and tearing your hair out because of these stupid, oblivious boys.

I’ve said before that in my opinion, Flamingmuse writes some of the best Blaine characterisations there is. But in this story, which I feel is more Kurt centric, Kurt is written so perfectly in character that it is difficult to remember that this is fiction (unlike Glee, hehe…). To me, this IS the way Kurt would have been if he hadn’t met Blaine. Not jaded, but colder, more distanced, and more desperate. I just want to hug him. (Also, I would have loved to read about Kurt his first year in college, alone and searching.)

I know everyone has already read this before, but perhaps it’s time for a reread? (It’s stellar even without a fever, I promise.)